April 27, 2013 7:01 PM



I’ve finished the 2 illusts I want to finish, and it’s like 5 days away from May and I only have like 6 pages inked and none toned for next month HAHA. nbd though I’ll most likely get 16 done before May 1, but I don’t think I’ll have another double update month in case I don’t finish in time ): I’M ALSO PISSED I COULDN’T POST ANY MANGA PAGE WIPS because half the things are spoiler ]:

I focused a lot on each individual task a lot so far, but the only thing that really benefitted from this is my manga because I was able to read over book 4 a good number of times with a fresh eye and fix some stuff I don’t like! everything else is kind of meh because every time I pick up a new piece I’m like uhhhhhhhh how do I draw ?_? I’m not retaining much knowledge from what I’ve learned from lack of repetitious practice BUT WHATEVER I forget everything I learn zzzz

Drawing manga pages feels like grinding in an mmo sometimes it’s weird HAHA. I love just doing whatever in a grindy mmo, it feels therapeutic to me… it’s probably this aspect of azns that western gamers don’t understand LOL. For some odd reason every page I finish feels like some mob I killed and it feels very satisfying to keep doing, and I can go on for days or weeks without really giving a shit about anything else. Especially if my mind is also on the story, I filter out the outside world and just lose interest about pretty much everything in the world except my story, sometimes when I think about this objectively it kind of makes me think wow man I have problems :1 It’s these times when I work most intensively and efficiently on my work, and it’s also these times when people interrupt me I explode HAHA… I fucking hate it when people around me don’t comprehend the notion that I can’t just pause to do something else and get right back to work afterwards, and it sucks ass when I get knocked out of a work mood that I took so long to attain :[

ok back to grinding \o/


  • Ruina

    Oh thank gawd, so nice to know other people have a hard time getting right back into things after interruptions! I've often wondered if it was just me and my attention span thinning out over the years (which it still could be…). But I hope you can settle in an environment that will bring out the best for your works!

    And oh man, your pages are so clean… *____*

  • A.Hormell

    I can relate to the whole, I'm-involved-in-my-work-on-a-level-normal-people-wouldn't-understand bit. Even though I'm not a manga-ka, I do write stories a lot of times, and I can get so involved in them and lost that I also loose track of the world around me, especially when I have music drowning everything else out. But the moment someone interrupts me I loose that whole mood and can't get back into it at all, which sucks major time since stories are so much better lol.
    Anyways, have fun with the pages, and dun let anyone ruin your working mood! Even if it means barricading yourself in a tiny room with music blarring until you come out of it (just make sure you have food and drink)

  • i want my freedom back

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  • there was a lot of laughing goin on in this poast idt ur very focused shilin