Anime north prep stuff :D

May 15, 2013 4:02 PM

Anime North is next weekend! Prep was tight this year because I had so much shit to do and I decided to not give myself a break about having only a few new prints ;_; I did manage to finish everything I wanted to finish with some time to spare YAY

My friends and I got placed at some remote corner of the artist alley HAHA I hope the traffic coming out of dealers might notice us… I’m sitting next to Noa and Chris this year, and unfortunately Juby is way in the mysterious great outback that is the pro plaza LOL ;_; please give us lots of love and keep juby company!

Here’s a preview of the last picture I finished!


and some pictures out my window because I can c:



  • Elise

    I wish I could go T_T really looking forward to see the full Vocruen pic by the way! Looks gorgeous <3

  • Oh man I remember how quiet it was in the E block last year ;__;! I'll definitely come by and say "Hello!" Did you manage to get a tablecloth made :0? See you at AN's Comic Market!