June 17, 2013 2:54 PM

This is one of the most important places in the whole story so I forced myself to not just rely on my mental image HAHA… It’s a sacred place, but somebody lives in it on a daily basis, so I’m not sure what to really put in it because bedroom stuff doesn’t really belong in a shrine-like place ): it needs to feel holy without being grand, precious without being lavish, open but not too big. Nobody ever comes into this room so I don’t want any seating accommodations or storage. The room is really only lit around the bed under the dome by a light source on top of the dome so I don’t want excessive lighting. I think I’m going to make the open area a lot smaller but leave it empty in the end like a temple;  the back of the room feels too secular right now but I’m just gonna leave it and hope that a perfect solution hits me later





  • Is this where Blackbird lives / sleeps when she's not on a "let's go out and troll somebody to death" mission (I can totally imagine a place like this being her "batcave", lol)? I wonder if Blackbird has something like a home… I mean… she's not a hobo, is she? xD Anyway, this room looks really amazing.

  • orz I keep thinking of temples in Zelda for some reason ^^;
    Maybe a mixture of the Sealed Temple/Temple of Hylia from Skyward Sword and Ganon's Tower where Zelda is sleeping from Wind Waker XD

  • Helios

    Has a nice feel to it, like a place to be slowly observed. And if you could decide on a final design of the tribe's image of Hiraeth in a few days, then this should be no problem.

  • Wow that's gorgeous, Shilin! You seem to have a knack for architectural design. It'll be great seeing this shrine/prayer room in context of the comic in the future.