July 25, 2013 3:11 PM

a departing evening storm from last week
what are these bubbly looking formations bulging from under a storm called? I swear they had a name but I can’t remember ): oh they’re called mammatus clouds





and a pile of 50 pages that I have sketched out so far ha ha ha ha ha…….. 50+ more pages to sketch and then to INK THEM ALL AND TONE THEM ALL LOL SHIT


I’ve never done pages in such an enormous batch before, usually I sketch out in 2s and ink in like 10s or 20s at the most before toning, but getting used to each process again and again every time feels like a waste of time so… here i am…… this pile is going to double in size before I start AUGH FUCK. how do I finish this before october ugh


  • You changed the header of your layout to say now =O
    I'm going to miss the ashen-ray domain name you always you ;n;

  • Hey Shilin, do you still "ink" with you mechanical pencil? :3

    I tried doing that for a commissioned manga… faster inking process, but the lines are all… jagged-y compared to actual ink. >_< Any advice?

    • the lines I have are by no means amazing in quality in large magnification, drawing and scanning bigger might help you. Also I don't know if you already do this, but scan in grayscale or colour, never just black/white; adjust the page to be high contrast after scanning to prevent jagged lines from forming while scanning. aside from that I don't have anything to suggest ):

    • That helps a bunch, thank you! The commissioner loved the previous pages, so I will use your tips in the next 20 and see how it goes.

      Thank you so much Shilin! <3 <3 <3

  • YOU CAUGHT THE CLOUDS! I was heading towards Toronto, and from my view, they looked like the surface of another planet! Unfortunate part: My camera is dead … Props for some decent shots.

    On another note, you still have … 2 months to go until October, that's 60 days if the weekends are included, not including Fan Expo, and … holidays … and life?!

  • I believe those might be cumulus clouds, but they'd need to be a little flatter. Either way, beautiful shots and good luck with the screen toning!