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AND HERE IS A PAGE FROM THE BONUS STORY OF BOOK 4!! This bonus story turned out to be really long for some reason (16 pages instead of just 10) while the main story only goes up to 138 pages this volume ):

I have SOOO MANY PICTURES that I want to work on.. but I still have to do a cover, an inside cover, and preflight book 4, then do the tutorial that I promised to make back in like may (ha ha ha;;;) and finish a gift I started for my gf before I can do anything else CRYYYYY… I don’t even know what to do for this year’s christmas sale either, christmas is such a big opportunity to let by, but what can I do I only have so much time ;_; BUT HOPEFULLY THIS UPCOMING WEEK WOULD FEATURE LOTS AND LOTS OF DRAWING

in non work news Noa and Jay brought me to Go For Tea for the first time to play games and get fat

And for Black Friday sales I got myself a new video card, ssd and a power supply because my case is so old and I had no idea that I actually have to care about wattage for a power supply LOL…………………..
I’ve been being cheap about my video card during my past computer upgrades, because I wasn’t going to just toss away a perfectly functioning card that costed A HUNDRED DORRAS. But I’ve finally reached the point where I see the model of my card as the minimum requirement for some games ”’orz I’ve also been lagging while multitasking photoshop/games/streams and other things, so I guess my card was finally dragging down the rest of the money I put into my comp ): I was just gonna spend another $100 to just buy a decent one, but after asking friends about how to even decipher between them, I decided to go for a more expensive card to see what it’s like.

I always buy parts for my computer but I never put them together myself LOL, because I’d always be scared about destroying stuff I paid hundreds of dollars for in the name of learning. But the day I bought the new parts, my family all went to some outlet mall to shop, and I was really eager to see how these expensive parts are like, I decided to try to do it myself. PERFECT LOGIC RIGHT, SCARED TO DO IT WITH $120 PARTS BUT DECIDES TO GO FOR IT WITH $600 PARTS… I took so long and at one point my comp was in pieces, and I realized I had no screwdriver LOL. so I had to go on an impromptu shopping trip to walmart while my comp laid with its guts spilled all over the ground. I was soooooo scared that I would fry something or it wouldn’t turn back on, but I managed to MAKE IT WORK!! I WAS SO PUMPED TO REINSTALL MY STUFF ON THE SSD AND EXPERIENCE ITS POWER but I couldn’t find my windows 7 install disk anywhere, and thus anticlimatically ends my computer upgrade adventure :I

And here are some more pics of the sky like always, I am beginning to feel a bit sad about how my camera turns everything into magma in dim lighting ]:








  • Leehua

    " I was soooooo scared that I would fry something"

    I have been building my own and friends PC's for awhile and always worried about frying the motherboard from ESD. I always seem to be in a place full of carpet and have to build one there right on it or a bed lol. But never fried one yet! While I always ground myself first, it's still never a good idea to build on carpet… or a bed XD.

    "but I couldn’t find my windows 7 install disk"
    You can download one online or if you have a local computer store they can usually burn you a copy of a disc(or USB Bootable). While you are sometimes charged for the disc, your copy will be legal as long as you use a legal serial number since that's really what you are paying for. Sorry your a little out of luck if you lost the serial :(. WRITE THAT DOWN!

    I would recommend following this tutorial once you get a disc though, or borrow one:

    It shows you how to make a Bootable USB for Win7 using Microsoft's own software. This allows you to make copies in cases like this, also windows installs faster from USB drives than disc since ROMs are slower.

    "windows 8 is horrible LOL"
    Do you not like the UI or the actually OS?
    While I also use 7 on my home system, I have found 8 to be a bit superior in performance on our work machines. Not dramatically but a bit.

    So if it's just the UI you can get this software that makes 8 basically like 7.
    It removes Metro UI, and restores the start button with it's normal functionality.

    It's not free but close XD $4.99

    P.S. >_< I've been curious about your process in developing your comic and why. Specifically when you use traditional methods. Do you draw them all out traditionally first or just sometimes, and why? Then what do you do to them digitally, just add text or also effects?

    You've probably already talked about this somewhere, if so could you direct me to the page?

    Many Thanks!

  • I'm gonna have to agree with Ellie about the wonders of SSD's. I bought a gaming desktop for Christmas, last year and for some reason, it's hard drive failed. So while waiting to get a replacement, my dad talked me into installing everything onto a SSD…it's was like photoshop and Windows 8 its self are on steroids! With older machines, I could startup, make some tea, have a snack, and come back. But now things boot up in under 10 seconds, it's so crazy! If you still can't find your Win7 CD, why not give 8 a try? I can say it runs pretty well with art programs and your wacom tablet.

  • I'm going to say this now. An ssd is the LIFE SAVER FOREVER FOR PHOTOSHOP. Last year I got myself a custom built tower (paid over a $1000 for it) and its been worth every flipping dollar. The ssd handles my OS system (unfortunately windows 8) with super speed and does the same with photoshop, I can multi-task now without my computer slowing down. Even livestreaming is much easier and better to do.

    That being said, until you find your Windows 7 install disk, just install photoshop on the ssd, it can run from it without needing the OS installed there (as far as i'm aware) that way you can have a taste of what the ssd can do :D

    Also congrats on finishing book 4!

  • Ruina

    CONGRATS ON FINISHING BOOK 4 AAAAAA!!!! *_____* So amazed at how you keep powering through these pages! Good luck with the covers and putting it together! ;v;9

    …d-did you ever find the install disk since? D: