cp4 cover and scraps `▽`

December 6, 2013 6:30 PM

I got to draw a lot of stuff this week IM SO HAPPY ;V;

I finished both the outside and inside cover!! I am relatively happy about how the cover turned out, it’s so pretty this time as opposed to the usual ~*dRaMa*~ and contrast of previous tryhard covers HAHA…. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about having to draw the inside cover though, because I wanted it done as fast as possible so I can get the book printed as soon as possible, so I filled an entire canvas with meron’s hair because I can’t go wrong with hair… or fabric. I’m not happy with it but at least it’s done, so I’m just not gonna think about it LOL;;; I wonder if I should just use an existing illustration I did that year as the inside cover from now on, because why not right



I also started playing league with my girlfriend kristen since she plays it regularly. needless to say I AM CURRENTLY VERY BAD at anything from getting last hit to being useful in fights. I drew these for her to commemorate our (accurate) experiences


and for some reason I had a huge urge to draw riven as a thug LOL. I felt really guilty about it because colour themed designs are abused everywhere and the design is so generic too, but it was so enjoyable to draw ): I want to make thug versions of other champs too cus colour coordinated designs like this is just asking for it but so far I don’t feel any other champ’s vibe strongly enough to be able to naturally shit out another one like this one. I was gonna do sona but SHE’D JUST LOOK EXACTLY LIKE MIKU HAHAHA

lastly a NSFW pic that I think I’m gonna try and finish!! I hope I don’t get bored of it when I’m done with printing books ;_;



  • justcallmefaye

    as always with Blackbird, you can't tell if she's hugging Veloce or trying to strangle her, aha. lovely composition, though, especially the angle on Veloce's head/neck, and your grasp of anatomy is astounding as always. :)

  • Leehua

    I haven't read every chapter or looked through all your work but I think this is the first time I've seen Meron in color! Cool deal!

    The composition with Veloce and BB is turning out really great, would like to see more of Veloce's face but that seems to be part of your style so nice work so far.

  • Aureta

    Dear god I suck at last hitting too :0 I just started and main ashe too but her delayed attack makes last hitting so darn impossible :I

    Got smashed by the tower before too yup

  • Helios

    Aww, Meron! She's a great inside cover C:

    Whoa that last one. Yes, it needs to be finished (nice timing too with the wing panels in the current upload pages).

  • Ahhhhh, everything looks lovely~
    I can't wait to pre-order the next volume!
    Also, I hope you finish that last one, the concept is amazing, dearie. c: