end of year and ice storm

December 30, 2013 2:27 PM

so busy but almost done everything I need to do ;_; the books are at the printer, I’ve painted a few pieces that I wanted to finish, the Tango tutorial is almost done, MY HOME IS RELATIVELY CLEAN AND I AM RDY FOR 2014 what a productive and satisfying way to end 2013 I am pleased!! I have to dive into writing book 5 though because I’m already having trouble HAHA… and I have until the end of Feb to get started on drawing book 5 pages ):. I also kind of want to revamp my site a little for more obvious and straightforward navigation, but that would involve drawing a new picture and a ton of work that I will happily waste all of my time on, and I don’t have that kind of time LMAO….

I also really want to make a new art book in 2014 because I’ve delayed it for long enough. I’ve accumulated a good number of new drawings and I think I can push out a lot more to have enough for the book. I’ve been saving some pieces from the internet in order to have print exclusive pieces for the past year or two, but when I think about it now, I don’t really think that’s necessary or even beneficial @_@? While exclusive art gives incentive for people to buy the book, I think it wouldn’t be a make or break quality for those who are on the line about obtaining a book. For myself, having the printed art of the artists I love is the worth itself, whether or not I have already seen it in high resolution online. Since it’s giving me so much trouble to keep actively posting online while keeping certain pieces behind the veil, I think it’d probably make everyone a bit happier if I had just… posted everything LOL ):…

I finished 2 paintings between the last time I posted and now, and here’s the preview for one!!

In other news, this December’s weather’s been total ass, every weekend was either a snow storm or ice storm, ESPECIALLY THE ICE STORM OMG like 2/3 of the huge trees on my parents’ street are down because they are so thick with branches and accumulated way too much ice. Whoever that managed the gardening aspect of their area should be FIRED because these trees already kept getting infested with bugs and getting sick. We had ours chopped down along with 2 of our neighbours’ already earlier this year when all of our trees got sick. And now all the surviving trees that grew big enough are destroyed because they weren’t suited for this kind of extreme weather, so I anticipate a lot of them will have to chop theirs down too and have dinky new ones planted ):

RIP all fo these poor trees

the rode side trees all basically snapped at the base of their branching and now they look like little triangle dresses






I guess in the sun it’s really pretty but damn it was dangerous for a few days


  • Im a young artist and i love your blog…I want to become like you someday …You are my inspiration

  • yurika


  • A.Hormell

    Omg that ice storm x.x
    It had me up the entire time it was going on, and then some, without sleep cause I was so worried about our power going out or something else along the lines happening. Like our weak ass power lines coming down because of the ice. Luckily, the city I'm in didn't get hit too bad, we had some accumulation, but nothing like out at my grandpa's house. Those pictures are freaky though, holy crap.

    As for your art book, I'd buy it either way, just because I love your art and the way you draw (seriously jealous of your skills). When you have pieces in there that you didn't post on the web though, for me it's just like a wonderful little surprise from the artist. You never know what you're going to find next. But either way, it's totally up to you.

    Quick question, any ideas on the release dates of book 4? *looks at empty wallet*

  • Helios

    That first frozen tree picture is actually kind of scary looking…like, beginning of a horror game lost in the woods they're coming to get'chu thing ; w; poor trees.

  • Don't get me started on the ice storm, 4 bloody days without power and it all conks out while I'm in the middle of an art livestream…this is definitely a Christmas I won't forget! Was any of your family or yourself affected by the blackouts D:?

    On the art front, I love to see some art book exclusive pieces from you, but I do agree with your view of "special" work for a book, if someone likes an artist, they won't mind seeing the same pieces in book and online form. Good luck with your preparations and site revamp*stares at her own*, it's a labour of love.