February 14, 2014 7:50 PM

oh my god I’ve spent the past 2 months writing book 5 and subsequently 6 since it’s the same overarching event, and since I knew I needed to get the next book started as soon as possible since I will run out of pages by the beginning of march, I’ve sat myself to work almost exclusively on writing. IT TOOK SO MUCH DISCIPLINE because the entire time I was filled with motivation to draw HAHA I THINK I CAN SHIT OUT AN ENTIRE ARTBOOK RIGHT NOW IF I DIDN’T HAVE TO DRAW THE COMIC… artists know how it is with wanting to draw when you don’t have time to/aren’t supposed to LOL. I am happy I decided to commit to continue writing book 6 even though I am pressed for time, every edit/addition I’ve made to book 5 because of what I wrote in book 6 made it feel so worth it!! I hate having to feel like “wow I wish I had done ____ in this part” after the fact especially when in comics, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it except to wallow in regret ”’orz but now I am later than ever with starting book 5 because I don’t even have a single page of thumbnails done yet, at this rate I will have to take a little hiatus or post up the bonus story from book 4 (at least temporarily anyway) to buffer the transition ]: keeping a comic going is hard as shit ugh

anyway I drew a bunch of stuff since my last post!

I sat down to draw a chinese new year sketch but apparently my brain was confused about which holiday it is?? because I drew this instead… I let myself tho cus I had a lot of drawing frustration pent up by that time so I just drew whatever I wanted; my drawing ability got worse too from the huge gap of not sketching anything new ]:

And a second league sketch that I started since I finished Riven, this time kristen’s favourite adc annihilating her other favourite champ lmao

I was going to draw a vday picture yesterday but when I opened up my music, this song was there and derailed me into this gloomy picture instead LOL… I don’t know why but this piece resonates with my mind a lot but I always get strong visuals whenever I listen to it, most of the similar scenes. I could probably make a book out of similarly themed drawings, BUT TOO BAD the theme is too depressing and boring and not EXCITING or ROMANTIC or ORIGINAL and so it won’t sell well ]: AUGH MY TASTES ARE ALWAYS IN THE NOT PROFITABLE.
I’ve always had trouble applying colours to a b/w painting but I’ve found it increasingly important for me to learn how to do it because it seems to be the standard process for a lot of people, I’ve tried it here and there with no success and this time is not much different; This time it’s most likely because this picture has like NO colour in it though lmfao so the whole time I was at a loss as to what colours to use LOL… BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME

And here is the actual vday picture after I recovered from my tangent hahaha, AU blackbird is getting more and more ridiculous and cheeky as I draw her LMAO…



  • Man, your work ethic when it comes to Carciphona is just beyond impressive. I guess you'd have to write out future events out in order to get a feel where the story is going and decide how you want things to play out. But still it's just so impressive hearing how you have the story ready, a year in advance.

    As for the painting in bw/adding values first, I've seen a few artists do that, but I've noticed most of them are trained artists and it seems to come automatically to them. If just working from your flat colour palette works for you, I say go for it. To me, the bw method looks like it would get a little tedious, after a while of choosing differing shades of gray for your shading. Looking forward to future chapters!

  • 画的真心好看,让人不禁赞叹,虽然我是个学渣,不过我一般都会用谷歌翻译来看看。
    Painting really nice, people can not help but admire, though I was a school slag, but I tend to look with Google Translate.
    “The above translation from Google”

  • Helios

    Good job concentrating on writing! It's never a bad idea to spend extra time laying down a solid foundation. Sounds like everything will pay off and get easier. I don't think readers will mind a short hiatus, or even an every other week upload schedule for a little while (there were so many double update months it's understandable). But I'm sure posting the extra stories would be a big plus lol.

  • Ruina

    But I love that storm one…………….. ;;
    As for starting paintings with b/w, you don't have to force yourself to do it if your current method works for you… I personally switch back and forth, depending on whether I know what I want to draw. If I'm starting a picture with no idea what it's going to look like, chances are I'll start it b/w. But if I have general ideas/lighting/color schemes in mind already, I'll probably slap rainbows right on the canvas. :p
    Looking forward to books 5 and 6!! *^*