February 20, 2014 4:31 PM

MY BOOKS ARE HERE!!! after many delays in drawing and printing and all the holidays and stuff, they’re finally printed and being shipped here, though they wont’ be here for another month LMAO… now that I know when they’ll get here I’ve decided to run my preorders from March 1-30, that will give me plenty of time to pack and ship. I UPSed myself one box in advance for Toronto Comicon and they just arrived yesterday, they look really good!! The insides are a little dark but otherwise the printing company did a good job on it this time, and the light cover is kinda a breath of fresh air from the previous 3 dark covers :D I need a better camera for product photos tho ]: NEED TO ENLIST NOA’S HELP





In book 5 related news, I did the same thing I did in book 4 where I realized I needed to design new characters after I started thumbnailing lol… I was having a hard time with this one because I’ve been drawing fairies naked, and it feels strange to draw them with clothes now. I’ve been drawing them in a nature theme too with floral hair and claws and stuff, but they don’t really have a connection to nature so I had to take them all away, and that makes it harder to find things to ornament their bodies. The standard procedure for naked characters is also to just censor via stuff like hair and cloth bits or leaves and flowers and stuff, but it feels REALLY arbitrary to do that… in my mind doing that just highlights those specific explicit areas even more, and flaunt the fact that they’re almost naked and the fact that I know it’s not ok but decided to do it anyway. eventually I think these gold ornaments work well on them… they add detail to her body that suits the immortals without hindering the body shape that I want to preserve and without hinting censorship. I’ll sit on this design for a while to see if I really need to draw her without clothes or if I can come up with some alternate solution…………………..



  • Hmmm… You've probably already decided on what you want to do with your fae, and I think she looks perfect as is, but I was thinking if you were still tossing around ideas (and perhaps if no one has suggested this yet), perhaps change the texture of her body from the waist down (or even her whole body). Not like she's clothed, but take for example mermaids. They wear no clothes, but their tails are completely "G-rated". I supposed it would be easier if the fae were still related to nature, but I figured I'd try to help you out if you were still having some conundrums about it.

  • Ruina

    Congrats again on your new book!
    I personally find the golden ornaments perfect without any extra clothing or leaves and such. They don't need to wear fancy manmade outfits to flaunt their natural beauty. `v`b

  • Jenny

    She reminds me of Veloce's boots…

    You can always just spam them with glitters so *stars*stars*stars* in sensitive areas?

  • I'm so excited! Everything looks beautiful!

    For the fae, I say to hell with traditional comic standards. She looks absolutely beautiful naked and the gold is a wonderful addition. My vote is to leave it as is. I think adding clothes just wouldn't feel right. In the end, though, it's all up to you to decide. I wish you luck and I can't wait! :D

  • victoria

    aggghhhhhhhh wantwant.

    Wanna buy all your books/artbook. The pages look soooo nice in print omg, great work Shilin *_*

    *ugly tears* Want to buy the thing dfhjzkjhlrf

    (btw happy you made new blog posts :D)

  • A.Hormell

    Omg the books look so amazing! I almost dun wanna wait another week for the preorder! Can't I just intercept it via it's trip and get one? DX

    As for the fae debate. Me personally, I think people putting clothes on faeries just humanize them a little too much. I mean yeah, anymore they're supposed to look human, but that totally takes away from the original legends about them being monsters that feasted on children and was allergic to iron. Most people dun even remember the fact that the Fairy Kind leaves a trail of gold dust in his wake. Seriously though, I like the gold ornaments, and having them be a little naked with scraps covering them just seems to dehumanize them, because let's face it, in the legends, they didn't care enough to get all gaudy and dressed up to feast on a child. Although some legends argue the royal courts were all about the fashion. But yeah, I'm totally okay with them having gold ornaments and not being all dressy and overly amazing. Makes them feel more realistic to their true nature.

    Just my tid bit though, and I seriously can't wait for Book 4!!!!