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So like I gave up waiting on the Singapore Granado Espada to fix their connection (I couldn’t connect to their servers at all for some reason, same problem for a number of other people) and went to play the American server when they released open beta (They called the game Sword of the New World though… lame). I had a fun 2 weeks playing it. Depite all the beta bugs and lack of player base and PK worries, it’s a beautiful game. It makes me feel attached to the characters and the world for whatever reason. It’s almost like an RPG with other people running around too. (what am I saying, it IS an RPG, it just feels more RPG than MMO.) I wish I could keep playing but because of it, I’ve been getting nothing done. On top of that, I’ve gotten high enough level to get PKed (there are no carebears servers on this version of the game… sucks) and I don’t feel like trying to play the game while assholes are ruining my fun. Also, I’ve reached the grind endlessly stage and I didn’t feel like going through so much trouble just to get wiped in the end. (they’re wiping after open-beta–wtf? who does that?) So I quit the game. I hope that it will be a successful game in general, though statistics show otherwise ]= if it were I’d have more reason to convince myself to play it. Oh well, at least I’ll get some stuff done this way!

So here are some screenshots from the past 2 weeks. Click on them to fullview!

My original team! traditional warlock/fighter/healer combo, since I have no creativity. Sword of the New World version lets us choose costumes in character creation, which ruins the point of elite-costumes-for-the-elite-only, but I guess it’s good for us newbs :D

And here are my terrorists, team Triple Snap Shooter, led by none other than Osama. I looooove Grace. She’s so cool, just like Adelina. I used my friend’s Grace card to make 2 Graces here while he used mine to make 2 Adelinas.

My friend’s Team Fugly while I level up my little Grace.

Beta has its errors…. Sword of the New World Specialty: Error trees, error metal armours, and error Sigmunds. At least I was able to identify the Sigmunds from far away that way…

Gayest NPC in the world of GE named GURTRUDE, WTF??

THE mansion. I wish I can design stuff like that =[

More mansion interior. My team never exceeded level 51 LOL;; so I couldn’t enter this area of the mansion. My friend let me fly around on his account with his wizard to check the place out. Levitation is so cheap.

Should’ve taken more screensohts of Adelina’s faces from her quest… She’s such a bitter woman, but I wouldn’t blame her because of her backstory. I expected her revenge quest to be better though )=

Since we’re only level 50/60 ish, we couldn’t explore the higher level fields and dungeons. So we decided to charge through them with pots and stuff just to check the places out. We only made it through Jasquin; We tried to get to the ice wizard’s tower afterwards but I get 1hit flying knocked out with style on the level 100 maps so nothx;;;; Here are the Jasquin SSs. Every SS was taken at the risk of death for me because monsters there hit like half of my hp LOL. My friend’s wizard got it easy cus he can hide and fly. BUT WE WON

Last screenshot after I broke most of my stuff.

I’ll miss you, GE!

Granado Espada

I am playing a game with charas that have 3 heads and 6 arms. jk I’m playing a game that has hte same old chara stacking problem.

And this is my gaming solution for the new computer. The sceneries are very pretty, the char designs are kind of odd sometimes, and it managed to keep my interest so far. Yes, it’s grindy and I am ultra newb (controlling 1 character is enough to confuse me already, but 3? even though most times you can rely on the AI, but it gets stupid and you can’t count on it for quests), but it has proven to be kind of fun. The ability to alt tab and afk level is a huge plus too! I was able to get the manga update done while watching my AI do the job. Unfortunlately the latest network upgrade they did made some % of their player population unable to connect to their server and patch the game. I wasted the whole day today only to discover it was a server-side problem. Now I could only proxy-surf their site and won’t be able to play til they fix it, and I’ve only played for what, 3 days? ]=