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RO2 tale

I had a week of work work and more work for school, didn’t get enough sleep some nights, and was feeling sick and tired of the lifestyle of the past weeks overall, so after I had done school on Friday (yesterday), I decided to just throw everything aside and do something entertaining. I defragmented my harddrives, cleaned up the registry and got rid of a lot of programs that I don’t use, backed up some stuff and tidied up my computer a little (WOW ENTERTAINING RIGHT!!!) and found the RO2 client that I installed more than half a year ago when the Korean open beta just started. Back then I had trouble patching, but yesterday for some reason, I was able to patch it. Thus resulting in the following adventure. It was quite fun, despite it being a boringass grind game with not much interesting features, because, well, I don’t know. But I want to write it down because it brought back the old old days when I was a newbie at RO (ro1), the true fun times.

SO THE FIRST COOL THING ABOUT RO2 (over GE and RO1, the only other MMOs I’ve ever played) IS THAT THEY HAVE TIME AND WEATHER. 1 minute RO2 time is like 2 seconds RL time or something, so as you play, day and night changes. Being an utter newb, I wasted so much time taking pictures of the weather in newbland…


And like the Chinese that I am, I didn’t spend money buying gears that I will throw out in an hour, and just spent time alt tabbing and sitting my HP up. I got drive-by healing and drive-by weapon blessings for just sitting around too HEHEHEHE

Then it started raining~

Then someone started to talk in English in the channel and there was actually English conversation, not Korean. Soon it winded up to a certain someone begging someone else to create a Korean account for her for the EXP bonus. He jokingly asked for a nude pic in exchange (LOL) and she agreed (LOLOL), resulting in general lulz. Only because she thought he just wanted a normal photo though, because afterwards he reworded and she got mad, and everyone else were like YOU DESERVED IT and he made the account for her out of guilt.

Then there was swimming. I didn’t know I could paddle up to the surface to breathe, so I was swimming around praying I don’t drown before I reach the shore.

This is supposed to be a playable race, but I guess it’s not in…? Seriously info on RO2 are so vague, I don’t even know what’s going on. SHES’ CUTE THOUGH, I WANTED TO MAKE ONE OF THESE IN THE BEGINNING.

Then comes my epic story of getting to Prontera. Players start in a newbie town separate from the continent. There is no world map so I have no idea what the world is like. I have to buy area maps from NPCs or my zone map will just be a blank map, and I’ll have to navigate with my tiny little navigator that shows a radius of tiny x small. As I explore the only 3 possible field maps, I didn’t see any indication on how to go to Prontera (I wouldn’t have understood it anyway because it was all Korean). At the end of the next field there is a dungeon, so I guess and thought HOW CUTE, I have to progress past the dungeon to discover the world outside of here. At the time I was in front of the dungeon, I didn’t have the dungeon map because I didn’t buy it, but I was too lazy to go back because it was SO FAR. So I went in and walked around the dungeon with my tiny all-encompassing compass trying to get through the dungeon.

I had to run and not stop because everything’s aggro inside, and 5-15 levels above my level (max level of RO2 is 50, so that’s proportionately a pretty big range), and there are bosses like:

So I took a freaking long time wandering around the dungeon (it was pretty straight-forward actually, just big as hell) looking for exits. The cave was mysterious and pretty, and has this ghastly fog hovering above it with dim lights, looking as if I am going to the paradise at the end of it. There was this huge dragon skeleton at one of the lakes:

At last I arrived at the end of the last level, past all the monsters and bosses I had on my ass, and in front of me is a hole with shining lights coming out of it. In RO2, you can fall off a cliff and die from the height, so I was asking myself, do I want to jump? I don’t want to die and respawn cus that took FOREVER. But in the end I jumped anyway. I didn’t die and it warped me!


So then I realized the developers weren’t as creative as I am in bringing people to new towns, so I gave up. I proceeded to try again and talk to like every single NPC there is but none of them gave me any options. I was suspecting this ship at a harbour to be it, because I’ve seen ships sailing far in the distance on the ocean, but I thought it was just part of the scenery. I tried talking to the sailors 30 times and they didn’t do anything. I tried going into the ship but there was nowhere to go inside the ship. Then after I talked to the sailors like 10 more times, I ended the dialog and THE SHIP DISAPPEARED. I was like WTF, so I sat there and waited for like 10 minutes (RL minutes) and IT CAME BACK LOL;; I sat on it and waited for 5 more minutes and I suddenly got teleported onto the ship. horray for vagueness dude. and it was raining D:


And the king’s castle as in the first screenshot. srsly who the hell thought up letting kids run around freely in the castle?

Visited one of the NPCs to buy skill books, and as I turn my camera and leave, I caught a glimpse of the scariest shit I’ve seen in a while. It was like those scary flash movies that flashes a creepy face for 0.1 second and you’re not sure wtf it was. So I walked around a bit more til I found it. It was the inside of a guy’s face. you can see all the layers and stuff hahaha

People always jump off bridges and walls and stairs because you save time detouring AND it’s fun~

And I let myself drown in Prontera’s pool to see if I could die in a city (again srsly, who would let kids randomly jump into water bodies?) And WHAT DO YOU KNOW, I CAN!

And that concludes yesterday’s adventure on RO2. I feel refreshed and normal again. Though I did play until 7AM (then slept til 12PM lol). It was to balance out the good stuff I’ve been doing! *justifies self*

Ragnarok Online 2 video

Saw some more videos on Google… I decided to search for RO videos. Saw a couple of WoE ones (SKILLFUL people xD) and found some promo videos on RO2 at here.
I really want to play it! ;_; the graphics looked really pretty, and I guess that’s all I look for in a game, since I can’t play very well. The characters all look like dolls xD The clothes are well designed in my taste, you get to pick hair style/colour and eye style/colour. That’s sooo anime, but anime’s good for me. They also have enhanced battle moves. It makes you look like you are in a serious fight with w/e you are fighting. (and they showed it off with a battle of player vs a spore… how effective).
But all that graphics is probably gonna take a shit load of memory and computer/internet power… so I hope it doesn’t come out too soon. I’m gonna get murdered if I play it on my residence connection because it is just so… SLOW. And I wouldn’t want to not be able to play it just because of that.
And of course I hope I’ll have time to play it too >>; by "have time" I mean not having to give up anything to play it, like drawing or uh, homework. :)