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shuffling along


I feel a lot more comfortable starting a drawing with contours and lines even though theoretically slapping down botches of shapes or gradients should help me see a picture better ): so I did this a few weeks ago when I was at a loss of what to draw. I was going ot wait until I refine it a little before posting it because for some reason my sketches are becoming increasingly illegible over the years, but it seems like I won’t have the time for that for a while LOL… I was going to make the white space into a figure hugging and complementing the horned person, but this will probably turn into one of those it-looked-good-in-my-head ideas XD

I’ve also taken on a 30-day challenge for drawing some RO themed stuff in order to assert my status as an ro tard, but I’m going to do it slow because I don’t have the time LOL… somehow whenever I try to quickly draw up something, it turns into crack and everyone becomes derpy


zzzz hopefully when I finish these commissions I can pull my act together and draw some personal art again

ancient artifacts

So my mom moved some of the furniture from my bedroom to my work room, and among them was my book shelf. She cleared out all of the books inside for the move and found some really old sketchbooks that I had to use for school that I thought had perished and/or wished didn’t exist. They really threw me off because one was from 2002 and I drew sooo much crap on it with pencil crayons, but I remembered I stopped using them after I got a tablet so…… LOL maybe my mouse on photoshop days were longer than I had initially thought…

BUT YEAH I took some pictures to show HA HA ha… I didn’t improve much back then over the course of YEARS because I was a narrow minded bitch type character and I genuinely could not see what the fuck was wrong with my art or myself. I think I am still the same just… less… severe…

The pencil crayon ones were from this sketcbook we had to fill for a class called comprehensive arts in 2002. I’m not quite sure wtf we learned there but that could be said about most of the classes I took ): I did a bunch of these what’s in your locker comics, drawing myself and my friends (I’m #2, look at my fashion sense)



and holy shit lol one of the most primitive versions of veloce after she got the white hairdo I think??? In the very first environments for this character–even before the retarded manga high school manga I did and abandoned–she lived in a vague fantasy world, and she had a LOT of animal sidekicks as well as weapons because I was so head over heels for fantasy creatures and magical shinies sdlfjdlfdl

but I was also still crazy for pokemon at the time so I stole suicune’s head crystal for her sword…

and then I guess I got a tablet and started playing ro…… lol so I topped drawing on paper until grade 12 (2004?) the next 2 small sketchbooks (my last ones until I was gifted one at AE and forced to use it again) were FILLED WITH RO DRAWINGS. and builds, really bad builds because I am a fucking noob at everything. but mostly drawings since that’s why I played ro in the first place: so I can draw a character and say it’s mine LOL I HAVE PROBLEMS. magma dungeon~

I don’t know why I never finished these (probably because I was too busy playing instead of doing anything meaningful) but back then I really liked drawing scenes of happenings.

I am SO ASHAMED of my old works and my old self because not only are they bad, I also thought they were good at the time. Now going to wait about 5 years and then say the same about the art I post all day erryday now :B I fluster so hard it turns into uncontrollable rage when people dig up my old stuff and show them to me because I deny it so much, but once in a while I suck it up and stare at my old shit for long enough to accept them so I could post them so people know how much I sucked even when I was 18 and not think that I’m any different than them.

Ending with some korean bbq from last week. censoring my parents ya!

NYAF next week!!

Since I just realized that some people here don’t follow me anywhere else and therefore miss most of my announcements: I’ll be going to New York Anime Festival next weekend!! the Artist Alley is on the 4th floor,  please do make a trip there if you’re going :D I’ll be at table B22, at the far back LOL CRY Q___Q I am kind of looking forward to the con, somewhat worried because I’ve heard mixed things about the con and my circumstances forced me to ship a lot of stuff there (shipping any less would’ve cost me more money, even I don’t understand why or how) and I’m worried about not being able to carry all the leftovers back home if it turns out to be a bad convention. But mostly I’m just worried about NYC public transit because I’m staying at a place far away before and after the con and idk, ny never struck me as a friendly city so if I get lost or step in somewhere I’m not supposed to be, I’M DOOMED LMFAO ALDSFJLFshflkjkgh common sense please protect me

that aside, drawerings!!

special request for Flow! ugh 3rd classes UGH LOL CANT LIE ABOUT MY FERVENT HATE FOR 3RD CLASSES… also he looks like my archbishop lmfao fml /sameface

Got this shortly after posting that photo before. I was going for this mirror-like reflective floor like tiv and nardack but I very quickly cluttered the floor up with crap AS USUAL… I ran out of crap to fill at the top but now I think it’s ok to have some breathing room haha, I’ll have to get rid of some stuff at the bottom to balance it out so it doesn’t look like everything is falling into the bottom of the picture LOL. or leave it as is and put a title over the top for a book cover but this is obviously unacceptable as an official cover;;;;

I kinda really want to cg this picture but I just don’t have the time rn ): It’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to rush and ruin ideas so I write them down in words… maybe they’ll turn out nicer and more well thought out since all I can do about them is work on them in my head.

shilin the not priest

So I don’t really feel like drawing my other Blackbird characters like ever–I’m sure I will in the future when they get more feature, so I won’t force it and I’ll just wait for it–and I’ve been seeing more RO stuff from artist friends I love so I’ve been wanting to draw RO stuff myself. Being the productivitywhore that I am though, I really hate the fact that I can’t do anything with the high priest character because it’s technically not original, so any thing I do with them is a waste of time. I do like my RO characters enough to want to develop them more, too, so I decided to alter them into non-RO characters. I ended up stemming the design from the awefulbishop atrocity because I’m so content with my original high priest mod I don’t want to touch it ):
The colours were so hard and I’m still not happy about it. I’m bad with colour palettes to begin with and I couldn’t use a lot of nice contrasting colours because it wouldn’t suit her character. I wanted to preserve the red, but it’s really difficult to work around and it’s probably the colour that’s ruining everything lol

Here is the original disastrous palettes that I went through… none of them worked because I just juggled around colours that don’t work together HAHA
As for the “monarch” title, it came from the orc hero helm alteration because my hp is not my hp without that brick on her head. It looked like imp midna’s headgear at first but eventually I went with this butterfly shape. I’ll probably incorporate that into the rest of my RO characters’ original designs (if I ever get to it LOL) as a symbol for their group, the “Monarchs” LOLDONTHITME They’ll probably a bunch of influential figures in some random world, serving under a queen-like figure who gave them super awesome powers in exchange for their memories in the same fashion as the 4-page RO test pages I did ages ago.

In other news I finished both my manga commission and Blackbird compilation this week, and they took up the majority of my daily life for the past… year. So all of a sudden I am free to work on the drawings I’ve wanted to paint, character designs I’ve wanted to do, script writing that Blackbird needed. I DON’T KNOW IT’S JUST SO WEIRD THAT I PRETTY MUCH LOOK FORWARD TO EVERYTHING I HAVE TO DO… The next 2 weeks will be even better; my super secret charms will be arriving and if my estimates are correct, I will have Blackbird book 1 (the proof) in my hands by the end of it. I bet something horrible is going to happen when everything is almost coming together lmfao THINGS ARE WORKING OUT SUSPICIOUSLY WELL.


So all the artist alley talk made me want to draw my next piece with consideration to public reception, something I rarely do, and I’ve decided that I should do something that’s more on the soft and pretty side since those kind of prints sold well but the pieces I have that fit in that category are really old/not well done. Maybe I am disabled in this area or something because I tried for like 2 days and couldn’t draw up something decent that fits the category. Usually when I start on a new drawing without a clear image in mind, I draw a figure and let it grow/change on its own until I reach something I like. Sometimes the final image has nothing to do with what I had started with. In this case all of my attempts ended up as sad/angry pictures… LOL I DONT KNOW HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE BECAUSE I START THEM ALL WITH FLOWERS AND FLOWY DRESSES AND WAVY HAIR IN MIND ): I think I’m just going to give up and do what I do best

livestream from today; I failed for like 40 minutes and erased 2 shitty sketches before giving up the whole pretty drawing thing and worked on this abomination instead. click for fullview

and here are 2 of the failures from yesterday. Usually artists only post presentable pictures but I’ve always thought I should let people know the truth about my art, that not everything I do works out effortlessly and works out nicely. The second one was as happy as things got but it’s not very soft/pretty since it’s just going to be a mountain of books. the first one was just tragic LMAO I was drawing in disbelief that what was supposed to be a happy picture turned into a fucking cross over a grave.