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Last commission for a bit

I’m colouring the last showable commission for a bit… Ilana’s professor in iro Chaos, the same person who commissioned the crusader pic I did a while ago as well as the assassin cross I just finished. I can’t believe I JUST found out that both her and Whacko Jacko are in Aureus… Remi messaged me yesterday and I found out. We chatted for a bit and I missed RO again >> Aureus rulz0rz!

I think right now it looks kinda scary though, cus it has so much exposed skin, and I STILL don’t know how to colour skin or muscles. I need to study some basic anatomy for my own good… the way I do hair and skin doesn’t match the way I do clothes at all.

On other news, I found the perfect solution to my drawing boredom. I drew so much that drawing has become something like knitting for girls; I get super bored when I am cging a picture, because I have nothing to think about and it annoys me so much. One day I told a friend that I wish there’s something that would read me stuff while drawing so I can be more productive. The radio reads me things of very little importance and has too much ads. Then yesterday I finally decided and downloaded a text-to-speech program, and found composer biographies for it to read. It worked like magic! It was so cool that I can do 2 things at once, and most of all, I can finally justify myself spending hours drawing, cus I’m learning at the same time ;) (not really) I wish I can find documents of books online though, then I can finish reading that Harry Potter book that I should give back to my friend before the holiday ends… and many other books that I did not have a chance to read because I am too lazy.

3 weeks of xmas break ends in 4 days. boohoo. Perhaps my opinion differs from that of my parents, but it was a great one. I drew a lot huahuahuahauhauua :D


RO Commission WIP

Something I am working on.. after that last christmas pic, I find this cel-shade style fun to do. I thought it fits the mood of this pic, (it’s supposed to be a family picture) The commissioner wanted this style too, so I am happy xD the only thing is… it takes just as long to use this style as the other more elaborate one.