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WIP & old portfolio

I’ve almost gotten all of my responsibilities out of the way, but more just keep coming and taking up all my time ): am sad

One of the three gifts I finished but have to withhold until Christmas!

and a random octopus for Alex… I actually like how it turned out HAHAHA

I was talking about a portfolio I made in portfolio class in grade 12 (2004) with a friend, and decided to dig it out to look at it again. My mom crammed a lot of other crap into the case but I looked mostly at the pages and pages of life drawing that we did for the class. It was a lot of fun but MAN I SUCKED SO HARD AT IT LOL. most of them looked like bad animu because that was the extent of my artistic abilities. It wasn’t a real art class, so I received very little instructions about how life drawing should be done or what one should look out for on these drawings. I had absolutely no idea what the fuck people meant when they talked about form, negative space, tones, and other fancy art terms and no one explained it to me so it almost was a huge waste of time. I also doodled a gay anime face next to like every single figure I drew HAHAHA THEY’RE AS EMBARRASSING AS THE FIGURE DRAWING THEMSELVES. In the end I was rejected by the school, and only 2 people got rejected out of the 22 in our class that applied. At the time I thought it was most likely because I was passing out on the table when my appointment at 8am was late by like 2.5 hours (this helper came over and told me to not do that and the interviewer was unimpressed), but now that I look at the pieces, they were just bad LMAO

Here are a bunch of pictures of the matted drawings and other stuff from the portfolio behind the cut.

Creepy ro art

is she even a priest anymore HAHAH. While I drew the eyes I thought to myself “hey they totally look like a bunch of creepy vaginas” so I thought some BLOODY TEARS WOULD HELP CLEAR THAT UP <:

The cross wasn’t supposed to be evil but I wasn’t in the mood of drawing straight lines and just wanna scribble away, so it got destroyed… As I was drawing it I kinda grew on it and developed it some more. It shapes like many crosses and can change its shape to look like a sword, shield, bow etc. The crosses intertwine with each other and can look like a net from afar if they expand enough, so I decided to name it “tenroe”, the first 2 characters from this phrase (can’t type chinese on this blog ): ), which means a net that encompasses the sky and earth, or something you can’t escape!

I drew the sketch last week and then FORGOT ABOUT IT TIL YESTERDAY LOL… so I decided to take a break from manga drawing and finish this. Interestingly enough I’m still pretty into drawing manga even though I’ve basically been doing this mon-sun nonstop for 1-2 months. If I have to attribute it it’s probably because I’m juggling 2 mangas that I haven’t gotten sick of drawing either one yet. That and I’m learning a ton from drawing the super secret project since it is a new medium, and I have to work with subjects that I’m totally not familiar with drawing so every new page is fun. well ok aside from drawing buildings… i cann0t deal with spending 1 day per building

In other news, this happened:


An attempt to make a Kaidaten-like design for wanderers in RO, which ended basically being a fanart of Kaidaten. Except with retarded wanderer clothes LOL

With complimentary wallotxt

+1 class variety to my RO collection! a soul linker using a soul linker soul link HARHARHAR

And instead of working on a set of new pages I treat myself by making some random design that I can’t logically use for at least 7 more chapters

once again idk why everything is slanted… and I don’t understand why I don’t draw out a proper figure before I draw on clothing design and now she looks funny

More random thoughts about the design because changing her appearance is fun to think about for some reason. MAYBE I JUST LIKE TO WASTE TIME THINKING ABOUT TRIVIAL DETAILS

the WIP-&-music formula

looks like all my recent blog entries are like this for some reason

and here’s one of the few pieces I really indulge in from the slow-and-peaceful collective!

Going to Otakon next week :D Then to NYC outlets as per my mom’s request afterward.