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I’m trying to make Blackbird more detailed and professional, and the first step is to not slack off on anything, including backgrounds right? I REGRET IT SLIGHTLY NOW because I spent forever drawing these boxes of houses and they still don’t look good because the paper is not big enough, and I gave up using ruler for every single house. In the end the shades covered up most of everything ): BETTER LUCK NEXT TOWN

Also a random scrap inspired by a commercial

and the song for the commercial! the title is “Por Una Cabeza”; it’s a song with singing but I am more attracted to this chamber version. It’s so stylish, I want to play it fff

Lastly I’m in LOVE with Shin Angyo Onshi. I first read it a few months back when my friend introduced it to me, and I enjoyed it very much back then, but recently I went back to read it again and I’m now obsessed over it. There are some things about it that I wish was better but they don’t change how much GENIUS this story is. The art and story telling is phenomenal and I wonder why it’s not famous. I want to buy the books cus I love it soooo much but I don’t think it’s published in English WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY. there’s no artbooks or anything AND THE ANIMATED FILM VERSION IS CRAP ]: sad panda

Work and Play

I love work

And I love play

well obviously this is not my play but it’s the most hilarious RO video in history imo

European Accent

But first! Two random scraps that I did while taking breaks from work so you don’t have to scroll past the wall of text to see them! Yes, I take breaks from drawing by drawing.


sepia: no shit it’s your last smoke THE PARTY IS 2 HIGH PRIESTS, NO KILLER

Carrying on… I came back from Europe like 10 days ago, organized my photos but forgot to post about it, so here they are: Most of them are obligatory non-spectacular scenic photos though ): but I promise some elements of beauty and hilarity? Europe was a nice place though; it made North America look like a boring wasteland–granted I don’t go anywhere so I don’t really have any grounds to speak on, but still ]:

We were incredibly lucky on this trip in my opinion; gorgeous weather and general good luck dealing with problematic situations were had in exchange for some minor unfortunate events. Nothing is worse than terribad weather on a long trip, and knowing Europe MOTHER NATURE DID ITS ABSOLUTE BEST.

Europe is exactly as I expected, except exponentially more breathtaking. I love to be impressed, and I truly was, by its history and otherworldly craft of its heritage. Just as my teachers and professors stated, photographs can’t possibly express the greatness of things I saw there, and that feeling of awe is exactly what I need to expand my horizon and add to my skill.

My favourites were London and Versailles. London streets themselves are a work of art; the swift pace, precision, and elegance of everything makes London a charming place to see. Plus everything that the Brits robbed from other countries are there so it made it even better. Versailles is just beyond description. I wished it was a little more well-maintained though, I mean the hallway of mirrors is like the hallway of dirty mirrors, but I realized it’s kind of hard given its size.

My least favourite was touristy Italy. It reminded me a lot of China with its poor manner, control, and the general atmosphere that you have to beware of everything. Plus it was super hot. Good thing it was touristy for good reason, otherwise it would’ve been a horrible way to end the trip.

Now, time to catch up with 3 commissions and 2 manga projects fldsj;flkjhgiodfgahs;jfa

shilin x sepia

Bday gift scrap for sepia of her archbishop chara and her DEAD LOVER. who doesn’t have anything except a sprite with hair that looks kinda like my high priest’s. he doesn’t even have a name so now his name is shilin YAY


Quick sketch! of my little HP! I’m kind of tempted to draw Blackbird characters with this pose instead. At least if I colour it I can actually use it freely ): click for a slightly bigger version.