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HAX, this new “healthy sleeping time” is not as great as I thought. It’s killing me in fact; there’s no OMGICANDRAWANDSURFUNTIL3 reward after a day of work… just… more reading and go to sleep and prepare for tomorrow’s boringness. I got so depressed today I have no motivation to do anything. I lied to a prof and skipped a class =\ I guess I’ll start staying up late again. It’s too boring for me to handle.

the endz0rz

Doing something crazy

… well, BORING crazy. Internet here is ultra slow… except in the morning. my roommate also gets a lot of visitors at night loitering around the room, making it impossible for me to work efficiently. (draw, read, etc. always gotta alt tab or read with a blasting jrock in my headphones to filter their chat out) Plus, I’ve always been getting up reluctantly in the morning because I want to sleep in. sooooooo I decided I’d sleep at 9 or 10 at night from now on. This is probably like the normallest thing everyone did in their life, but it’s crazy because I am in residence where no one sleeps before 12. I’ve been trying it for 3 days now; at least my wake up pattern is natural now, although the falling asleep part still needs work. I wake up narually at 8-9 every morning now with no wish to sleep in; but it takes me a couple of dazing hours to fall asleep. I was never an easy sleeper, and now it takes even longer to fall asleep.

Because of this, I haven’t been doing too much off-homework activities for the past few days… haven’t been cging, sketching or idling much. It sounds healthy, but I feel boring. Yes, boring, not bored. I feel like there is no interesting things to think about/expect everyday, probably because I didn’t waste much time doing interesting things. Normally if I feel like this once in a while, I’d be really frustrated about the whole day being boring and useless, and have a strong urge to accomplish something I want to accomplish. But now I don’t. It kinda sucks; I gotta spice it up somehow.

But I am so boringly satisfied I have no motivation to waste my time ):

Onto other things; I left my sketches of the manga pages for next week (and 2 pages from this week) at home. I don’t go home weekly anymore so I don’t know what to do about that. I don’t want to resketch the pages… so I think I gotta find an excuse to go home this week.

Onto more other things. I learned Karma :) hopefully no one will think I learned it because Judy sent me the song and not someone else; I like the song. It sounded kind of power-rangers-ish, but somehow I like it. Incredibly it also fits my voice range except for hte lowest note, which I can still reach with minimal awkwardness. Yelling it is so fun. I put the song on loud hoping no one in the hall hears me. Also Chopin’s 1st piano concerto’s second movement is beautiful. Their little interpretation of it being a memory or a place to remember is so fitting; when I think of things while listening to that song, it gives me goosebumps. His harmonic progressions are so subtle and beautiful and womanly. I rarely ever like slow songs with minimal development, but this one just got me.

The endz0rz!

fake WIP

a work in progress that is no longer a work in progress.

I suddenly have so much readings this semester. I really need e-books read to me because I go through books slow as a snail, and they put me to sleep even if I am interested in it. Did I mention I don’t like reading? ): on top of that, Slayers Try finished downloading and I am going through that, so I haven’t been drawing much lately (except for the picture above, which is started and completely during various lectures.) The cg I am colouring… cannot be shown. I was originally planning to submit it to DA anyway despite its content, but after second considerations I decided against it for my personal safety/reputation.

In short. I don’t have anything to show :l

Slayers is great though. Although I like Next a bit more tha Try, because Try is very romance-oriented (in a way) and goes even slower at times than Next. And there’s no Phibrizzo in Try ): although there are lots of pretty faces of the sinister minister Xelloss, so I am relatively happy. The only thing I am unhappy about is as I watch more of slayers and as they explain their world/crisis, it looks like I copied their idea more and more. Although Slayers IS my favourite anime, I only managed to watch a few (under 10) scattered episodes in China because of inconvenient air time, and thus I didn’t have a clue about their world story. Tedious; but oh well. I hope no one will accuse me.


A sketch of a sudden idea I had. It solved quite a bit of my worldly problems :) no they are not the same people xD you’ll know at least two of them if you had been voting at my manga site.

Back to really academically busy days… which resulted in nothing but more procrastination and more attempts of drawing. I kind of like to stay in residence better than at home at one point.

Except our heat is hot as hell and I can’t sleep at night T_T

Pics of our res :o

1. 2.

1. a 5-pic combination of my dorm room!
2. a poster that hangs on my roommate’s side’s wall, something I have to face daily.