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Book 2 plans

I have a relative who will be moving to Canada in January, and my dad suggested to me that if I have any books that I can print at that date, I can save a few hundred dollars on shipping by just shipping it with her cargo. Naturally I thought about my manga but in order to finish it JUST in time to be printed, I have to draw 4 pages a week starting now (excluding NYAF week) until mid dec. It’s something I was going to try in the summer but never had the time and urgency for, and now it’s being shoved in my face. I am going to do it just to see if I can keep up with this kind of schedule (well, I know for sure I can, it’s just whether I want to live by this or not HAHA… I’m really lax with my schedules and always make it so that I get minimum amount of stress from meeting deadlines because WHO LIKES DEADLINES) and if anything I would have a good buffer of unposted pages for various purposes? I already have the rest of the book thumbnailed back in May or June, so all the work left is drawing it out. If it works out in the end, I’ll have CP2 available for sale like 2-3 months before I finish posting all the pages. And if I don’t go insane from this I might keep doing it so that we all won’t be like 80 when CP finishes lmfao

A sketch I forgot about that I did during fanexpo haha; I did some sketches that I was going to post after i fixed them up/coloured them but I didn’t find any time this week lol ;; I’ll try to remember that next week. This is a redesign of an old chara that I posted about ages and ages ago and never did anything for. He’s the archbishop named Syro but I’m probably changing his name later cus it’s lame LMAO. He was older but since there is obviously a lack of young characters in Carciphona that look alike I am making him younger. He’s amazingly traditional and conservative but only because he believes he has no choice except to be as responsible as possible, and that if he cares about his own concerns he’d be putting countless other people’s concerns in jeopardy. Guilt tripping works wonders on him.

I’m pretty sure no one can figure out wtf is going on in this sketch but this is a great example of what my design doodles look like; I kind of go out of control when I’m making designs for the first time because I’m too lazy to draw new figures for designs so I just draw lines on the same figure over and over again until it becomes uselessly incomprehensible LOL. I’ll totally go insane and frustrated about having waste time on neatness if I were a concept artist lol ]: Archbishop is just his title; he is a summoner and he uses his holy shit ceremonial staff for that. It’s supposed to be turn upside down and played like a doublebass (I just wanted an excuse to make more impractical musical weapons) He has a huge crush on veloce that will never play out because romance is not allowed in Carciphona LOLGOD

IN OTHER UNRELATED NEWS, Islamey gets mentioned a lot when I was in college because it was supposed to be the most difficult piece to play up to that era or something; a lot of people talk about it when I played Scarbo since they get compared a lot for virtuosity, but I never really liked Islamey as a song because it sounds really over the top and generic to me lmao ): But I was looking for good recordings of it and came across Berezovsky’s and holy crap does he make it sound good. I love how he plays Liszt and… I guess this is perfect for him LOL. The only thing I don’t like about it is he plays a lot of passages dry without pedaling just because he can. It’s pretty fucking amazing but in the end I always prefer the noisier performances XD

productive procrastination

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I was working on this commission but I was having a really hard time on it because I stopped in the middle of it like two weeks ago, and it’s like a mesh of things that I’m not familiar drawing (even though I came up with the idea myself…) So I decided to PROCRASTINATE and finish this song I had lying around for a while. In the end I didn’t finish it, it has no beginning or ending because those are hard AND I’M LAZY LOL. When I wrote this I was going to save it until I learn to play it and record it myself, because computer generated piano solos sound boring, unless they’re meant to sound mechanical and flat. But then I remembered I haven’t played piano for a year and god knows when I’ll do that again due to my parents’ work schedules lol ):

But ya when I started this piece, I had intended it to be an opening type song for CP, so I made sure it had a melody that can be sung to and is in a simple generic pop song form. But I know I can’t write pop lol so I decided to make it into a piano solo that could stand on its own :D

And then today I tried to work on the commission again and after like half an hour I derailed again to draw other stuff ):…
This picture is like 3 separate pictures mashed together LMAO. I just edited the toccata pic into this pic… the stabby part was in a sketch I did like 4 years ago that I never posted because it had tits, and the dance part I always wanted to do but I never did. I was going to do full body because I wanted to include stilettos (as in heels) to go with the daggers, but the figures got too small ): I was looking at tango pics on google and every picture is like… top half dance embrace, bottom half woman riding man’s crotch :D… needless to say I didn’t incorporate that part into this drawing LMAO


I need to have something to look forward to in order to productive, ie a deadline or something that’s not finished. That’s why whenever I finish something I go into sloth mode and get nothing done HAHAH ): I have a commission and a gift piece to CG (and those 40 more sketches) but what I really wanted to draw was was a big huge scene of grandeur or chaos, some environment that shows veloce as a powerful figure. I didn’t really know what would be an effective way to portray that, the only thing I was sure of was devastating weather, and the fact that I don’t want to draw her sitting/standing around doing nothing. I actually wanted to draw her casting or fighting because movement is a big part of her fighting style. While sorcery is a mental exercise and the best sorcerers can fight without moving an inch, she isn’t the type where power translates to elegance and control. She also doesn’t use magic unless she really has to, regardless of the Prohibition.

But in the end I couldn’t draw a fight scene without compromising the feel of might ): she just looked like an ordinary or extraordinary fighter in those pictures, not someone unfazed by overwhelming forces. So I ended up drawing something like that arrogance sketch I did for my high priest. I don’t know if you can actually tell what’s going on here… I would work more on it but it’s time I put it away and use it as the drive to get my commissions/gift/sketches done LOL. I look forward to working on / finishing this picture though, because I already know what I want it to look like. Usually the sketches that I have a clear image for look like shit because I don’t want to spend time jotting down what I already know HAHA

And I’m not very creative when it comes to shit like this lol ): but I usually don’t try very hard with poses for repeats of past sketches that didn’t pass the CG test. My friend was like bb is doomed to be a man so I made it look more like she is the lady seducing a man(with boobs and wearing a tank?)? I might cg this one too because it looks nice and easy!

And I’m listening to the art of piano documentary again so here’s some cziffra! I don’t know why aside from the really corny stuff they say in the documentary, I really really like the performances they had in the documentary even though they’re mostly mono, low quality, has lots of mistakes and don’t really conform to the standard expectations of how each of the pieces should be performed. I guess it just feels… alive? Like I can feel the insane over the top happiness of the artist in this recording like he’s lost his mind LOL… God I just want to go nuts at the piano right now I AM EXPLODING WITH ENERGY

Also it sounds like liszt was trolling someone into thinking that it’s a grande waltz brilliante ripoff HAHAH

Blackbird magica

Spoiler below! scroll down to skip the text and see art :D

I watched madoka magica with Sepia and it was so fucking ridiculous I’m glad I watched it with someone, otherwise it would’ve caused a helpless civilian to be spammed by me on msn or aim going like OMGLOLWTF. It’s so maihime I hope it doesn’t pull a maihime ending because that was really stupid for its good development. Sepia also pointed out how much of a low budget anime it is AND IT’S TRUE, all the recycled scenes and retarded art in general… I feel a little sad inside watching an anime with shitty art since my #1 requirement for anime/manga is eye candy LMAO.

I hate like everyone in the series, which is pretty normal for me lmao… for the grand total of three episodes Mami’s been around I kept expecting her to be a closet bad guy. Sayaka wouldn’t stop talking about Mami, and Madoka is retarded and is the reason why everyone is dead. Although it’s about a bunch of girls psyching out and getting karmabombed, it moved quickly and it was a good watch! The only logical people in the series is Homura and Kyubey, but Homura didn’t exactly choose the smartest solutions and Kyubey is fucked up overdosed on logic lmfao. Kyubey is like Aizen on crack adn without the narcissism… I think he’s like the creepiest anime character I can remember right now.

But I do love the ending song!

Onto Blackbird stuff:
Someone wanted to see Meron’s colours!

And more alt world bb lol, I bet if I came up with a story for it it would be more popular than current bb because it’d be set in a modern world ffffff. I’ve always hated how rough my scraps are, since I go at it with a rough mindset, so I decided to see if I could make them look marginally acceptable if I put in a little bit more effort. Clearly I have no self control because I ended up spending too much time on it and it’s practically a finished picture lol. well actually I don’t know how much time I spent on it because I drew it in between waiting for Sepia to watch madoka together, but I do know it’s too long for a scrap! I’ll probably (try to) simplify it next time. I do like doing cel shading for scraps because it’s easy and I can rely on layermode on everything! I’ll have to learn to pull back though because I’m still in the holy crap this is so cool must spam indiscriminately stage.

The rather straightforward process:

WIP in motion


I had a really hard time choosing an additional background element to toss into the picture, flowers water or chains, but then I realized the reason why everything I draw is so cluttered is because I don’t know when to stop adding shit and it looks mighty busy as is lmfao. I was doing line art for this originally but like 3 hours afterwards, I realized the lineart looked like shit and I really didnt want to continue. So I scribbled the rest on loosely, filled it with red and just used it as guidelines for painting lmao. This takes SO MUCH LESS TIME than painstakingly outlining all the ornaments on her boots and hair and shit, but I think–and friends agree–that my lined style is the prettier of the two lol ): A HEFTY PRICE MUST BE PAID TO MAKE THINGS ALL PRETTY AND ANIMU… I’ll probably try to give the colours a wash when I’m done to try to lighten up the grudgy feeling that it has now.

I recorded most of the process here, although there is a gap between the second video and the WIP I posted above comprised of a lot of bodypart cutting/free transforming lolol. I was going to record the entire process from start to finish but I realized anything beyond this point would just be me blending like a nut, and it’s going to probably take like 5 more videos or something so MAYBE IT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA TO DO THAT LMAO.

Click through the video to view it in a bigger frame!
part 1:

part 2:

I also saw a touhou remix from a tumblr I follow and found this while looking for that song on youtube… I love the base figure this guy wrote for the intro part but I wish he did something about the melody’s accompaniment LOL… I wish I had time to to arrange it myself ): that and I wish he posted the midi instead of sheet music HAHA. THIS TOUHOU MUSIC BUSINESS IS GETTING TO ME