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I guess I didn’t get to post 10 wips but here’s 4 more detail shots for the finished image! It’s now up in the gallery :D

I would be happy about it except I’m annoyed by EVERYTHING that’s been happening. I haven’t slept well for like a week due to stupid occurrences at night, people making stupid comments, and the DA upload system being dumb causing me to lose like half a day of self promotion for something I worked so hard on. I’m pretty begrudging when it comes to shit like this so now I feel like I must paint something else to make up for my misfortune, but I must get working on actual work before that ]: I hate the feeling on giving up unfinished business

But onto the pic itself! while drawing it I thought I would write a little story (that has nothing to do with Blackbird) to go along with the image, but in the end my inability to write and the fact that the focus of the story was like a tangent to the focus of the illustration caused me to scrap it. The story went something like, once upon a time there was an awesome city filled with awesome people who thought they were so awesome, that they could overthrow the gods. The gods finally got mad and sent someone down, and she wiped out the area from the map and guarded it forever and ever to remind humans of their humiliation and defeat.

I’m switching to SAI for my super secret manga project because photoshop lineart is balls. I drew half a speech balloon before becoming enraged with the brush quality… although SAI is much better, it still has no manga texture to it, at this stage anyways. I think it’s partially because of how I draw, too, but I’ll have to get around it because there’s no way I can draw this project traditionally ): At least digital illustration is very forgiving; I’ve already flipped the canvas 4-5 times and free transformed so many bodyparts lol

And here’s some musiiiccccc long post is long

time to go unfluff that guy’s hairrrrr

Touhou – Bad Apple!!

new song to loop for me :D

On an unrelated note, I suddenly totally fell over with a fever a few days ago. I’m much better now even though my throat is going to be good game soon; at least I don’t ache EVERYWHERE and feel like I’m climbing a freaking mountain by walking to the bathroom. I was so bored out of my skull I translated some parts of Blackbird into Chinese and fixed like all of my dad’s laptop problems while being immobile in bed.

I’ve also moved all my crap back upstairs to my old work room because it seems unlikely for the summer heat to return again this year. I can’t work in peace anymore because my dad took up half of my desk with his work stuff and he’s always behind me now. Like all Asian parents, their colourful commentary about my WIPs aren’t always encouraging so I usually don’t work in front of them ): HOPEFULLY MY WORK RATE WON’T BE HINDERED TOO MUCH. I just have to carefully plan when to work on what lmao

Spring Rain

I’M ON A ROLL WITH THESE SCRAPS they’re piling up at an exponential rate I’m going to be so screwed

My friend showed me this song called “haruame” on nico video, which means spring rain, created on VOCALOID by AVtechNO. It’s an alternate version; the “official” version sounds kinda generic and boring, but this version really hit me after a few listenings. I don’t known why I have such a depressed impression of it, but the image was strong and I really wanted to draw it even though I’m not that great at creating atmosphere. I’m kinda annoyed though because half way through drawing it, I realized there was a scene like this in Shin Angyo Onshi. damn my inability to remember ANYTHING when it mattered

I didn’t rely much on the lyrics because it was hard to translate. The image mostly came from when I heard the irony of the title in the orchestration. I haven’t been so in love with a new song for a really long time, but I don’t know if others will hear it the same way I do. Hopefully you can hear the song in this sketch!

Haruame – AVtechNO

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It’s like a really angsty version of the other veloce sketch from 2 posts ago lol

and an alternate caption for those who don’t dig drama as much as I do: veloce’s sword is stuck on the ground and she’s sad she can’t pull it out

Un Sospiro

I decided to listen to this piece again after finding it on a search for song names to use for RO character names. It’s not my usual type but I really liked the atmosphere it started with. The terrible piano has something to do with it! LOL

And I’m trying to upgrade my blog a little so that I can make a new layout for my site FINALLY. So far I’m failing miserably though and breaking things left and right… I’ll probably end up leaving it as is ):

WIP + superman

ugh I wish I have more wips to post ]: this blog is so LONELY.

I wish I had more time to draw stuff other than commissions too! Not to say that I don’t enjoy doing commissions. The commissions I’ve done since last summer were really fun to work on and I don’t remember enjoying it this much consistently when I’ve done commissions in the past. But I really need to put some time into doing a few Blackbird pics ]: it’s been 2 years since the last piece, am I correct? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Not to mention now that I can OH MY GOD FINALLY MOVE ON because volume 1 is almost finished, I need to flesh out some designs for some locations and a few supporting characters to come. One thing I disliked about volume 1 was the fact that I did most of the unimportant designs on the spot, as the pages unraveled. so a lot of it is really bad. The YEARS of breaks I took didn’t help either, as I made a lot of mistakes by forgetting design details and being inconsistent on a massive scale. I’m not going to turn around and fix it now because I swore not to do it, but I’m not going to let this happen to the rest of the story.

Anyways, here is another awesome song. It’s catchy to boot and the lyrics are just hysterical. Damn crazy Koreans lmfao