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Saint-Saens’ p-con #5 III

I usually find a new song to like once in a while, and I’ve always wanted to make a site where I put my favourite song of the day/week/month on stream. There’s a lot of flaws with that idea, like rights, viewership, and the fact that I can never find mp3 versions of some songs…

so I’m going to do it here instead! and youtube is paying for the bandwidth lmao.

Let’s start with Camille Saint-Saens’ piano concerto #5, III, Allegro Molto


This is from a class recital we did back in October. As you can see I wasn’t very prepared lolol. I guess I’ll do better next time

click here to listen to the mp3

school sucks but at least the theory prof does lectures this term instead of class discussions and I’m getting a lot more out of it. the rest…. idk

angel incantation getting heal bombed by a friend

server pic which just turned out to be mostly a dc/wf/si/valhalla alliance pic ):

Legend of Zelda

Gaspard de la Nuit: Ondine

Read the poem and try to hear it in the music :)

Maurice Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit: Ondine. MP3 by Shaer.
Original Poem by Louis Bertrand:


Je croyais entendre
Une vague harmonie enchanter mon sommeil,
Et près de moi s’épandre un murmure pareil
Aux chants entrecoupés d’une voix triste
et tendre.

CH. BRUGNOT. – Les deux Génies.

— « Écoute! — Écoute! — C’est moi, c’est Ondine qui frôle de ces gouttes d’eau les losanges sonores de ta fenêtre illuminée par les mornes rayons de la lune; et voici, en robe de moire, la dame châtelaine qui contemple à son balcon la belle nuit étoilée et le beau lac endormi.

« Chaque flot est un ondin qui nage dans le courant, chaque courant est un sentier qui serpente vers mon palais, et mon palais est bâti fluide, au fond du lac, dans le triangle du feu, de la terre et de l’air.

« Écoute! — Écoute! — Mon père bat l’eau coassante d’une branche d’aulne verte, et mes sœurs caressent de leurs bras d’écume les fraîches îles d’herbes, de nénuphars et de glaïeuls, ou se moquent du saule caduc et barbu qui pêche à la ligne. »

* *

Sa chanson murmurée, elle me supplia de recevoir son anneau à mon doigt, pour être l’époux d’une Ondine, et de visiter avec elle son palais, pour être le roi des lacs.

Et comme je lui répondais que j’aimais une mortelle, boudeuse et dépitée, elle pleura quelques larmes, poussa un éclat de rire, et s’évanouit en giboulées qui ruisselèrent blanches le long de mes vitraux bleus.

– – –


I believed I heard a dim harmony charming my sleep. And close by me spread a similar murmur of uninterrupted songs from a sad and tender voice…” -Ch. Brugnot “Les Deux Genies.

”Listen! Listen! It is I, it is Ondine brushing with these drops of water the resonant diamond panes of your window illuminated by the dull moonbeams; and here in the dress of moire, is the lady of the castle on her balcony gazing at the beautiful starry night and the beautiful slumbering lake. Each wave is a water sprite swimming in the current, Each current is a path winding toward my palace, And my palace is of fluid construction, at the bottom of the lake, Within the triangle formed by fire, earth, and air. ?

Listen! Listen! My father is beating the croaking water with a branch of green alder, And my sisters are caressing the cool islands of grasses, water lilies and gladioli with their arms of foam, Or are laughing at the tottering, bearded willow that is angling.”


After murmuring her song, she besought me to accept her ring on my finger, to be the husband of an Undine, and to visit her palace with her, to be king of the lakes. And when I replied that I was in love with a mortal woman, she was sulky and vexed; She wept a few tears, burst out laughing, and vanished in showers that formed white trickles down my blue windowpanes.

– – –