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SO LIKE I DIED FOR 1 MONTH. playing games… preparing for cons… flying to places and shit. well half of it was playing games. but I guess I’m back~ School starts in about 2 weeks, (frosh week starts in 1 but I’m not a frosh) no more summer… 4 months went by so fast and uh, differently than planned. I planned so many things that I would do for myself and projects that I would accomplish, which I did none. Instead, I took up a game and had a good time. The cons that I’ve went to earned me some $$$ and experience and friends; I got to see things and travel for free and meet so many people that would otherwise be called CYBERFRIENDS WHO ARE NOT REALLY REAL LIKE REAL FRIENDS

It also kinda changed my idea of what I want to do in the future… I’ve been convinced (or half convinced) to follow a job and a hobby and they do not cross, as that is the most healthy thing to do, but from time to time, whenever I get an opportunity like this to feel like I have the power, to feel like I should change my mind; but no >(

ok onto the cons~!@$^


Otakon is DONE. It was pretty awesome. I shared a table with Mayshing, and Chris shared with Nicole not far away. My sales were pretty bad compared to AN because the artist alley was HUGE and everyone in it were pros, but I still did profit quite a bit so I am fine with that. I got to meet a bunch of awesome people, though i met most of them on my way out of the Alley when the con was closing rofl )= cus I didn’t have many chances to get away from the table; my partner was so busy doing portraits that she got a line/crowd going LOLOL. I get to leech business from her.

The few times that I went out, I saw soooo many DA artists, like hiku, Budgie, Ruina, Ramy, Korilin, Toby, a bunch of people that I didn’t know the names of. Since the convention and the alley are both huge, it’s not surprising that people come from everywhere. I was so happy that a lot of people who knew me from DA came and said hi. It was also funny to hear ppl going like “hey I saw this on 4chan/photobucket/dunnowhere” LOL. (speaking of 4chan, there was a 4chan panel…) Some really nice person came and bought ALL my stuff… I agreed to go visit her table the next day but she wasn’t there anymore =( and it was super special awesome to have someone GIVE me fanart at the con ;;;; near the end I finally found toby and subsequently a few other people that I didn’t know before. We did some print trades and talked for a little before I had to run )= driving for 9 hours isn’t something we could delay LOL;

I didn’t take many pictures this time cus most of the time I was behind my table or watching for chris, but here are the few…

Meaningless post

Woot didn’t get anything done in June! this is terrible LOL. There’s still 10 more days… time to procrastinate and not call it a wasted month. I did update the manga on time and practice a lot of piano… At least I can play Scarbo from beginning to end now. *tries to make self feel better* I tried so hard last year to convince my teacher to not make me play it because of monstrosity, both in technical difficulty and in strangeness. But now that I have nothing else to practice, I had to play it. Just like Prokofiev’s 3rd sonata, I had such a bad time learning it because it’s so terribly weird (to play in front of non-music majors), but I was able to learn to enjoy both afterwards.

I have 3 more pictures to get through before I can finally call myself free and work on something for my own enjoyment ;_; (it’s my 2007 resolution.) So I will have a more meaningful post soon LOL (hopefully)

New tower!

I made a new comp this past weekend! :D Though my last one wasn’t too bad, I didn’t treat it too well and it heats up really fast. Everything takes a 10-second thinking time before executing, and Photoshop even started doing the built-in-coffee-refill-time trick after a while. There’s also a lot of shit piled up/left over from previous installs/abuse and whatnot as well, so I decided that I should get a new one (with my AN money HORHORHOROR)

It hurt my wallet though; I spent around $600 on these new parts )=:

    – Asus P5something motherboard
    – Intel Core 2 duo 6xxx 2.13 Ghz
    – 2G DDR2 RAM
    – new case
    – Seagate 250gb hd
    – evga GeForce something7600 with 512mb memory

I kept my yellowing CD-rom (not even rewritable LOL;; it so ruins the appearance of my new case), display, mouse/keyboard and stuff. It’s so awesome now; maybe it’s cus there are 4 fans (and a vent hole on the case?? LOL) to keep everything cool. Programs don’t choke anymore (so far) and I actually have space to download stuff O: I wish I have the time to try playing some games on it.


Anime North 07!

And thus concludes my first Artist Alley experience. It was awesome! I got to sell some stuff, meet cool people, buy awesome shit, and take a lot of pics of cosplays! I was so happy to see so many people I knew from DA and/or various sites, including those who don’t even live in Toronto.

I saw Alex who shared the table with me, Boram, Niku, DigiAvalon, Nikufei, Studio Qube, Holly, Udon Crew (omg), and many more that I don’t recall the DAs of. Boram and Niku were sooooo cool and sweet and I was so happy to meet them. Niku has the best haircut in the world, I wish I was awesome enough to look cool in stuff like that )=. The Udon guys just made me thought WHY ARE THE UDONS HERE LOL THEY SHOULD BE SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS AND BE IN THE DEALERS’ ROOM.

I was also so happy that people who knew me came to say hi and some of them signed the guestbook too (that I couldn’t have out 80% of the time cus of the lack of space). Some people came up to ask for autographs on their program books LOL ”’orz and I kind of signed differently on some of them cus my hands slipped.

I’ve never paid attention to artist alley setup last year so i didn’t know we could hang up stuff. The first day made me realize how small the tables really are. I saw ppl put up poles and stuff to hang their pieces and all I have is what I have on the table. I don’t have table clamps either so I didn’t know what to do. On saturday, my mom gave me these bamboo sticks that she just happens to have (she has so much crap LOL) and Chris, Jenny and another friend of mine helped me create my ghetto setup: taping the sticks to the table, keeping them in place with bricks that Chris took from outside, connecting them with a piece of yarn and hanging my art with clothing clips LOLOL.

It kept threatening to fall over but it didn’t. I should’ve like cut out shapes of panties and shirts and hung them along with my prints. Next year I’ll know!

I didn’t buy much stuff cus I didn’t take much money with me whenever my shift is done, and things are sexpensive ]= I DID BUY A PANDA(mouse) HAT AND A DEVIRUCHI HAT THO O: (this is like RO shopping) the devi hat is so comfy and I wanna wear it outside even when I go to school and stuff LOL. except i’ll get laughed at like a stupid loser rofl

My Basilica pic did really well and I sold like 50 copies of it; I was so glad that they accidentally gave me like 40 extra copies of the print at the print store LOL. (and not extra copies of the unpopular pieces) The generic pretty girls lil prints sold a lot too; the ones that sold the least sold about 15-20 copies each as well so I am really really happy. The bookmarks went nuts and I am also happy that I accidentally printed too many copies of them, because I would’ve ran out. They beat the pieces that I spend a lot of time on! Popular series ftw ”’orz Strangely, the recent bloody pic of Blackbird and Veloce were one of the better selling ones, though it creeped some parents out LOL. quote: “mom look at that!” “oh my god she’s BLEEEEEDING!” The Auction pieces also all got sold, and Basilica’s bids went up to $63. I was like bowing to the people who bought them and came to ask for signatures on them ;___; I was thinking I’d take them to Otakon to display if they don’t go too. Mentally, I was in tears.

Albeit exhausting, it was a fun 3 days. I was actually hyper and super awake during my shifts despite only getting a few hours of sleep each night. My legs are yelling at me cus I usually like walk less than 50 meters everyday around my house. Mayshing, Chris/Insoo, Starry and I just confirmed our tables at Otakon recently. With such a fun experience behind, I really look forward to going to Otakon! =D