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Man I am such a loser making a huge deal out of this. *goes back to making lil price tags*

photospam O:

Anime North is approaching and since my dad found out, he decided to take the liberty of trying to find a place for cheaper printing. He did find one that’s really cheap, so I decided to go check it out today and went with the most problematic picture I have for printing: Basilica (because of its washed out colours and soft gradients, slightly incompetent printers seem to skrew the job up easily in my previous experiences =\.) It’s half the price of Staples and it doesn’t have rip fees, but when I saw the test print (I paid for it) I realized why it’s so cheap. it’s like the worst print I’ve seen of it ever lolol.

Here is the other test print I made at Staples. They’re some pretty awesome people =D (for a price)

But even then, it doesn’t really match the quality of the DA print of another piece of mine that I bought way earlier. DA may be pricy, but they’re quality. now if only their shipping isn’t like, $10239875…

On a completely different note: it rained for the first time in a while today, albeit short. It was 10 minutes of serein though, and I saw TWO arcs of rainbow!! but the second one is really faint )=. The landscape outside my window isn’t that great, so the photos I took aren’t very attractive, but this is the first time I’ve seen a complete arc of rainbow so it’s a big deal…! /o/

You can see the realllllly faint second arc on this:

I tried to get the whole arc, but my window is kinda small and I can’t back off )= and it’s raining outside so I can’t get out either.

To conclude, here are some more random compositionally unthoughtful photos that I took of things that I thought were pretty.


first week of summer

It’s terrible, I’ve been sleeping at 3am and getting up at 1pm everyday. I got 6 pages of manga done, updated layouts for both sites, and practiced a little. I have to work on my convention stuff soon and get my application for Elora sent out and get in touch with my piano teacher and change back my stupid sleeping habit and stuff. Little chores everywhere, but I must say i prefer this over school. Just like Christmas, only 1 week of vacation has threw me completely off the tangent of pursuing music, nooooooooooooooo

But here are 2 (.5?) out of 10 bookmark things I’m drawing! no not all 10 are KH2 lol.

And I forgot my camera’s cable in London, but I was able to access it via my printer, so here are some antiques I found in the memory card.

Completely off-topic; yesterday when I drove out, I saw 2 cops pointing speed guns at my direction. Lucky I just took a turn and didn’t drive too fast. When I drove back, I saw some poor young dude getting caught and pulled over. I was so bad to laugh at him but I couldn’t resist, the look on his face when he passed by was hilarious.

I am so 12

I feel like such a kid; I like and get excited over little childish things.

Our faculty stormed to Toronto yesterday and did a gala concert at the George Weston Recital Hall, all 200 of us (160 choir members from 2 choirs and like 50 orchestra players? I seriously think 160 is too much for the choir, but if only the good choir gets to go then that means our choir won’t be able to sing cus we kind of suck, so I have no comlaint). It was fun as hell and I wish they did it every year. It’s like a giant field trip with a chance to showoff.

I wish I played some instrument so I can be in the orchestra instead though; nothing cooler than playing in an ensemble. poor deprived me!

We had 4 hours between our rehearsal and performance; 7 of us loitered around the street and 2 restaurants to kill time. (cus I was being an ass and refused to go walk in the mall; but come on! 7 people with different interest in the blandest mall in the universe? not interested) I think for once I wasn’t being absolutely boring/silent/awkward. Improvement improvement.

And my super special awesome friend lent me his DS and I played Children of Mana (and FAILED SO HARD, I got laughed at when I died. I think I got better though, after like 15 quests) and now I’m addicted. The last time I played a console game was pokemon on gameboy color. The graphics are so cool in CoM; I love their chara designs and art style. Luckily the power ran out or I would’ve been leveling/earning money right now.

[edit] photos! I’m not a prolific photo-taker at all; it makes me feel like my camera is going to waste. of my whole trip, I took these two pics =[ our orchestra before rehearsal…

On an unrelated note, I finished the first new image for the artbook! I think I will keep it for a while, until I have all the images ready, then I’ll post a slew of incentive images one by one on DA for promotion purposes or something. Because if I post now I think people will forget.

some pics

Cus I don’t have any time to draw :( Some are taken by my mom.

Here’s some pretty sky lalala

After living with a malfunctional and microscopically small desk for such a long time, I’ve finally gotten meself a work station! It’s so awesome, I can live in that chair forever.

Some frozen weather we had for a while. Everything looked like that.

On the wall of one of our library’s cubicles

My cats perform