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I haven’t been back home for a whole month; my parents missed me I think, so for all three 4 meals I’ve eaten at home, they made superb Chinese cuisine with seafood, my favourite soups and chicken! It was heavenly. But I guess I only get that if I go back once in a while x) I forgot about the past few weeks of hell in 2 days. I love home.

I bought a print from myself from DA! It is smaller than I thought it is but still huge to me. This is the first print-print of my stuff I’ve ever seen. The quality is so nice and the paper’s photopaper. I was happy for the price except when my friend told me that I could ask her to help me print prints for super cheap in her school BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THAT.

Last day of Doom Week

Last week was HELL. Not only the monday of doom which I wrote about here. I didn’t have time to eat well or sleep well on the following days, and had to go all over town for unfinished business. I was so stressed out at the end of Thursday night when I came back home, I was on the brink of crying, ended up sleeping early after ranting to my parents (who are unlikely targets of rant but I felt it was serious enough), had a long 12-hour sleep full of bad dreams and woke up crying too. I believe I read some horoscopes saying that March would be a bad month for me. Superstitious or not, it is true in a way.

But it will be over! Today saw the rise of my luck. The first half of the day was shitty; my roommate and me were running around getting our lease signed for next year’s apartment rental, but we had money order troubles because her bank account limit exceeded, while I FORGOT MY PIN TO MY ACCOUNT. We ran like mad dogs and my 2 years of no exercising was getting to me, but luckily I remembered my password after 2 hours of trying the wrong amount of digits. (people must have thought we were hackers or something, as I was trying out passwords at the ATM machine for quite a while…) The concert we had to sing later tonight was not the most spectacular, but it was still fun. The cathedral we got to sing it was huge, complex and painted with textures and beautiful stained-glass. The acoustics were heavenly and the organ, omg the ORGAN. I have to play on one some day; they give me shivers. But after the concert my feet died because I had to wear heels…

Then I went to the restaurant for late night dinner with some friends, and went to a dessert place afterwards. It was my first time going to places like those, and although the wait is longer than Chinese restaurants and it’s more expensive, the food, service and environment were also better. Too bad I didn’t bring my digital camera, or else I would have taken pictures of my food and the place. It was fun hanging out there; my friend got approached by a random drunkard at the bar grille though; she had to offer him fries to get him to go away. A bit creepy, but funny for the watcher like me!

But I still have to do an essay for Monday, prepare some interviews and auditions and accompaniments and tests and more essays… but it will be ok. It better be ok; I’m sick of this horrific week and I’m dying for light to shine on the new week.

bad karma

Very… very bad karma today… or one could say that all of my procrastination is getting back on me at once.

I set my alarm clock last night… but forgot to turn it on. Fortunately there was a thunderstorm and apparently loudly cracking thunder. Unfortunately that didn’t wake me up, so I missed a class. And of all other times I could have misses that class, there was a small marked presentation today that I missed that I cannot make up.

Then this afternoon, I tried to listen to the mp3s that my teacher sent me 2 weeks ago because I have a lesson tonight. I came to realize that the files are protected and I could not listen to them. What’s worse is that I could have emailed him 2 weeks ago saying I cannot open them, but now he’d know I didn’t try to open them until today.

Later I was hole-punching and taping lots and lots of photocopied sheet music. I ran out of tape first. Then I holepunched like 20 sheets on the wrong side. TWICE. Once, as I attempted to holepunch the right side, it misplaced and punched halfmoon holes on the edge of the paper so that stack could never be holepunched ever again.

After my last class, as I overheard conversations I suddenly realized that I have an assignment that’s due tomorrow that I have completely forgotten about. Also my history essay is due next monday, about 3 weeks earlier than when I thought it should be due.

Shilin is not happy ;_;

Photo flood!

my lovely backyard view… of other houses :D;

someone said it looks like a barn xD outlook on houses similar to mine behind my house!

my cat… getting tanned near our giant french window.

my other cat doing the same. I like the other one more though; she responds to me more :) sorry big girl!

Random pic.

Random pic that I took after being woken up by nothing at like 7 in the morning… went over to the window, took it, and went back to zzz. Took me a few tries cus I was half asleep and my hands couldn’t stay still.