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I’m down to 15 more pages to ink!! except I need to rewrite the next scene completely lol…… I CAN’T WAIT TO FINALLY BE DONE WITH THIS. Having a proper pace is so damaging sometimes cus I’m sure I can come up with a much better story flow if I didn’t have to write a part of the story that I have absolutely no inspiration for. I am all for hard work and overcoming obstacles, but this is the one place where I know I will regret it in the future, because this story is so precious to me and I want for every part of it to be natural and effortless, not calculated and contrived ]:

no spoilers means boring snapshots ;;





Going to cons is pretty bad for my work momentum, which I’ve pretty much completely lost since returning from NYCC and recovering from September. I don’t know if it’s because the pages are tricky to draw (lots of crowd scenes and unfamiliar perspectives) or I just lost my grip of my pencil but so far I’ve been painfully crawling at about a page a day, versus like 3 a day in August LOL… I should reschedule my releases so that page grinding starts after October or when all my cons are over, instead of starting when all my cons happen right now. The only positive thing that’s coming out of this is I get to stop from time to time to look back, and see if I still like where the story is going, before moving on to do permanent damage I guess…

The last few months have been stressful, sometimes physically and sometimes mentally. On top of some family emergencies, there was a convergence of a ton of other events. I’m not used to having to take great care with people, but my situation this year has forced me to, and enough time has passed since my initial crisis for some things to build up and burst while other things require action and change. I handled some of those things poorly and though in the end they could be considered solved for the time being, I can feel what remains of the stress in my need for distraction and lack of focus to create.

It’s fortunate that I don’t need to be writing important parts of my story right now and I could just spend all day churning out planned pages while listening to documentaries and think of nothing. But ever since I’ve finished scripting book 4 in the beginning of this year, I haven’t done any story writing or world building. In the past, I think about–aka daydream–CP whenever I feel like throughout the day, an act of introversion that I enjoy that fulfills my mental needs. The world slowly builds itself and I would have bursts of progress in the form of writing these things down over the year, every few weeks or every few months. I liked that CP grew like that, but I haven’t done anything like that this year because my mind is often with my significant other now. This is probably the best proof that I was pretty much married to my art and my work. It’s not a loss or a bad thing really, it’s just a shift in my life that is a little alarming at first–right now–because I don’t know what this will do to my story yet. Maybe it would become a better story because I have to methodically and efficiently write the story from now on, who knows!

lastly an exit sketch of me carrying the corpses of my blog followers into the horizon
memento mori

Anime north prep stuff :D

Anime North is next weekend! Prep was tight this year because I had so much shit to do and I decided to not give myself a break about having only a few new prints ;_; I did manage to finish everything I wanted to finish with some time to spare YAY

My friends and I got placed at some remote corner of the artist alley HAHA I hope the traffic coming out of dealers might notice us… I’m sitting next to Noa and Chris this year, and unfortunately Juby is way in the mysterious great outback that is the pro plaza LOL ;_; please give us lots of love and keep juby company!

Here’s a preview of the last picture I finished!


and some pictures out my window because I can c:



I suck at keeping drawings secret, so I suppose the halfway compromise for myself is to post ridiculously small previews. I’ve been working on illustrations for the ~next artbook~ that I have no idea how I’m going to put together. At the rate I’m going, it’s just going to be 90% blackbird/veloce :I but I just can’t be assed to fix that ratio because I don’t feel like drawing anyone else LOL FUCK EVERYONE ELSE Q___Q so I’ll just find some common ground theme/whatever when I have nearly enough art to make a new book.



In other news, Carciphona 3 is available for preorder now!! I’ve prepared a bunch of other stuff for holiday purposes too, please go take a look or share this news with your friends ^^ I put in more effort than usual to come up with fun and exciting stuff for this preorder with the extra pages vote challenge, and I’m honestly very surprised that CP went up to #18 so far on TWC already. I expected a spike in votes and a quick decline because I figured people would generally forget to come back to keep voting. It’s been years and years since I’ve been above #20 on TWC, and that was because back then there weren’t NEARLY as many webcomics out there, good and bad. It kind of made me regret not keeping up with CP during my college days, but I know if I did, the story would’ve been fucking terrible right now because I would not have had as much time to develop it before drawing it out. I CAN’T HAVE EVERYTHING I GUESS…. I hope a better story was more worth my time than keeping my fanbase alive over the years.

In any case, check this DA journal for full details!

more things i want to do

So one summer during my teenage years, I decided I wanted to learn the violin and asked my parents to buy one for me. But that didn’t work out so well because I gave up practicing since my self control back then was not nearly as amazing as it is right now, and violin is one of those things that will remind you just how terrible you are every time you touch it unless you devote your life and prove yourself (or also unless, you know, you’re tone deaf by grace of god). It’s still sitting somewhere in my closet and it’s still one of those things I want to learn if one day I suddenly run out of things to do. I also tried the other 3 string instruments in my short one semester stay in strings in high school, personally I really liked them because it took so much force to physically conquer them, because of how small I was and how small my hands were and still are. I liked their sound more than the violin really, since I always liked the powerful feeling of setting the roots of harmony, but they’re not nearly as easy to get my hands on so I don’t think I’ll ever get to play with them again ): that and they’re probably not much fun to play without an accompanist and I’d spend all my time complaining about most instead of playing most likely!

Anyway ground your stance and have some fun (:

and preview for a guest piece for a friend’s artbook!

get stuff done

Not sure if I posted this before, but a preview of some card game commission I did a while ago -u- I wish I could post the pieces because I was surprisingly satisfied with them considering I hate doing commissions. I rarely have any success doing generic looking pieces but I think I really like the results this time. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a japanese company and therefore they were more rational or something, but they pretty much asked me to draw what I do best aka maleloce and I was just wondering why can’t all commissions be nice like this? you’d think it’s logical that you find an artist and ask them for their specialty based on what you see in their gallery so you get QUALITY PRODUCT, without having to pay for excessive amount of pain and suffering on the artist’s part. Learning and trying out new things should be done by the artist on their free time, right? Not when you’re paying for it and depend on the end result to be amazing, BUT I DIGRESS……

So back in 4th year in piano literature class, we had 4 playlists of the 4 main periods of music, and I’ve been listening to the first list from early baroque to the middle of the classical period I don’t even remember what the cut off was at. I discovered that rhythmic Baroque music is really good for getting stuff done? It has a little drive to it, while the voices and motifs keeps me thinking without baffling my mind like their super expansive late romantic counterparts. I’d really like to relearn some fugues especially these days cus they’re so satisfying to play, but they’re a pain in the ass to learn compared to just technical splendor HAHA. The list of things I’d like to do after I’m done with volume 3 just keeps getting longer and longer Q___Q

Anyway here is part of a toccata by bach that I’ve been listening to for a while to work! the paintings are fucking bizarre I must say

I just finished toning the 50 pages I inked, so only 50 pages more to go! Then a cover and possibly a bonus story, depending on how my page count is looking because I’d cry if volume 3 turns out to be like 1mm too thick for the lettermail height limit LOL;;;;;;;;;;