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Ashen Ray IV + songs

NOT coming soon =[ even though I am done revamping most of the pages. I’ll update it when I finish the layout for my manga site as well. As you can see, this is just a pimped up version of the current layout (and the first lalaland layout if anyone remembers… I was fond of the idea) and not much have changed. I made it compatible with 800×600 browsers as well and got rid of most of the fancypants fading transitions. This site version is (quasi) Antique-proof!

And I just got a hold of some recordings of my class recitals. They’re brutal to listen to because a lot of the things in there don’t sound like what I want it to sound like at all, and I never thought it’d sound like that. Anyway, here is Debussy’s Estampes:

    Soiree dans Grenades
    Jardin dans la pluie