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I was just drawing a bunch of wings accented by a saturated colour, but of course I had to steer it towards the vague likeness of my existing characters… because in my head I was like oh my god I can’t have a non cp section of my next artbook with only like 2 pictures in it :I


random scrap between work! knowing that I can afford the time to draw whatever I want to draw right now puts me in a rather productive mood c: I really need to move my desk so that the sun is not glaring in my face because I can’t really see anything on the top half of this picture derp


trying out colourizing from a grayscale sketch again, I failed all my previous attempts and even this time it feels weird ;-; but I guess at least all the values are correct maybe?? I WILL SAVE THIS METHOD FOR IMPORTANT DRAWINGS WHERE PEOPLE WILL SEE MY VALUE PROBLEMS.


I drew her jacket wrong but w/e it’s a experiment/guilt sketch wehhh. I hope I have time to draw more but I don’t think I’ll have time ): I’ve only done 6 pages for book 4 so far because the first 7 are all in colour q______q here are some crops from those pages. Need to do at least 10 more in the next 2 weeks to post next month, which is easy except I have other stuff to work on oops



Lastly I’VE BEEN TRYING TO GROW MY OWN GREEN ONIONS. The first day I excitedly planted them in water and put them in front of the window, and then they got fried the SECOND DAY LOL. Good thing they’re resilient and easy to grow and came back to life……… I didn’t know I would fail that bad and I was so depressed |: but I did my first cutting today after a week and they taste good! I’m conflicted because I prefer the white parts more than the leaves, or at least have it be a mix of both, but I can’t eat the white part if I want to grow it WHAT DO


Ending with epic snow plowing from that crazy storm a few weeks ago


Some fairy I drew while I was in new york before christmas. Fairies will be my excuse to draw doll faced characters in CP! I haven’t drawn on paper for so long and I just found this and remembered that I sketch so much more comfortably on paper; there are a lot of sketches on computer that I feel really awkward about and no matter how much I draw on the computer, from time to time I would think like wow, I’m getting worse at drawing. Somehow I just can’t move my hand about the same way as I would if I were sketching on paper. It’s some mental thing, not even tool related cus the cintiq doesn’t make it much better, I’m not sure what’s wrong with my brain :I

more characters

I changed her a bit from the first sketch of her I did a long while ago. I wish I could draw her many more times before settling with the design BUT SHE APPEARS ON LIKE THE FIRST PAGE good game ;-;

attempt #2 for nameless guy (who I might name something like ashkaziel? idk), times like this makes me wish I am capable of drawing more than just one body type ever Q__Q. I made his shoulder broader and his clothes less constricting/small, but I will probably have to draw him over so many more times before I can slowly edge towards something that suits him

or I can just like you know get lazy and/or run out of time and use this design wahahaha