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A sketch of a sudden idea I had. It solved quite a bit of my worldly problems :) no they are not the same people xD you’ll know at least two of them if you had been voting at my manga site.

Back to really academically busy days… which resulted in nothing but more procrastination and more attempts of drawing. I kind of like to stay in residence better than at home at one point.

Except our heat is hot as hell and I can’t sleep at night T_T


Lineart for Jenny to colour since she requested me to. This is her character, Raindrops, looking out of character, out of age-range, out of style and like a doll xD She wouldn’t let me colour the pic so I coloured the lineart instead.

I slept at 5 am in the morning for 3 days in a row to procrastinate on papers that’s due yesterday… now I am trying to resolve all my stress by slacking and watching anime *swt*.

Yesterday I slept from 7-8:30 am = = I felt like shit the whole night and really irritable. I came back and slept from 4-11, missed 2 meals and then slept from 4am-2pm straight and missed another 2 meals. Now my biological thingies are all skrewed up and I don’t have a sense of time anymore. and my head feels numb…

And I found out about 124740 more things that I have to do before/for exams. So I decided to draw and watch some anime instead. I watched ff7 last order OVA… didn’t really get it, but it was almost the same as the movie even tho this one is anime: confusing but has good fights! Sephiroth looked better in the movie; in here he just looks like he’s mental, in the movie he looked sane and evil. And Cloud is angsty as always :)

Incandescent Night

Incandescent Night
When your night grows so dark from consuming its own light; when your eyes will no longer see or want to see; the demons will come and light your way, the grim glows will be brighter than day.

You will walk down the incandescent night and praise,

"Savior of the lost, May your light always guide us, wherever we