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My scholar is now my fastest-leveling character ever, turning scholar in just 3 months. She was originally just an endow slave so that I could 99 my sin, but now… she’s scholar and she hasn’t endowed a single time. I didn’t even want a scholar in the first place, but here she is D: Thanks to Alex for the awesome 4-hour job 50 (and sage slave too). I still haven’t had a hard time transing a character yet… I should really learn to play my charas instead of bringing them up in the most efficient manner

And let’s end with Zelda theme on tesla coils.

men in washroom

summar end

Another summer is almost over. As usual, most of the things I planned to get done this summer didn’t get done, but I’ve had a good time doing what I want to do. I did get SOME work done… and played a lot of RO, and despite having some disputes with my parents early on, our relationship hasn’t hit rock bottom yet in this month of August, unlike last year I believe. I lost weight instead of gaining like I wanted to, but I dunno, I tried my best to eat. Conventions were pretty fun, especially AX, where I got to finally meet all the people I’ve known for years. Juxtaposed with the school year before it, I am pretty satisfied by how this summer went.

This upcoming year will be my last year, and in truth, I don’t really know what 4 years of music education did for me. I certainly did not get turned into an enthusiast, but the things I’ve encountered were also pretty interesting. I benefit more from the time I’ve spent in that new environment, among people I would never normally try to associate myself with, indulging in things I wouldn’t do on my own, than actual knowledge. Maybe the knowledge I’ve gained is now sitting passively in my brain and I don’t realize how much I’ve learned, I don’t know. I don’t want to pursue any graduate education because I just feel irresponsible being there and not 100% interested, and I don’t really feel like following through on my plan to become a piano teacher just for the salary. I want to try my hand in art and see if I could get anywhere with it, but it’s not the responsible thing to do. My mother has medical reasons for her to stop working and just stay home, but she works anyway, while I idly can’t decide which of my hobbies I want to continue and whine about freedom. So I probably will get a job at a music store teaching part time, and work on some art the rest of the time.

I also want to move out after I graduate. My house is comfortable, my parents are great, and I don’t have to feed myself, but sometimes my parents’ worries just irritate me. I understand that it is out of love and most of what they say is valid, it’s just that they can’t understand that the choice is mine, and they really can’t understand why I’d choose the worse option–in their opinion–out of the two, and they think that it is their responsibility to sober me up. Renting an apartment would just be a waste of money because the money is flowing into someone else’s pocket. I’ve considered paying my parents rent in exchange for them to treat me differently, at least this way, the money stays in the family. But my mom said she cannot do that because she’s my mother, she can’t treat me not as a daughter all of a sudden.

At the end of contemplating this (like any other time I’ve thought about these things), I see how vain all my problems are. They’re such plain and simple problems, yet I’m brooding over them as if they’re serious. My life has been too easy, that’s why. not that I don’t enjoy having it easy…

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zomg AN 08

Anime North ended 2 days ago and I’ve been sooooo tiiiired (I still am), so I didn’t write anything till now but I did spend hours playing ro and chatting. Not a lot happened this year because I was guarding the table with Jenny most of the time, so neither of us went around the con. A lot of epic stories still took place, unfortunately most of them involves badmouthing people LOL;; so I could only relay them to friends

It was so cool that I met some of the artists I met last year again, and I also met a few high school friends that I was never really close with. On that note, leaving high school kind of got me closer to a lot of high school classmates that I didn’t interact with, which is odd but cool. Janice came and gave with an Iriel picture in it (you should STOP giving me things every con rofl) and I got to meet Raven although I was being a total loser once again and made it really awkward :’D just like I did to kip and yuzu at otakon LOL

There were… a lot more crossplaying this year ;; all the pretty boys are cosplayed by girls, but that’s nothing new; I saw MANY sailormans and manlolis LOL is it the new hip thing to do? a lot of the lolita dresses were pretty good, too, it was kind of scary to point at most of the big lolis and go “is that a guy?” I would’ve taken more pictures of them if I didn’t think it was rude LOL;; because they’d be taken for the lulz


Al ownage

Companion cube ownage (it was apparently auctioned off in the end, profits donated to charity or something)

Pretty girls in pretty dresses :D

Guren Lagan (spelling?)


one of the many manlolis

oh nelll<3

It’s this pirate girl again!! (different cosplay than last year) WHO IS SHE AND WHERE IS SHE FROM DAMN IT LOL


stalker from last year’s RO group :D

a CREATIVE TOA cosplay hahahaha.. poor guy had to take off the headpiece to breathe in the middle of all the photos )=


I was going to put up a poster for signing, but it ended up not printing on time, and I only got it later Saturday afternoon, so there’s not a lot on it… it’s still awesome for memory though lol. someone drew a pen0r on it and wrote BUTTSEX (he was one of the first ones who signed it, if not THE first hahahahaha) but I crossed it out because my parents would freak lolol. Click to see the full version and read what people wrote.

My favourite quotes:
“Anime North Rocks!” “so does yaoi….”
“please marry me!” “please bear my children<3”
“remember, the more you cry, the less you pee”

And yes, those are my toes lawl


Yes, this is what I truly look like:


One day I warped into pront from kafra warp, and immediately got ninja-reinvited to azure breeze by GEES I DON’T KNOW WHO COUGH COUGH

I am now a certified Anubis farmer:

and MY TYPHOON YAYYYYYY! got most of the last medals in a few days on a winning streak. now to blow 10mil on a marc… and I don’t even siege lol



Hamster vs Door