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Serochrim got back up on his feet from the dusty ground and walked towards the Cardinal that stood before him, surrounded by an etherial flow of crimson. Without consideration, the priest hauled the Cardinal’s unsoiled blouse with his dirt-stained hand. Glaring fiercly into his amber eyes, Serochrim spoke word by word.

“Stop hurting Veloce Visrin.”

Vocruen paused briefly, and went on with a grim smile. “Funny,” he said with ease, “because I should be the one saying that to you;” his smile faded as he narrowed his eyes, gazing back now with a dangerously still rage, “What have you all done to her that made her crawl across half a city with such a frail body, in tears and desperation, without any of her senses and an insane state of mind, retaining absolutely no hope in any living creatures except for me?”

Colour choice.

This picture is pissing me off. Most likely because it’s my hormonal time of the month, which suspiciously lead to my short-lived frustration in my art for a few consecutive months already. I am not happy with my shading/folds anymore, and moreover, because I decided to change the colour of her clothes to something that does NOT work with blue at all for plot’s sake, I am now killing myself colouring this strangely hued picture. The brownish shades are always so much more pleasant, but I just stupidly decided to challenge myself to draw a few colourized pictures–more specifically, pictures colourized with colours that are insane for me to imagine and work out without using hued layers in photoshop. I’m just hoping that this will turn out helpful to my skill end the end -_-;

Redux exerpt

She looks like a guy, yea?!?!? :[ I toned another 4 pages from the volume 1 redo. I have 4 more pages outlined when I was in China ready to be toned, then I gotta go outline more! I hate outlining because it takes forever cus I can’t draw;; maybe I should be someone’s colourist instead of making my own drawings. Have I said that already? I forget. But now that I am toning them, the pages I have ready from China looked so bad LOL. Oh well, I need volume 1 to somehow look less good than volume 2 anyways… or people will think I’m deproving TEEHEE. The redo is sooo flowery right now. I put so many flowers and shoujo bubbles and white dot splashes and what not in the background. I hope that wouldn’t creep certain groups of people out. I’ve been influenced by the wrong type of manga while drawing them…

I really really want deleter tones. I’ve tried to look online and some previews. They’re all so tempting; they have lots of tones that I’d LOVE to be able to use. However there are also some tones that I see being used on certain mangas that are not in the deleter ref sheets. What could they be?

On a completely separate note; one of my cats (THEY STILL DON’T HAVE NAMES! we just call them both cat cat in chinese) is irritated by loud noise. We found out after noticing that she shudders and flicks her ear when personal aircrafts pass by near us when she goes outside. Aaaand when I play piano. She gets very annoyed and uncomfortable. Poor kitty.

Blackbird WIP fragment


If you’ve voted for my manga you would’ve already seen a bigger (though not finished) version of this. This picture was pissing me off so much; I couldn’t draw her face right for the n-thousandth time I try. The lineart took a ridiculous amount of time (not due to the chain), almost just as long as it took me to colour this picture. The person was tilted too, so I had to rotate this image 40 degrees to shade it, and rotate it back in the end. It owned my computer :'( I had massive lag and virtual memory deficit (wtf?). The bloodstains (not the blood drops)were fun to draw though :D I’m actually happy with them.

I hope I am not drawing her like Yoruichi from Bleach though (who is the newest cooler anime chara on my list :D !), since I seem to be easily influenced by whatever I currently obssess over. I like how Kubo Tite draws Yoruichi’s expressions; They are just the expressions I want to draw for Blackbird. Except 1: I can’t seem to do it and 2: Blackbird will turn into a Yoruichi if I actually succeed. *cry*

Study stress-releaser sketch.

The paper’s too small, so I drew their lower body out of porportion, and now they look short :[ *goes back to studying*