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Unsophisticated rant.

So like, now I want to see if I can get a copy of Blackbird in print when I have enough pages that I am satisfied with. The ones I’ve been looking at is Lulu and CafePress. unfortunately the only size of printed books they offer that fits my pages is 6.625″ x 10.25″, which is kinda whack because it’s huge. The size I drew it on is 5.5×8.5, but I couldn’t find anywhere with that size (a little bigger/smaller is fine with me) available. which sucks ass.

Some people may suggest offering my story/manga to an actual publisher for publishing, but I don’t want to do that because:
1. I have no confidence in my work.
2. I don’t want someone else to own this.
3. I don’t want to make it publicly commercial.

My mom has a friend that makes books (yes she’s THAT cool), and she had been telling my mom that she would make me an artbook if I want. So I guess if I want personal copies of Blackbird, I can ask her for that as well. It’s just that I was gonna make it available for ppl who wants to buy copies of it also. Oh well. *continues looking for online services*

Something different

I’ve been watching Mai HiME with my freetime last week, so I didn’t draw anything. Maybe it’s because I watched so little anime, I thought the series was good, even without considering the graphics and music. The story telling was cool, it’s just that the story is a little destiny-oriented, so there everything was “planned” and a little boring. The fighting, especially near the end, was great. I’m a sucker for pretty mechas, like Kagutsuchi. It’s almost Escaflowne-y. It was kinda perverted :( made it seem like it needed that level of pervertism to attract audience even though it didn’t.

So after remembering that I like pretty monsters/mechas, I was kinda sad because I can’t draw either one. At least not mecha, I don’t have the feel of technology in me. So I guess I have to resort to drawing just creatures… and this thing came out… because I made the front paws bigger than the back paws, like gorillas, I was so confused when I flipped the image to see how it looks. I don’t have a name for it though :( Actually, I have, but it’s kind of silly. I like it though; at least it looks like something other than a dragon or a phoenix… or does it?

And school’s ending soon. I can’t believe–well I can, but the first year of university is over already. minus the exams. It’s the best year in my life yet; I loved living out here. I love the independence. So I guess I should be happy about what I achieved this year. Too bad I won’t be missing anyone when I move out because I didn’t make that many friends, very typical of me. O well, one less thing to worry about :)


I haven’t been back home for a whole month; my parents missed me I think, so for all three 4 meals I’ve eaten at home, they made superb Chinese cuisine with seafood, my favourite soups and chicken! It was heavenly. But I guess I only get that if I go back once in a while x) I forgot about the past few weeks of hell in 2 days. I love home.

I bought a print from myself from DA! It is smaller than I thought it is but still huge to me. This is the first print-print of my stuff I’ve ever seen. The quality is so nice and the paper’s photopaper. I was happy for the price except when my friend told me that I could ask her to help me print prints for super cheap in her school BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THAT.

Getting it in print

(a few too many) people have asked me whether or not I will publish Blackbird, and so confidently said that they will buy a copy if I do. All my responses have been no, because the quality at which I have done the entirety of volume one:

    1. varies too much in style.
    2. are saved in low resolution/quality formats.
    3. are done in weird, non-standard page sizes.

So even if I want to, I won’t be able to get it in print.

Not unless I redo most of it.

I did think about it for a bit, because being able to have my own creation in a book form (I really wanted an artbook before, but my art changes too much and I become unsatisfied with them very, very soon after) is just too tempting. After looking back at volume 1 for a little, I thought that I have to redo at least up to page 70 or so if I want to print it off without regretting. Luckily most of volume 1 is done in pencil, so for higher resolution files I just need to rescan (omg all 170 pages!!) and pencil-tone the last 10-20 pages that I digitally toned, just for consistancy. But the redoing part… that’s gonna take a couple of months of dedication, and as much as I want to do this for the cool factor, I personally despise redoing things, especially drawing and writing.

So eventually I thought I could get this done in the summer.

It was really funny how a number of inquiry e-mails/notes could get my hopes up so much. I always have crazy ideas, but I am always afraid to be ambitious, because it comes with a sharp fragrance of egocentrism. (whether or not that’s a word….) But I’ll never succeed if I never try…

so maybe it’s time for me to start making a fool of myself.