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I’ll succeed in making a proper-looking poster one day.
I guess i’ll stick with this title even though a lot of people thought it was unoriginal/cheezy. but so is Blackbird, so they match! I’m trying to paint by basecolour refinement instead of lineart->fill colour->shade in. a lot of people do it this way and it reduces a lot of lighting problems so I thought it’d be helpful to try to learn this…

The glowing white blobs are angels; the yellow crap is fire; the place is a church. The lil person is Eqin.


A sketch of a sudden idea I had. It solved quite a bit of my worldly problems :) no they are not the same people xD you’ll know at least two of them if you had been voting at my manga site.

Back to really academically busy days… which resulted in nothing but more procrastination and more attempts of drawing. I kind of like to stay in residence better than at home at one point.

Except our heat is hot as hell and I can’t sleep at night T_T