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Another dream

So I have a lot of dreams that I remember, especially between the time my alarm clock goes off and when I really get up, because I usually nap for a bit more. A lot of them are interesting to reflect on but I thought this one is interesting in terms of idea, and I want to make a short fairytalesque story out of it. I thought about it a lot throughout the day so I don’t remember which parts are originally from the dream and which parts are not anymore.

At the end of the world (geographically speaking), across a canyon, erects a grand palace in which many many gods dwelt in. These gods governed over small subject matters much like the muses from Greek Mythology. They live as human nobles would live, because they were once human themselves and, by luck, were chosen to succeed the throne of another god. Other than attending matters they’re responsible for, they enjoy the company of each other, or simply the space that they’re given to live in.

However these gods don’t remain where they are forever. Some transcend and gain rank, some are found treacherous and are vaporized. Some strangely get weaker and experience what is similar to mortal, natural death. For these reasons, the Court of the palace randomly selects souls from the dead who has passed on, and either appoint them to the gods or let the gods choose among them their “heir”. These souls are called “Reincarnations”, and they would follow the gods to learn the ways of the palace with no memory of their past. Eventually, they would take the throne of the transcended or vaporized god, or escort the dying god back to the living world where they would reincarnate as well. But some chosen Reincarnations are not happy with their destiny of having to escort a dying god back to the living side of the world after being chosen by the gods with such luck. Some of them tricked the dying gods, as it was just as simple to trick a senseless dying soul. Eventually, they would ascend their godly positions while the dying god dies alone and walks back to the world alone after aeons of luxury in the palace of the gods.

There is a quiet god of remorse who calls himself Winter. He is young and fair, but pale, expressionless with a vitality not fit for his age. All around him circles a chilly wind and bits of frost and snow. In the garden he lives in, year-round frost resides. It will be surprising to even hear a word out of his mouth once in a long while. With his nature, no one knew him well, and naturally, no one noticed that he was slowly dying until much later. The Court provided him with a Reincarnation as usual. Unlike other gods who either got to know their Reincarnations very well, befriended their Reincarnations, had major incompatibilities with their Reincarnations, Winter acted as if his Reincarnation did not exist at all. No one knew whether Winter is doing it on purpose or he has truly lost his senses in his process of disintegration.

Eventually, one day, Winter walked down the hall with his Reinncarnation following closely behind, expressionless. No one expected it as he walked down the hall the same time the next day without the boy as he proceeded to the court, placed a note in front of the ruler of the Court and left without a word. The note read that the boy was ill-willed and has already been taken care of. This was not unseen from the Court. But concerns have risen when multiple Reincarnations were sent to Winter one after another, and very chronically, the Reincarnations would disappear one day as Winter delivers the exact same note to the court with the same expression on his face. The Court did not know what to do except to keep providing him with Reincarnations because he was not wrong; they know that many Reincarnations who did not know the past would try to trick the fragile god of remorse.

The story is about a few young Reincarnations being sent to the transcending gods and the dying Winter, and their encounters with these gods. I want to make it a movie-length kinda thing, manga or fiction, because I keep on making my projects big huge draggy and long. It kind of reminds me of Spirited away or Howl’s Moving Castle though. Especially when I want to name it something like “Winter’s Garden”. Lol :(

And here is a scrap of Winter. Notice my inability to design clothes legibly. Just don’t mind the chicken scratch body :D;