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Manga excerpts

1. One of the doujins I got on my RO artbook that I translated. (beware! you have to play the game to get the jokes)
2. 4 pages from chapter 113 of bleach. yoruichi is the coolest char ever! I’ll read bleach just because of her. (warning: nudity)


I cg once more.


As far as I know, nobody know who did or didn’t win this year’s anime north mascot contest. They didn’t email anyone or post anything, and the convention’s next week. But I think roboto-kun won the contest. (cus the winner gets a free artist table; he said that he didn’t sign up on time for a table a while back and suddenly said that he got a table a couple of days ago) At least he actually deserved it cus his art rules. (last year’s winner did not) Meanwhile, I think I’ll go on saturday with Jenny :D

What if…

Microsoft redesigned the ipod box? linked by Naz:

IT’S SO FUNNY AND TRUE. Although either way looks awesome to me, probably because I am so used to microsoft’s awesome way of conservation and full utilization of space. to hell.