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hot technology

hot damn, when I age a couple more decades, I’d expect this to be common affordable technology in the household :) Even though development probably haven’t been swift enough. But this is gonna be so sexy if i can play mmorpgs on it; sexy controls and zooming. (it will, of course, have to be accompanied by an mmorpg of unparalleled graphics, game play and zero lag ;) ) Drawing too. and music synthesizing. Too bad it says to be licensed by apples. o well! microsoft will steal it anyway.

Getting it in print

(a few too many) people have asked me whether or not I will publish Blackbird, and so confidently said that they will buy a copy if I do. All my responses have been no, because the quality at which I have done the entirety of volume one:

    1. varies too much in style.
    2. are saved in low resolution/quality formats.
    3. are done in weird, non-standard page sizes.

So even if I want to, I won’t be able to get it in print.

Not unless I redo most of it.

I did think about it for a bit, because being able to have my own creation in a book form (I really wanted an artbook before, but my art changes too much and I become unsatisfied with them very, very soon after) is just too tempting. After looking back at volume 1 for a little, I thought that I have to redo at least up to page 70 or so if I want to print it off without regretting. Luckily most of volume 1 is done in pencil, so for higher resolution files I just need to rescan (omg all 170 pages!!) and pencil-tone the last 10-20 pages that I digitally toned, just for consistancy. But the redoing part… that’s gonna take a couple of months of dedication, and as much as I want to do this for the cool factor, I personally despise redoing things, especially drawing and writing.

So eventually I thought I could get this done in the summer.

It was really funny how a number of inquiry e-mails/notes could get my hopes up so much. I always have crazy ideas, but I am always afraid to be ambitious, because it comes with a sharp fragrance of egocentrism. (whether or not that’s a word….) But I’ll never succeed if I never try…

so maybe it’s time for me to start making a fool of myself.

Anime North Contest :o :O
If I can make it I think I’ll try out and hope to win. It will be enough of an excuse for me to go to Anime North. IF it doesn’t conflict with my 230958 midterms, juries and papers x(

the LOL videos.

Shown to me by Tommy and the two Jennies. They made my day :)

They are probably not the newest stuff on the net, but I dun watch these often and they made my day xD

New Blog!

Yay I got this template to work too! Aside from the guestbook, every other feature (forum, poll, blog) is self-hosted, so I don’t have to worry about free services disappearing. The guestbook just has too many entries in it for me to code and start my own. Besides, it looks great right now.

I got this blog code from WordPress… though unlike many other blogs, I chose a template that doesn’t have the calendar and links and category links. This basically killed all the features that a blog should have. O well, can’t fit those into my layout without making it look weird ): Maybe I’ll make an new portion of my site where I put my forum, blog, or maybe include an oekaki or whatnot.

Or I’ll leave it as is. I like this simple, messy, font-size driven text-oriented layout :D