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Ew photos

My lovely lovely lovely parents bought me a digital camera for Christmas *_* It’s a fuji finepix or something. Tiny and COOL. so much cooler than the older one that we had (which I am glad that we lost xD) They bought it for me in secret, and when they asked me wat I wanted to make sure, I said digital camera and didn’t think they’d take it seriously xD SO FINALLY, I CAN SHOWOFF MY BEAUTIFUL BABIES. Only a couple though; I didn’t have time to take a lot of pics today. Not all of them are great either.

My grand piano *¬* It’s 30 years old and it looks and sounds wonderful. iT’S NOT THE SAME AS AN UPRIGHT, NEVER! It’s my treasure even though I don’t take good care of it.

And the stairs of my house… I’d probably take a walking tour video for fun when we get a memory card for this cam. Right now it can only record 14 seconds of movie. I’d have to run like hell xD

*still excited about zee sexy slim camera*

Nerd Dream

SHLiN My karma ran over your dogma. says:
  OMG i had a nerd dream yesterday night =9
SHLiN My karma ran over your dogma. says:
evahlis says:
evahlis says:
  tell ^^
SHLiN My karma ran over your dogma. says:
  i was reading all these essays about interpretting music, whether or not the composer’s intention is important (liek they meant to suggest this and that when they wrote it) and how to analyze music and shit right
SHLiN My karma ran over your dogma. says:
  it killed liek 9482759 braincells first of all
SHLiN My karma ran over your dogma. says:
  then yesterday night i dreamt of analyzing a piece of art and its relation to music
SHLiN My karma ran over your dogma. says:
  it looked like two barcodes on top of each other on a piece of paper, and on those barcodes are patterns that forms a picture if the stripes are all together
SHLiN My karma ran over your dogma. says:
  so i was like the bars are next to each other adn they are like… bars and measures in music, lined in the same way, and it’s like music because each measure is itself something, but if you put it together as a whole it’s a different thing and a whole piece of art
SHLiN My karma ran over your dogma. says:
evahlis says:

Ragnarok Online 2 video

Saw some more videos on Google… I decided to search for RO videos. Saw a couple of WoE ones (SKILLFUL people xD) and found some promo videos on RO2 at here.
I really want to play it! ;_; the graphics looked really pretty, and I guess that’s all I look for in a game, since I can’t play very well. The characters all look like dolls xD The clothes are well designed in my taste, you get to pick hair style/colour and eye style/colour. That’s sooo anime, but anime’s good for me. They also have enhanced battle moves. It makes you look like you are in a serious fight with w/e you are fighting. (and they showed it off with a battle of player vs a spore… how effective).
But all that graphics is probably gonna take a shit load of memory and computer/internet power… so I hope it doesn’t come out too soon. I’m gonna get murdered if I play it on my residence connection because it is just so… SLOW. And I wouldn’t want to not be able to play it just because of that.
And of course I hope I’ll have time to play it too >>; by "have time" I mean not having to give up anything to play it, like drawing or uh, homework. :)

the LOL videos.

Shown to me by Tommy and the two Jennies. They made my day :)

They are probably not the newest stuff on the net, but I dun watch these often and they made my day xD


Lineart for Jenny to colour since she requested me to. This is her character, Raindrops, looking out of character, out of age-range, out of style and like a doll xD She wouldn’t let me colour the pic so I coloured the lineart instead.

I slept at 5 am in the morning for 3 days in a row to procrastinate on papers that’s due yesterday… now I am trying to resolve all my stress by slacking and watching anime *swt*.

Yesterday I slept from 7-8:30 am = = I felt like shit the whole night and really irritable. I came back and slept from 4-11, missed 2 meals and then slept from 4am-2pm straight and missed another 2 meals. Now my biological thingies are all skrewed up and I don’t have a sense of time anymore. and my head feels numb…

And I found out about 124740 more things that I have to do before/for exams. So I decided to draw and watch some anime instead. I watched ff7 last order OVA… didn’t really get it, but it was almost the same as the movie even tho this one is anime: confusing but has good fights! Sephiroth looked better in the movie; in here he just looks like he’s mental, in the movie he looked sane and evil. And Cloud is angsty as always :)