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First, self pimp!

Onto life, applying to universities sucks so hard and is costing a fortune ): I really hope my cousin gets into at least one of them so that she wouldn’t have to go through this process again and spend even more money on everything… But in between the process something even worse came up within our family circle. I’m not a direct victim but it really made everyone stressed out, worried, feel guilty and just at a loss of what to do because there is nothing we can do about it except to pray for the best. The entire family atmosphere is tiring because everyone has to try to remain optimistic about it, but at the same time we feel bad for not worrying our asses off even though doing so changes nothing. I really wish people don’t put so much emphasis on how we’re supposed to react towards death and disease. Sure if somebody happen to be on their last days it would be nice of their friends to give them the best last days ever, but we can’t just constantly live in fear and guilt ourselves. we can die any minute since we were born, what the hell kind of life would we lead if we spend a lot of it working towards buying ourselves and others more time to live? isn’t that kind of stupid?

In a less depressing note, I did some scraps! I think our wireless got stolen last month because we went way over limit so I couldn’t stream some drawings when I wanted to ): I did manage to get all my carciphona 2 release stuff ready and can finally sell it after 3 months. I originally was trying to get a special pendant made for the occasion but the company I was working with suddenly became very sluggish because they said their systems broke down and had to spend a lot of time recovering. To this day I’m still waiting for the sample piece to arrive so I decided to just leave it for next time. To be honest I’m a little burned out working on the next book, doing stuff for family and just plain waiting for so long that I’m not as excited as I was with the book releases last year, and people can probably tell from the release notices since I’m pretty bad at pretending to give a crap when I don’t have any :1

one day I’ll get to them in the story, maybe… I was looking at this colour scheme generator that somebody linked and suddenly realized that the eyes of these three are pretty much a triad even though I didn’t think about it when I made them like…. 6 years ago? I ended up drawing them afterwards just for the traffic light eyes :v

and idk attempt to draw generic anime #35098405


ok this post has nothing to do with the new year but happy new year! I’m going to jump straight to business like any other day lalalala

so!! my dad is back home from China and my aunt’s family have moved in! they’re great so far but I’ll leave that for later because I still haven’t gotten too acquainted with them… BUT YEAH my dad also brought back 2 copies of carciphona volume 1 and 2! The rest are on the way to be shipped here. It printed really well! we had paper, size and weight ink concerns at first, also this company has apparently never printed comic books before because they specialize in art books, magazines and such, so they were really confused about a lot of stuff LOL;;; but I’m glad that after all the shit we gave them that the final books (or well just this one) is awesome. now to pray for not so many factory defects this time!!

I remember I really aimed for the thin lines and neat look for volume 2, at least compared to volume 1 because I actually went out of my way to thicken lines for line thickness variation in volume 1. It really stood out in volume 2 with the bigger canvas and the fact that I crammed a lot of material in the latter half of the book due to page count issues, and now that I’m comparing them side to side, I kinda miss the bold lines sometimes haha ;; It’s so clean and neat and organized now. I’ll have to remember to make use of both in fitting circumstances, because the thin lines and detailed look helped a lot in drawing elaborate the elaborate backgrounds the story keeps finding itself in.

yaa pictures of our yard!!! EXCITING



Getting a book printed

[Edit: Those with corrections to make and experiences to share, please feel free to add to this post in the comments section for future readers to see!]

I’ve gotten 3 books printed now; I said I would write a little something after my first book but I kept delaying it in hopes that my subsequent experiences will contribute to the post. It was originally going to be a largely review for MCRL printing which I used to print Carciphona 1, but I ended up trying to eliminate the middleman and the costs that came with it by looking for overseas printing companies on my own, so now it’s a combination of review for the company and advice I may have. Remember that I am still a total noob at this, I only know what I needed to know and some of these may not even be correct or smart, so please use this post as a stepping stone rather than as is! But hopefully this will give noobs like myself an idea of the skeleton of the process and a direction of approach.

Book 2 plans

I have a relative who will be moving to Canada in January, and my dad suggested to me that if I have any books that I can print at that date, I can save a few hundred dollars on shipping by just shipping it with her cargo. Naturally I thought about my manga but in order to finish it JUST in time to be printed, I have to draw 4 pages a week starting now (excluding NYAF week) until mid dec. It’s something I was going to try in the summer but never had the time and urgency for, and now it’s being shoved in my face. I am going to do it just to see if I can keep up with this kind of schedule (well, I know for sure I can, it’s just whether I want to live by this or not HAHA… I’m really lax with my schedules and always make it so that I get minimum amount of stress from meeting deadlines because WHO LIKES DEADLINES) and if anything I would have a good buffer of unposted pages for various purposes? I already have the rest of the book thumbnailed back in May or June, so all the work left is drawing it out. If it works out in the end, I’ll have CP2 available for sale like 2-3 months before I finish posting all the pages. And if I don’t go insane from this I might keep doing it so that we all won’t be like 80 when CP finishes lmfao

A sketch I forgot about that I did during fanexpo haha; I did some sketches that I was going to post after i fixed them up/coloured them but I didn’t find any time this week lol ;; I’ll try to remember that next week. This is a redesign of an old chara that I posted about ages and ages ago and never did anything for. He’s the archbishop named Syro but I’m probably changing his name later cus it’s lame LMAO. He was older but since there is obviously a lack of young characters in Carciphona that look alike I am making him younger. He’s amazingly traditional and conservative but only because he believes he has no choice except to be as responsible as possible, and that if he cares about his own concerns he’d be putting countless other people’s concerns in jeopardy. Guilt tripping works wonders on him.

I’m pretty sure no one can figure out wtf is going on in this sketch but this is a great example of what my design doodles look like; I kind of go out of control when I’m making designs for the first time because I’m too lazy to draw new figures for designs so I just draw lines on the same figure over and over again until it becomes uselessly incomprehensible LOL. I’ll totally go insane and frustrated about having waste time on neatness if I were a concept artist lol ]: Archbishop is just his title; he is a summoner and he uses his holy shit ceremonial staff for that. It’s supposed to be turn upside down and played like a doublebass (I just wanted an excuse to make more impractical musical weapons) He has a huge crush on veloce that will never play out because romance is not allowed in Carciphona LOLGOD

IN OTHER UNRELATED NEWS, Islamey gets mentioned a lot when I was in college because it was supposed to be the most difficult piece to play up to that era or something; a lot of people talk about it when I played Scarbo since they get compared a lot for virtuosity, but I never really liked Islamey as a song because it sounds really over the top and generic to me lmao ): But I was looking for good recordings of it and came across Berezovsky’s and holy crap does he make it sound good. I love how he plays Liszt and… I guess this is perfect for him LOL. The only thing I don’t like about it is he plays a lot of passages dry without pedaling just because he can. It’s pretty fucking amazing but in the end I always prefer the noisier performances XD


because I was stupid and didn’t make a prompt post about anime north HAHAHA

so I went to AN on saturday with jenny! we basically just walked around the artist alley like 4 times, raided dealer’s room and then got denied at double tree for panels because NEITHER OF US BROUGHT THE PROGRAMMING BOOK BECAUSE WE’RE RETARDS. I got to say hi to a bunch of super awesome people at the AA (which was my sole purpose of going to AN this year LOL) and really looked around AA for the first time in years, and man did people really pick up on the fact that stylish fanart galore is the key to success, because almost every booth has similar portraits of the current trending shows in each’s own style and I was sad ): It’s also weird that despite nailing this down, the only popular/successful fanart booths were really the same ones as before. I wish I could figure out why but it’s probably due to my lack of comprehension in this area that I can’t do well myself LOL. I bought a bunch of artbooks though! they were fucking expensive but I’ll just take it as saving on shipping/effort looking/worries about quality and postage. I miss 50rmb artbooks in china ffffffff

And then we pigged out at a kbbq place I knew… it wasn’t that great but it was the only one I knew of in my area LOL ): I forgot it was a hot day so we kind of grilled with the food in there.

I wanted to go to Dimitri’s afterwards BEFORE we went in but as you can guess we got really full afterwards so it didn’t happen ):

SO THAT WAS SUNDAY. TODAY MY BOOKS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m swiftly taking over all the space in my house I swear I’m like a plague. I’ve been packing orders and organizing stuff ALLL DAYYYY ok I lied I only packed orders for a few hours and spent the rest of the time getting pissed off at fucking canada post for the imminent strike that is SO well timed with my preorders. I’m not going to complain though because this is beyond my control, and surely better than say, my books falling into the ocean or exploding with a derailed train or missing pages etc.
lol u gais look at dis mexican sweatshop and this is only like 1/4 or 1/5 of my orders LMAO. But yeah, just like when I started preorders, the beginning of this process was really slow as I was putting my well-planned streamlined packing I’ve prepared for this day into practice.  I believe it feels kind of like a rocket scientist watching their billion dollar baby turn from virtual simulations and scaled models into a machine blasting off into space, waiting for it to explode in midair and FAIL LOL. But I’m so relieved that the books are finally here and that nothing catastrophic has happened yet.

I am happy with the book’s quality; I wish I could compare the final book with the proof copy but my parents took it to read/show people without asking me and lost it LMFAO… but from my memory, the pages are printed in much higher quality than the proof (obviously since it was offset), and the binding–although not completely perfect bound which was a slight surprise, but I don’t know what they did because I’m still unfamiliar with the whole printing thing–seems solid and can withstand some force. As usual, I tried to rip one book apart and the pages withstood mishandling pretty well. The pages and the cover were both darker than the proof, so some pages turned out really dark, but it’s still fine to read. Overall I think I’m just too relieved to be picky right now (and probably a bad idea to start being critical about it before I even ship it out and scare/disappoint the buyers LOL) but I will probably write up a complete recount of my experience with printing for the first time sometime soon, so others will be able to learn from this and have an easier time ^^