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scraps and NYCC

BUT FIRST here are some scraps I drew between the last time I posted and now, I haven’t drawn them much this year at all ):

This was drawn listening to this snk ost of eren’s mom’s death LOL. WHENEVER THAT SONG PLAYED SOMETHING BEYOND HORRIBLE HAPPENS IN THE ANIME and therefore naturally it catered to my preferences very much ahuheaueuhaeuh

This was drawn like the day before I left for NYCC. I’m not sure where it came from, but after I drew everything, I decided to look for classical paintings of kings to get some ideas about what to throw in the background, and inadvertently realized that I had drawn the Pieta into something totally inappropriate OOPS

And a WIP of a gift for kristen :D


This is undoubtedly my favourite con of the year now because of its location. NYC has a special place in my heart, it’s close by, and it’s a con that is actually not stressful (at least during the con) because it’s well run, it operates on reasonable hours, and so many helpful friends are there as well. I was surprised I wasn’t that tired even though it’s a 4 day con with dinner socializing obligations everyday (unlike AN LOL WHERE I TURN INTO AN ANTISOCIAL HERMIT AFTER CON EVERYDAY) Maybe it was cus my adrenaline was always up whenever I get to do stuff around the city; I was just excited to be back. My friends brought me to amazing food places everyday, took care of me by bringing me lunch and helping me with my ridiculous amount of luggage, and also HOOKED ME UP WITH FREE HOTEL ROOMS THAT THEY HAVE OBTAINED WITH THEIR WITCHCRAFT making my stay dirt cheap WTF. This is a con I will definitely try to go back to every year as long as they accept me in the alley, and hopefully in the future I will be able to bring kristen with me as well ;-;


The only shot I took at the AA because my table looks eternally the same every con anyway

The fancy new javits front door that was under construction the last time I went!

Everyone else bought pokemon over the weekend as part of their loot, but I don’t play ): I did find adam hughes there by accident and bought one of my favourite pieces of his! I will buy a frame for it later, but honestly I am worried about actually hanging it up because for some reason my parents like to show my condo to their friends, and they probably wouldn’t want me to hang this up anyway LOL… I guess I will take it down whenever I have visitors or something idk

A commission Jay was doing and I wanted to take a pic of it cus it was SO BEAUTIFUL……………. but he trolled last minute and turned this pic into like an anime action frame or something

This is the view of a hotel in brooklyn we stayed at during one of the nights HAHA. the hotel itself was fine but wow this view

And now please brace for the foods






In which Finni paid like $80 in 1s HAHAHAH

And some pics from my plane!! I wish I had a better camera to capture these pictures because I just loooove flying ;; so far in my 3 flights to NYC though I’ve always be seated on the wrong side for arrival and never got a chance to look at Manhattan during the fly around. THE WINDS DON’T LIKE ME ]:





Ending with more pics out of my window




AX 2013

I should’ve written this earlier but I think the many consecutive days of not working on anything was getting me anxious and restless, so I ended up drawing like 15 pages before thinking it’s ok to do something unproductive HAHA…

This was the first time I’ve been to AX since 2008, it was stressful to prepare and tiring to endure, but I had a great great time because in between these years, I’ve made a lot of close friends with whom I’ve never had an opportunity to meet. They were the highlights of the con and I wish I had stayed an extra few days longer esp when they offered to take me around LA touristing and fooding Q_Q we had soooooo much korean food tho I went from lv 0 korean food experience to at least lv 16, and I thoroughly felt what it feels like to be a non chinese surrounded by chinese people because I was so tense being surounded by koreans HAHA… THE HEAVY PRESENCE OF NON CHINESE ASIANS IS AVERY STRESSFUL THING.

I met my bff Sepia for the first time!! AND SHE HELPED ME MAKE SO MUCH SALES I’m kind of ashamed that I learned how to better man my table from her even tho it’s the 2nd con she’s ever been to in any form whatsoever sob. Even tho she’s not as hyper as most of my other friends–or maybe it’s because she’s not as hyper–we had a nice and pleasant time during and after the con. She was so thoughtful and brought us food and even made me home printed business cards after I ran out ;-; and she fired me from making my own business cards because I sucked too much at it ): and I met her flaffy purdy kitty ophelia before I flew out and had delicious homemade ramen by her dad TY SEPIA FOR PROVIDING MY SURVIVAL NECESSITIES

And here is erina the facedrawer/eraser who I also met for the first time

I didn’t take pics with anyone else I also met for the first time or first time in ages ): I was able to buy prints from some of them and have dinner with the rest of dem non artists. I sure am glad ax ends at a reasonable hour cus who does that anymore (lol otakon or akon hours) Here are some prints from KL, noabing, ruina, darkhikari, and ippus!! I didn’t get a print from some people I visited BECAUSE THEY WONT LET ME BUY THEM AN INSISTED ON TRADING and I forgot to visit them for trades after the con crey (sorry nagu ;-;)

CA weather was also remarkably forgiving, I actually flew into cooler weather and made the days all the easier to get by. I also would’ve died from logistics had it not been for Finni and Alex’s help, thanks soooo much!

And of course all the pics above belong to other people and the only pics I took were on the plane LOL… HOW SURPRISING. I saw some mini july 3 fireworks on the flight down and it was cute ouo




ending with some more pix of the sky


some arts

I have lots of ideas that I want to draw out nowadays but nothing seem to excite me quite as much as before because I always feel like I should be working instead of indulging and taking my sweetass time on a single piece ;; but anyway I felt like drawing some long creepy limbs :1

Otherwise I finished two commissions this week! They were smooth and I actually didn’t struggle too much with them or give up really fast like I did with a number of past commissions. now I’m 6 pages behind my CP schedule haha ;; but at least I finally painted something…………
yeahhh fabric w0000000

Anime North’s artist alley registration date is finally set, and unlike past years it’s AFTER the design contest deadlines. I really don’t want to enter again, especially seeing how it is almost a requirement to draw fandom in order fill up the community spirit quota and to win. But the table application process is just too mercilessly competitive, even with the lottery–or should I say, ESPECIALLY with the lottery, reducing the total table numbers drastically and makes the sell-out time decrease from something dumb like 3 seconds to 1 second. In reality it is one of the most fair and stable application processes around; most cons try to improve every year but end up screwing up the process every single time and making it worse. It’s fair to everyone who wants a shot at AN, but it’s kinda a slap in the face for me (and I’m sure for a lot of other people as well, there are SO MANY AA artists who live in toronto it’s unreal) to have such a convenient, affordable, decent sized and long running con right in my city and I would have to worry about getting denied at the last step. I don’t think I’ve ever failed registering for any other cons for the past 4-5 years, but I’ve never actually successfully registered for AN a single time legitimately (I won the design contest twice and got lucky with the lottery twice)

In terms of other cons this year, I’m considering going to: AX, otakon, otakuthon, fanexpo and NYAF. It would be nice to be able to go to AN, and I might add one or two others if I manage to find some other ones that are close by (:

New York

I’m home from NYAF! Thanks so much for coming by, saying hi, buying stuff and being such good sports in general :D I stayed for a week so that I could run around new york city after the convention is over. It turned out to be more of a travel/vacation to new york than going there for a con. The convention had nice hours so my friends and I was able to have a ton of happy fun time everyday after the con with food, games and ever so slight amount of drinking. A lot of my friends also visited during the con, I guess it was because of its location and size that so many people I knew were there and kept me awake/sane/entertained. I ran around the entire city on thursday morning, as well as monday and tuesday afterwards and I loved my stay there thoroughly. It was just a shame that my flights there and back were terrible due to the weather and the fucking border guards ruining my life for me treating me like an illegal immigrant, BUT I CAN LOOK PASS THAT I THINK…… I’m just so glad that all the misfortunes before and during my trip there were nothing more than scares, and the trip was both enjoyable and worthwhile, because my luck has been seriously fucked up LOL

Click read more to see some pictures and an overly long and detailed account of my trip :D

Half dead con reports

I look like a drug addict right now with a red eye and dazed head from allergies, shaking from weakness due to lack of rest and overwork during one of the worst monthly gifts. I just started taking down yesterday at FanEXPO while everyone is still trying to rake in last minute sales because I could like barely stay sane from the exhaustion (and I didn’t even do shit man I just sat there the whole day like every other con) and got the hell out LOL. Ate a chicken drumstick when I got home at 8pm and just slept until 1pm today HAHA holy crap. But I brought this on myself because instead of sleeping Saturday night, I tried to get the minor alterations for my artbook done so I could upload the 500mb file overnight and save time, and have it sent to the printer by day and let them make the proof copy while I was still at the con to save time. But since I was half asleep I missaved all my flattened and paginated files to cmyk at the wrong step and fucked up their colours LOL and ended up having to paginate them again with my raw psd pages… It took me all day today to get that done, but I guess since I’m mostly ok now I was able to do some other major improvements to the book that I would not have done had I sent the file off Saturday night. Can’t wait for the proof to get here!

That aside, here is the FanEXPO report and Otakuthon report that never happened because I was trying to finish up my artbook before the latter HAHA. Click below the photo to read on!