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book 3 cover and stuff

I was going to use a sketch I found in my sketchbook that I did last year as the cover for book 3, and even the rough colour turned out good, but after sleeping on it for a few weeks, it started to look really static just like what some of my friends thought when they saw it initially, so during my extensive trips to the hospital as the driver last month, I sketched out another possible cover from a pose in the story itself with a generic manga cover layout. I spent like 5 minutes blocking out some major colours for it before I figured I should work on pages first LOL;;; but here they are as it stands:
Aside from the static pose, I rather like this version because it really grabs attention and has good focus.

This one has veloce on it, who I guess really should be on all covers since she’s the main character, and there is motion I suppose. Although I haven’t really worked on the colours so I can’t say for certain, but I’m a little worried that the colour job would just turn into some generically rendered character piece. I’m really torn between them but I can’t work on them until I’ve finished all pages for the book )’: which is taking FOREVER because of the change of scenery and all the other irl stuff I’ve had to deal with lately.

I did take an hour out to sketch this quickly even though it’s already autumn haha

And the next day I felt like doing a continuation:
Jokes on you blackbird, veloce is jesus she can stand on water

Back to fighting! cheers :D

sketches of derp

I spent a bit of time frequenting hospitals as a chauffer for a family member because of reasons, and I brought my sketchbook with me because the waits were so long. I haven’t really sketched for months and my ability to just DRAW WHATEVER has always been shit, so my sketchbook is not very pretty right now HAHA. I needed to photograph one of the pages for reference (since I use my sketchbook as a drawing pad under my manga pages too…) so I thought I’d post some of these derps

I wanted to give Auresque an official dress, and then decided to maybe actually FIGURE OUT WHAT THE ULTIMATE VILLAIN OF MY STORY WOULD LOOK LIKE LOL. needless to say I should’ve left that for when I’m on the computer with access to reference materials on how to compose faces. And the bottom 2 boxes were thumbnails for illustrations that I can hardly make out anymore lol this is the true tragedy that I hide behind my intricate digital illustrations ): I don’t know why I can do precise lines for manga pages but come up with this sort of shit when I’m freestyling.

And I did these 3 generic variants for Blackbird for her next appearances. At least she’s not that stressful to come up with since she wears the same thing all the time, just a little different every time.

Up to page 140/170, with 2.5 weeks left!!


Set my playlist on shuffle, first piece:

clicked next track:

clicked next track:

composers: LOLJK

I was convinced my playlist was on repeat track |:

shuffling along


I feel a lot more comfortable starting a drawing with contours and lines even though theoretically slapping down botches of shapes or gradients should help me see a picture better ): so I did this a few weeks ago when I was at a loss of what to draw. I was going ot wait until I refine it a little before posting it because for some reason my sketches are becoming increasingly illegible over the years, but it seems like I won’t have the time for that for a while LOL… I was going to make the white space into a figure hugging and complementing the horned person, but this will probably turn into one of those it-looked-good-in-my-head ideas XD

I’ve also taken on a 30-day challenge for drawing some RO themed stuff in order to assert my status as an ro tard, but I’m going to do it slow because I don’t have the time LOL… somehow whenever I try to quickly draw up something, it turns into crack and everyone becomes derpy


zzzz hopefully when I finish these commissions I can pull my act together and draw some personal art again

Otakon 2011!

I’m back from Otakon! It was unexpectedly great and very different from my previous 2 years, I can’t figure out why BUT I WON’T COMPLAIN. The artist alley was huge and this year my idols from everywhere all came to otakon, including many people who I’ve never met before. I also got to hang out with like 4 different groups of people I knew over the years and meet a whole lot more, and in the end I walked away with an almost empty suitcase. I guess it kind of displaced how pissed off/annoyed/anxious I was a few days before lol ): I was thinking about never going to otakon again because of the stress it puts on me before the con but now I’m reconsidering.

my blog is going to be hella boring for the next month because all I have time for is work and conventions UGH. I haven’t had a chance to sketch ANYTHING but I think I will be spending some time on working on my art book next, so I may be able to bring you a few more scraps and sketches and wip lol D: BUT FOR NOW. WALL OF CONVENTION PICTURES AND TEXT IN THE FULL STORY!