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I remembered there are some characters in book 4 for whom I have no design or names to HAHA… so I kind of have to come up with them before I can start drawing pages :I A+ planning woooo

This design I already had from a while ago, I just settled with some colours. And at the bottom right is a complimentary magic seal design by Juby

And this guy I honestly have no idea what to do with him, I only have very vague traits in mind for him and a lot of those traits overlap with other characters I had. He originally looked like Des, but because I had no design for Des when I needed one (wow I see a trend here) I just took his design for Des and was like I’ll come up with something else for him later ha ha ha derp
These  clothes don’t suit him at all and his hair is cray so I’ll come up with something else for him later ;;

Book 2 plans

I have a relative who will be moving to Canada in January, and my dad suggested to me that if I have any books that I can print at that date, I can save a few hundred dollars on shipping by just shipping it with her cargo. Naturally I thought about my manga but in order to finish it JUST in time to be printed, I have to draw 4 pages a week starting now (excluding NYAF week) until mid dec. It’s something I was going to try in the summer but never had the time and urgency for, and now it’s being shoved in my face. I am going to do it just to see if I can keep up with this kind of schedule (well, I know for sure I can, it’s just whether I want to live by this or not HAHA… I’m really lax with my schedules and always make it so that I get minimum amount of stress from meeting deadlines because WHO LIKES DEADLINES) and if anything I would have a good buffer of unposted pages for various purposes? I already have the rest of the book thumbnailed back in May or June, so all the work left is drawing it out. If it works out in the end, I’ll have CP2 available for sale like 2-3 months before I finish posting all the pages. And if I don’t go insane from this I might keep doing it so that we all won’t be like 80 when CP finishes lmfao

A sketch I forgot about that I did during fanexpo haha; I did some sketches that I was going to post after i fixed them up/coloured them but I didn’t find any time this week lol ;; I’ll try to remember that next week. This is a redesign of an old chara that I posted about ages and ages ago and never did anything for. He’s the archbishop named Syro but I’m probably changing his name later cus it’s lame LMAO. He was older but since there is obviously a lack of young characters in Carciphona that look alike I am making him younger. He’s amazingly traditional and conservative but only because he believes he has no choice except to be as responsible as possible, and that if he cares about his own concerns he’d be putting countless other people’s concerns in jeopardy. Guilt tripping works wonders on him.

I’m pretty sure no one can figure out wtf is going on in this sketch but this is a great example of what my design doodles look like; I kind of go out of control when I’m making designs for the first time because I’m too lazy to draw new figures for designs so I just draw lines on the same figure over and over again until it becomes uselessly incomprehensible LOL. I’ll totally go insane and frustrated about having waste time on neatness if I were a concept artist lol ]: Archbishop is just his title; he is a summoner and he uses his holy shit ceremonial staff for that. It’s supposed to be turn upside down and played like a doublebass (I just wanted an excuse to make more impractical musical weapons) He has a huge crush on veloce that will never play out because romance is not allowed in Carciphona LOLGOD

IN OTHER UNRELATED NEWS, Islamey gets mentioned a lot when I was in college because it was supposed to be the most difficult piece to play up to that era or something; a lot of people talk about it when I played Scarbo since they get compared a lot for virtuosity, but I never really liked Islamey as a song because it sounds really over the top and generic to me lmao ): But I was looking for good recordings of it and came across Berezovsky’s and holy crap does he make it sound good. I love how he plays Liszt and… I guess this is perfect for him LOL. The only thing I don’t like about it is he plays a lot of passages dry without pedaling just because he can. It’s pretty fucking amazing but in the end I always prefer the noisier performances XD

shilin the not priest

So I don’t really feel like drawing my other Blackbird characters like ever–I’m sure I will in the future when they get more feature, so I won’t force it and I’ll just wait for it–and I’ve been seeing more RO stuff from artist friends I love so I’ve been wanting to draw RO stuff myself. Being the productivitywhore that I am though, I really hate the fact that I can’t do anything with the high priest character because it’s technically not original, so any thing I do with them is a waste of time. I do like my RO characters enough to want to develop them more, too, so I decided to alter them into non-RO characters. I ended up stemming the design from the awefulbishop atrocity because I’m so content with my original high priest mod I don’t want to touch it ):
The colours were so hard and I’m still not happy about it. I’m bad with colour palettes to begin with and I couldn’t use a lot of nice contrasting colours because it wouldn’t suit her character. I wanted to preserve the red, but it’s really difficult to work around and it’s probably the colour that’s ruining everything lol

Here is the original disastrous palettes that I went through… none of them worked because I just juggled around colours that don’t work together HAHA
As for the “monarch” title, it came from the orc hero helm alteration because my hp is not my hp without that brick on her head. It looked like imp midna’s headgear at first but eventually I went with this butterfly shape. I’ll probably incorporate that into the rest of my RO characters’ original designs (if I ever get to it LOL) as a symbol for their group, the “Monarchs” LOLDONTHITME They’ll probably a bunch of influential figures in some random world, serving under a queen-like figure who gave them super awesome powers in exchange for their memories in the same fashion as the 4-page RO test pages I did ages ago.

In other news I finished both my manga commission and Blackbird compilation this week, and they took up the majority of my daily life for the past… year. So all of a sudden I am free to work on the drawings I’ve wanted to paint, character designs I’ve wanted to do, script writing that Blackbird needed. I DON’T KNOW IT’S JUST SO WEIRD THAT I PRETTY MUCH LOOK FORWARD TO EVERYTHING I HAVE TO DO… The next 2 weeks will be even better; my super secret charms will be arriving and if my estimates are correct, I will have Blackbird book 1 (the proof) in my hands by the end of it. I bet something horrible is going to happen when everything is almost coming together lmfao THINGS ARE WORKING OUT SUSPICIOUSLY WELL.

With complimentary wallotxt

+1 class variety to my RO collection! a soul linker using a soul linker soul link HARHARHAR

And instead of working on a set of new pages I treat myself by making some random design that I can’t logically use for at least 7 more chapters

once again idk why everything is slanted… and I don’t understand why I don’t draw out a proper figure before I draw on clothing design and now she looks funny

More random thoughts about the design because changing her appearance is fun to think about for some reason. MAYBE I JUST LIKE TO WASTE TIME THINKING ABOUT TRIVIAL DETAILS

Random Veloce design

I’ve been trying to do more sketches because I’m way too efficient in my work that I never draw anything unless it’s necessary and/or productive (i.e., will be coloured, can be used for publicity in one way or another, etc) and obviously this is very bad for sharpening my skill lol ]:

I decided to write a wall of text explaining my design thought process and what I usually consider. Click on the link to read more.