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scraps and NYCC

BUT FIRST here are some scraps I drew between the last time I posted and now, I haven’t drawn them much this year at all ):

This was drawn listening to this snk ost of eren’s mom’s death LOL. WHENEVER THAT SONG PLAYED SOMETHING BEYOND HORRIBLE HAPPENS IN THE ANIME and therefore naturally it catered to my preferences very much ahuheaueuhaeuh

This was drawn like the day before I left for NYCC. I’m not sure where it came from, but after I drew everything, I decided to look for classical paintings of kings to get some ideas about what to throw in the background, and inadvertently realized that I had drawn the Pieta into something totally inappropriate OOPS

And a WIP of a gift for kristen :D


This is undoubtedly my favourite con of the year now because of its location. NYC has a special place in my heart, it’s close by, and it’s a con that is actually not stressful (at least during the con) because it’s well run, it operates on reasonable hours, and so many helpful friends are there as well. I was surprised I wasn’t that tired even though it’s a 4 day con with dinner socializing obligations everyday (unlike AN LOL WHERE I TURN INTO AN ANTISOCIAL HERMIT AFTER CON EVERYDAY) Maybe it was cus my adrenaline was always up whenever I get to do stuff around the city; I was just excited to be back. My friends brought me to amazing food places everyday, took care of me by bringing me lunch and helping me with my ridiculous amount of luggage, and also HOOKED ME UP WITH FREE HOTEL ROOMS THAT THEY HAVE OBTAINED WITH THEIR WITCHCRAFT making my stay dirt cheap WTF. This is a con I will definitely try to go back to every year as long as they accept me in the alley, and hopefully in the future I will be able to bring kristen with me as well ;-;


The only shot I took at the AA because my table looks eternally the same every con anyway

The fancy new javits front door that was under construction the last time I went!

Everyone else bought pokemon over the weekend as part of their loot, but I don’t play ): I did find adam hughes there by accident and bought one of my favourite pieces of his! I will buy a frame for it later, but honestly I am worried about actually hanging it up because for some reason my parents like to show my condo to their friends, and they probably wouldn’t want me to hang this up anyway LOL… I guess I will take it down whenever I have visitors or something idk

A commission Jay was doing and I wanted to take a pic of it cus it was SO BEAUTIFUL……………. but he trolled last minute and turned this pic into like an anime action frame or something

This is the view of a hotel in brooklyn we stayed at during one of the nights HAHA. the hotel itself was fine but wow this view

And now please brace for the foods






In which Finni paid like $80 in 1s HAHAHAH

And some pics from my plane!! I wish I had a better camera to capture these pictures because I just loooove flying ;; so far in my 3 flights to NYC though I’ve always be seated on the wrong side for arrival and never got a chance to look at Manhattan during the fly around. THE WINDS DON’T LIKE ME ]:





Ending with more pics out of my window




otakon 2012

I’m back from otakon! I’m pretty content with it since I didn’t run into horrendous trouble. My trip was fine in spite of the thunderstorms, I didn’t starve thanks to my friends, I met a lot of people and actually got to talk to them this time around, and I sold well and didn’t have to haul monstrous amounts of items home. Every day since the day before I left I was worried about something for the next day; I usually don’t worry much but mannnn was there a lot to think about that’s totally out of my control ): as usual I went in thinking to myself oh my god I’d never want to do this ever again, and came out thinking it was all worth it, THE DILEMMA

Wednesday to Thursday there was this enormous storm moving through the area, from Toronto through my drive to Buffalo where I fly out. Though it ended up just being light drizzles and completely cleared up by the time we got into the air, Baltimore ended up being DISGUSTINGLY HOT holy crap it was like 105 and I felt like I was drowning in my own sweat and then enveloped in a ball of flames… It didn’t help that I was pulling a 50 lb suitcase and a heavy backpack  about 3 blocks out from the light rail stop I had gotten off at. I almost fell out of the airport shuttle when I was getting those suitcases up LOL… AND THE DRIVER LAUGHED AT ME BECAUSE I WAS LIKE HNGGGGGG >n< while trying to pull my shit up. Everyone showed up late so I just chilled in the hotel for like 6 hours with a king’s suite all to myself, it was pretty sweet!!

Somehow I actually managed to have a memorable time with people this year at otakon–not to say other cons were bad, it’s just that I normally rarely ever remember my interaction with other people there…… I just don’t pay very much attention to people in general, but not this time! lengthy shoutouts to people who I haven’t seen since at least last year: Bara, Juby, JC, Nainsoo, Andrew, Finni, Korilin, Sharon, Nargyle, Will, Noa, Zim, Emily, Ellen, Crystal, Christine, Steve, Frozenlilacs, and Christina!! I hope I didn’t miss anyone because there were a ton of people ;-; My island was also somehow entirely Canadian, and while I don’t quite remember the names and URLs of a lot of the people who came by or who I chatted with, it was really nice meeting them too! I should have known them since apparently they all go to AN as well, but I guess I never get to walk around or do anything at AN, I didn’t really know anyone ): I have this huge problem with meeting these people IRL, because I also never remember to ask for people’s names or websites either. Half the time if I did learn their names, it would take me a couple of years to finally figure out like OH, SHE IS THAT PERSON ONLINE… and just be completely in the blank before that revelation. So everyone I met in our Canadian island fell into that category HAHAHA… I didn’t learn of anybody’s names even though I talked to them multiple times over the weekend q___q I also ran into Tom who I will be doing some commissions with, which was really cool because he lives all the way in the UK and I had no idea he’d be here LOL. Sharon and her friend Tyler helped take care of a lot of us at the AA so for once, we didn’t starve, we got to have breaks, and it wasn’t an overly exhausting weekend even though we slept late and got up early everyday. There was also a hysterical drunk show at our hotel on Saturday night which was comedy gold to me since none of my friends irl are the drinking/clubbing type. If there was an artist alley away from home utopia, I think this weekend would have been it.

I managed to sell out of most of my popular prints and all of the books I brought (which was not that much since I’m so pathetically weak, it was impossible for me to bring any more) so I went and bought some stuff!! Mainly a ton of stuff from Bara since I forgot to do that last year, and an expensive artbook of some game that I don’t know but apparently a lot of my friends do LOL;;; Did a book trade with Mayshing whose original 2masters book from like freaking otakon 2007 I already had. Em was so nice to stuff me with Teahouse goods that I also didn’t have a chance to get last year INCLUDING THIS ENORMOUS LINNEUS HERE that I just may make into a lifesize cardboard cutout for hilarity, and I did a print trade with Nargyle ;-; I really wanted some prints from juby but I grossly miscalculated my takedown and transportation time. I just ran out of the convention center right after I packed up while everyone else is still going around talking to friends, so I ended up with absolutely no time at all to ask for prints from her even though SHE SAT RIGHT ACROSS FROM ME THE WHOLE WEEKEND LMFAO FML ]: And I got some sickly cute sheep itamz from finni INCLUDING THIS SHEEP FROM JAPAN THAT’S REALLY JUST A BALL OF FLUFF HAHA. ANDDD I GOT TWO ORIGINAL CHIBI VELOCES FROM ANNA and ZETALLIS Q_____________Q I am such a happy mudkip but I feel bad I didn’t manage time well enough to go thank them again ;_;


By some divine luck, I managed to ink 4 pages while I was there, so I feel a bit better about sitting back and taking a break yesterday and today since I didn’t really want to work anyway. I sat around and wrote stuff about the world setting of spirits and gods in Carciphona for a bit, so now I’m happy enough to jump right back at work!! hopefully getting volume 3 printed before christmas is not out of the window yet but we’ll see HAHA.

dfo stuffs

my wm

and a random default berserker

I mean it’s nice that dfo makes me draw a DIFFERENT CHARACTER… or someone of a DIFFERENT GENDER… and body build… someone whose name is neither veloce nor blackbird

Drawing these make me tone at the speed of light, because I force myself to leave this at 3am so I tone like 4 pages a day, and shit this out in an hour since I have to sleep afterwards. While the resulting pictures are totally boring and one dimensional, it’s all for a good cause…right???

but yeah 30/38 pages toned!! :D

maiden drawing

if the seller’s claim is true, I’m pretty sure he never finished anything on the cintiq since he only played with it for a few hours. So this illus is my cintiq’s maiden voyage >u< This is Claret from Teahouse and the full image will be available sometime next year LOL.

But I’ll just say I love the cintiq and I’m so relieved that I do. I feel a lot less inclined to zoom in because of the precision it offers me, and I believe I undo a lot less since most of the undoing I did with the old tablets are just brush strokes that I can’t get to exactly where I want even though I already know where I want them. I can actually scribble now and do faster paint strokes because I don’t have to estimate where each stroke is going. I LOVE BEING ABLE TO NOT HAVE TO ~FIND~ THE SPOT I WANT TO GET TO… even though I’ve used a tablet for 11 years now and it has never felt unnatural (only inconvenient at times). It’s just great that I can pretend I’m drawing on paper; I’m actually glad that I drew all my manga pages on paper with pencil because otherwise I wouldn’t feel familiar with this, and certainly not enjoy this.

Half dead con reports

I look like a drug addict right now with a red eye and dazed head from allergies, shaking from weakness due to lack of rest and overwork during one of the worst monthly gifts. I just started taking down yesterday at FanEXPO while everyone is still trying to rake in last minute sales because I could like barely stay sane from the exhaustion (and I didn’t even do shit man I just sat there the whole day like every other con) and got the hell out LOL. Ate a chicken drumstick when I got home at 8pm and just slept until 1pm today HAHA holy crap. But I brought this on myself because instead of sleeping Saturday night, I tried to get the minor alterations for my artbook done so I could upload the 500mb file overnight and save time, and have it sent to the printer by day and let them make the proof copy while I was still at the con to save time. But since I was half asleep I missaved all my flattened and paginated files to cmyk at the wrong step and fucked up their colours LOL and ended up having to paginate them again with my raw psd pages… It took me all day today to get that done, but I guess since I’m mostly ok now I was able to do some other major improvements to the book that I would not have done had I sent the file off Saturday night. Can’t wait for the proof to get here!

That aside, here is the FanEXPO report and Otakuthon report that never happened because I was trying to finish up my artbook before the latter HAHA. Click below the photo to read on!