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promise to give me your all

from listening to the everybody dies theme

I don’t look for music to draw to, but when I do come across a song that gets to me I will have this unstoppable NEED to puke my heart onto a canvas and it feels sooooo good to do :I It’s interesting how there is really only one part of the song that hit me and the rest is kind of not very good, but man is that melody well done and hard hitting it almost feels like a waste to be preceded and followed by the rest of the piece. It’s pretty much true for most songs and drawings and stories; it doesn’t have to be made of gold and diamond all the way through, but you better make sure there is one thing that claws right into your viewers’ kokoro and make them remember


ok I don’t like Tumblr anymore because aside from the fact that it loads slowly, it also goes down pretty frequently ): And since people mentioned there are new features coming up in WordPress 3.1 that would cover what I like about Tumblr, I think I’ll keep my main blog here and just post the scraps/sketches I like the most over at Tumblr or something!

This pic was going to go to Tumblr BUT I GUESS NOT
Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and resources! I doubt I used them very well, but I like this more than the other scrapped attempt? Their fabric also forms a giant 8 for no reason


One of the people suggested on my journal to draw a fight scene, I don’t know if this is what I want to continue/finish though
This is totally the result of me being unable to get over the part in Dead Fantasy where they fall and fight, except this would logically last maybe like 3 seconds instead of 3 minutes, and this is not epically choreographed like DF LOL

as I drew this I also realized the irony of this picture, that even though Veloce is supposed to be the magic user, Blackbird is the one being fancy