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scraps and NYCC

BUT FIRST here are some scraps I drew between the last time I posted and now, I haven’t drawn them much this year at all ):

This was drawn listening to this snk ost of eren’s mom’s death LOL. WHENEVER THAT SONG PLAYED SOMETHING BEYOND HORRIBLE HAPPENS IN THE ANIME and therefore naturally it catered to my preferences very much ahuheaueuhaeuh

This was drawn like the day before I left for NYCC. I’m not sure where it came from, but after I drew everything, I decided to look for classical paintings of kings to get some ideas about what to throw in the background, and inadvertently realized that I had drawn the Pieta into something totally inappropriate OOPS

And a WIP of a gift for kristen :D


This is undoubtedly my favourite con of the year now because of its location. NYC has a special place in my heart, it’s close by, and it’s a con that is actually not stressful (at least during the con) because it’s well run, it operates on reasonable hours, and so many helpful friends are there as well. I was surprised I wasn’t that tired even though it’s a 4 day con with dinner socializing obligations everyday (unlike AN LOL WHERE I TURN INTO AN ANTISOCIAL HERMIT AFTER CON EVERYDAY) Maybe it was cus my adrenaline was always up whenever I get to do stuff around the city; I was just excited to be back. My friends brought me to amazing food places everyday, took care of me by bringing me lunch and helping me with my ridiculous amount of luggage, and also HOOKED ME UP WITH FREE HOTEL ROOMS THAT THEY HAVE OBTAINED WITH THEIR WITCHCRAFT making my stay dirt cheap WTF. This is a con I will definitely try to go back to every year as long as they accept me in the alley, and hopefully in the future I will be able to bring kristen with me as well ;-;


The only shot I took at the AA because my table looks eternally the same every con anyway

The fancy new javits front door that was under construction the last time I went!

Everyone else bought pokemon over the weekend as part of their loot, but I don’t play ): I did find adam hughes there by accident and bought one of my favourite pieces of his! I will buy a frame for it later, but honestly I am worried about actually hanging it up because for some reason my parents like to show my condo to their friends, and they probably wouldn’t want me to hang this up anyway LOL… I guess I will take it down whenever I have visitors or something idk

A commission Jay was doing and I wanted to take a pic of it cus it was SO BEAUTIFUL……………. but he trolled last minute and turned this pic into like an anime action frame or something

This is the view of a hotel in brooklyn we stayed at during one of the nights HAHA. the hotel itself was fine but wow this view

And now please brace for the foods






In which Finni paid like $80 in 1s HAHAHAH

And some pics from my plane!! I wish I had a better camera to capture these pictures because I just loooove flying ;; so far in my 3 flights to NYC though I’ve always be seated on the wrong side for arrival and never got a chance to look at Manhattan during the fly around. THE WINDS DON’T LIKE ME ]:





Ending with more pics out of my window




break and stuff

I was going for a continuation of the last scrap where the battle is over and the soldiers on veloce’s side are doing some damage control, but I was drawing the pic in an attempt to finish it really quick in order to make a slow video, so I didn’t really get down stuff I wanted to add to it. In here she’s kind of a leader who’s a slave to people who depend on her; I was going to draw a soldier reporting to vel or something instead of her staring at nothing to convey her role in the battle, but I’m so bad at picking the right angle and line of vision that would fit everything nicely without taking hours changing my mind, so I ended up not doing it Q_______Q. IT’S ALSO LIKE ENTIRELY PURPLE LOL I use magenta/purple shades sooooooo much nowadays I need to fix myself, but as a break I just didn’t care anymore and just did whatever ]:

I really want to finish these pictures in all honesty, even though most of them are not print friendly, and make a sort of themed artbook (war? or like that journey shit I did idk… most of my imagination that’s mostly canon but disjunct from the storyline have something to do with wars in Maelstrom) with illustrations of different facets of it that doesn’t necessary convey a continuous story. maybe I can make it a pet project cus it’ll probably be boring to people unlike an artbook of beautiful pictures and popular subjects, and I actually have to put effort into making everything coherent or even write meaningful blurbs to go along the theme LOL. IT ALREADY SOUNDS LIKE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN just like other stories I try to develop in the past alongside CP. Variety is so important in business but I guess I’m just too OCD for it ):

In any case here’s the video I made with it; it’s only 2x speed so for those who are interested, you can actually see what I’m doing unlike the 25x speed videos I post HAHA

And duck from dinner with Jenny tonight since she’s leaving tomorrow ;; I’m not even sure if it was duck because that was a giant block of boneless meat and it had turkey-like tendon strings


My mom really likes going out but she rarely gets a chance to because my dad is cheap, my grandma doesn’t like going out, and I never have time. So my job over christmas is apparently to keep her company and go to places with her! I’m having a life due to third party influences oh my god


the ox tail was realllly good

oh look it’s like a scene straight out of the upcoming pages in chapter 6

New York

I’m home from NYAF! Thanks so much for coming by, saying hi, buying stuff and being such good sports in general :D I stayed for a week so that I could run around new york city after the convention is over. It turned out to be more of a travel/vacation to new york than going there for a con. The convention had nice hours so my friends and I was able to have a ton of happy fun time everyday after the con with food, games and ever so slight amount of drinking. A lot of my friends also visited during the con, I guess it was because of its location and size that so many people I knew were there and kept me awake/sane/entertained. I ran around the entire city on thursday morning, as well as monday and tuesday afterwards and I loved my stay there thoroughly. It was just a shame that my flights there and back were terrible due to the weather and the fucking border guards ruining my life for me treating me like an illegal immigrant, BUT I CAN LOOK PASS THAT I THINK…… I’m just so glad that all the misfortunes before and during my trip there were nothing more than scares, and the trip was both enjoyable and worthwhile, because my luck has been seriously fucked up LOL

Click read more to see some pictures and an overly long and detailed account of my trip :D


because I was stupid and didn’t make a prompt post about anime north HAHAHA

so I went to AN on saturday with jenny! we basically just walked around the artist alley like 4 times, raided dealer’s room and then got denied at double tree for panels because NEITHER OF US BROUGHT THE PROGRAMMING BOOK BECAUSE WE’RE RETARDS. I got to say hi to a bunch of super awesome people at the AA (which was my sole purpose of going to AN this year LOL) and really looked around AA for the first time in years, and man did people really pick up on the fact that stylish fanart galore is the key to success, because almost every booth has similar portraits of the current trending shows in each’s own style and I was sad ): It’s also weird that despite nailing this down, the only popular/successful fanart booths were really the same ones as before. I wish I could figure out why but it’s probably due to my lack of comprehension in this area that I can’t do well myself LOL. I bought a bunch of artbooks though! they were fucking expensive but I’ll just take it as saving on shipping/effort looking/worries about quality and postage. I miss 50rmb artbooks in china ffffffff

And then we pigged out at a kbbq place I knew… it wasn’t that great but it was the only one I knew of in my area LOL ): I forgot it was a hot day so we kind of grilled with the food in there.

I wanted to go to Dimitri’s afterwards BEFORE we went in but as you can guess we got really full afterwards so it didn’t happen ):

SO THAT WAS SUNDAY. TODAY MY BOOKS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m swiftly taking over all the space in my house I swear I’m like a plague. I’ve been packing orders and organizing stuff ALLL DAYYYY ok I lied I only packed orders for a few hours and spent the rest of the time getting pissed off at fucking canada post for the imminent strike that is SO well timed with my preorders. I’m not going to complain though because this is beyond my control, and surely better than say, my books falling into the ocean or exploding with a derailed train or missing pages etc.
lol u gais look at dis mexican sweatshop and this is only like 1/4 or 1/5 of my orders LMAO. But yeah, just like when I started preorders, the beginning of this process was really slow as I was putting my well-planned streamlined packing I’ve prepared for this day into practice.  I believe it feels kind of like a rocket scientist watching their billion dollar baby turn from virtual simulations and scaled models into a machine blasting off into space, waiting for it to explode in midair and FAIL LOL. But I’m so relieved that the books are finally here and that nothing catastrophic has happened yet.

I am happy with the book’s quality; I wish I could compare the final book with the proof copy but my parents took it to read/show people without asking me and lost it LMFAO… but from my memory, the pages are printed in much higher quality than the proof (obviously since it was offset), and the binding–although not completely perfect bound which was a slight surprise, but I don’t know what they did because I’m still unfamiliar with the whole printing thing–seems solid and can withstand some force. As usual, I tried to rip one book apart and the pages withstood mishandling pretty well. The pages and the cover were both darker than the proof, so some pages turned out really dark, but it’s still fine to read. Overall I think I’m just too relieved to be picky right now (and probably a bad idea to start being critical about it before I even ship it out and scare/disappoint the buyers LOL) but I will probably write up a complete recount of my experience with printing for the first time sometime soon, so others will be able to learn from this and have an easier time ^^