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I’ve finished the 2 illusts I want to finish, and it’s like 5 days away from May and I only have like 6 pages inked and none toned for next month HAHA. nbd though I’ll most likely get 16 done before May 1, but I don’t think I’ll have another double update month in case I don’t finish in time ): I’M ALSO PISSED I COULDN’T POST ANY MANGA PAGE WIPS because half the things are spoiler ]:

I focused a lot on each individual task a lot so far, but the only thing that really benefitted from this is my manga because I was able to read over book 4 a good number of times with a fresh eye and fix some stuff I don’t like! everything else is kind of meh because every time I pick up a new piece I’m like uhhhhhhhh how do I draw ?_? I’m not retaining much knowledge from what I’ve learned from lack of repetitious practice BUT WHATEVER I forget everything I learn zzzz

Drawing manga pages feels like grinding in an mmo sometimes it’s weird HAHA. I love just doing whatever in a grindy mmo, it feels therapeutic to me… it’s probably this aspect of azns that western gamers don’t understand LOL. For some odd reason every page I finish feels like some mob I killed and it feels very satisfying to keep doing, and I can go on for days or weeks without really giving a shit about anything else. Especially if my mind is also on the story, I filter out the outside world and just lose interest about pretty much everything in the world except my story, sometimes when I think about this objectively it kind of makes me think wow man I have problems :1 It’s these times when I work most intensively and efficiently on my work, and it’s also these times when people interrupt me I explode HAHA… I fucking hate it when people around me don’t comprehend the notion that I can’t just pause to do something else and get right back to work afterwards, and it sucks ass when I get knocked out of a work mood that I took so long to attain :[

ok back to grinding \o/


trying out colourizing from a grayscale sketch again, I failed all my previous attempts and even this time it feels weird ;-; but I guess at least all the values are correct maybe?? I WILL SAVE THIS METHOD FOR IMPORTANT DRAWINGS WHERE PEOPLE WILL SEE MY VALUE PROBLEMS.


I drew her jacket wrong but w/e it’s a experiment/guilt sketch wehhh. I hope I have time to draw more but I don’t think I’ll have time ): I’ve only done 6 pages for book 4 so far because the first 7 are all in colour q______q here are some crops from those pages. Need to do at least 10 more in the next 2 weeks to post next month, which is easy except I have other stuff to work on oops



Lastly I’VE BEEN TRYING TO GROW MY OWN GREEN ONIONS. The first day I excitedly planted them in water and put them in front of the window, and then they got fried the SECOND DAY LOL. Good thing they’re resilient and easy to grow and came back to life……… I didn’t know I would fail that bad and I was so depressed |: but I did my first cutting today after a week and they taste good! I’m conflicted because I prefer the white parts more than the leaves, or at least have it be a mix of both, but I can’t eat the white part if I want to grow it WHAT DO


Ending with epic snow plowing from that crazy storm a few weeks ago

Page wips

I’m beginning to lose some steam in this home stretch of pages, then I made this realization that apparently being able to draw characters I like keeps me going. It’s kind of captain obvious material but I didn’t think it would have such a big impact on my motivation. 152/170!! 8 more pages of story and then 10 more pages of extras and I’m done with the lines of all pages! then hopefully I can tone them all in 2 weeks haha c:



teeth and manga pages

I got one of my wisdom teeth removed 2 weeks ago and hell ensued ahhhhh ]: It wasn’t even a painful procedure and I didn’t have any complications afterwards upwards to bed time, I thought it was all good BUT NOPE, LITTLE DID I KNOW WHAT I WAS IN FOR.

I woke up late that day so I stuffed down a plate of noodles my dad made me, which I pretty much just got back out from a stomach ache at the clinic. The next day I woke up from sleeping WITH A MOUTH FULL OF BLOOD… I was worried that I might slurp in my sleep or something and upset the clot and tried my best to nod off from time to time rather than fully sleep, BUT IT HAPPENED ANYWAY AND omg I used up allll my gauzes, but each time it would just completely soak and I’d have to spit it out with all the extra blood that it didn’t stop. The taste was so disgusting and traumatizing and I was like that for an hour an a half before I could get back to the clinic, where the dentist spent the next 3 hours doing 4 attempts to close my clot, succeeding only the last time. By then I was just terrified to do ANYTHING… I was starving and my mouth tasted nasty but I didn’t dare to eat or drink. When I was exhausted at night I didn’t really sleep either until the next morning. On top of all this I was on my period so for once I was actually worried about losing too much blood, nutrition and water, since I’m a stick, my body doesn’t have any reserves to fall back on either ]:

Thankfully the next morning was relatively more peaceful and so was the one after that. Just as I thought I was finally getting better and could get back what I had lost, I got a fever…… for the whole day I felt tired even just lying there; I was just thinking to myself omg why is my body so HEAVY… I wanted to sleep and rest but I wasn’t sleepy, I wanted to feel regeneration from the resting but I never got any. Instead I was just lying there aching and bored to death ): Thankfully some antibiotics later, my fever died down the next day and went away the day after that, EXCEPT IT WAS REPLACED WITH A NAUSEATING DIZZINESS WHENEVER I EVEN MOVED MY HEAD which made me feel sick even just walking to the bathroom. And when all that went away I found one of my fingers breaking out in tiny little blisters from the terrible sleeping and eating I’ve been doing for a week. Literally I slept at 1 hour intervals, 2 at most and waking up from sheer force of anxiety to check my teeth and other body functions, to see what bloody symptom I’d come up with next. It was so hilarious after I went through all that shit, when I told my parents my finger was full of little blisters now, they didn’t even care anymore because at least it wasn’t remotely as debilitating and damaging to my body compared to the others… we were all just like yep, it’s not on your dominant hand, it’s not making you sick, NO TIME TO WORRY ABOUT SOMETHING SO INSIGNIFICANT.

It feels good to be able to eat normal food again, but I have to do this two more time due to dental plan restrictions, con schedule and location of the rest of the teeth Q______Q

I was mentally prepared to have to rest a lot for this tooth, but I wasn’t prepared for the fact that I’d be completely in limbo for the whole week without the ability to do even the simplest of tasks, that when I recovered, I was caught so badly in preparing for otakon and other conventions I have to plan ahead for. I ended up ordering the wrong amount of things and had to pay extra shipping costs for other things to make up for the time. I hate this kind of procrastination, because it’s something that should’ve been totally in my power to be reschedule more reasonably, but I guess I need to just handle unexpected events better ):

WHAT A NEGATIVE POST ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ]: last time this happened was when I was still in university bitching about school work and bad luck lol ): anyway I’m glad to be finally back at the manga page grind! I can’t believe I’m saying something like this but it feels good to be working on pages. It’s a little surreal how well I’m handling this repetitive work and how good it feels to finish each page, almost like I’m playing RO and it feels nice to get closer to 99 LOL… I ended up having to restoryboard like 50 pages because I changed some things around and that took a while. I’m really frustrated that I have to worry about having too many pages and making the book too heavy to ship, because half the time I was reading through the page thumbnails, they felt sooooo awkwardly rushed, because I can’t spare any breathing space for where I felt they are needed. I’ll have to reread it after I come back from otakon or something with a fresh mind to see if that problem is still there.

The good news is from all this hardcore page drawing is, I can ink 2 pages in a day now! I remember the days when it was fast for me to finish a generic page in a day, and difficult pages with action/background would take 2 days. I think doing it every day was immensely helpful in making me fluent in the act, as well as saving me a lot of correction from making mistakes. Correcting mistakes really is what takes and wastes the most time in drawing; sometimes I correct one panel and suddenly I’m behind. Now even with the hugely increased amount of line hatching I do, as long as I don’t have to go back, I can finish the pages quickly.

The sad part is now the most time wasting process of creating these pages is lettering and flatting, to the point where I repeatedly think about ways I could possibly outsource this task. But the time it would take me to indicate where to flat what, organize the script so that the letterer would know where to put which phrase, and double check everything or answer any questions, I would’ve finished it myself. It’s so sad the last time I did 20 pages, it took me almost 2 days to letter them all, clean the lines and flat all the basic colours. Compared to the fact that I take like 1-2 hours max per page to tone now, my time is better spent elsewhere than this almost automated process ): maybe one day I’ll draw clean enough for this to be possible.

I also finished my 2 page quota early yesterday, so I was trying to think of a cover scheme for book 3. I didn’t want to make all my books movie-poster collages of random busts of characters that appear in the book, and since book 1 and 2 already featured multiple characters, someone suggested that I just draw a pretty picture for the 3rd cover instead. But I couldn’t come up with a relevant design with veloce on the cover since the third book revolves a lot more around meron and her domestic pet friends. Meron was also already on like half of the 2nd cover and she’s not main character status enough to be cover girl another time. so I was at a loss as to what to do. Then I found this sketch of des from last year that I didn’t finish, and I was like hey this could make a decent cover!! But he’s just a side antagonist that’s not even important to the overall plot and I don’t know if it’s ok to do something like this to the cover this early in the series…
In any case though I think this would be good enough a cover composition to contrast the previous two covers which I tried too hard on ~*relevancy*~ and ~*meaning*~, and if I end up firing des I’d most likely trace the picture and draw him into a veloce instead. SORRY DES YOU’RE JUST NOT COOL ENOUGH


Up to page 75 in inking nowwww, I hope with the fact that I went from being hopelessly behind schedule to finishing half the book before the halfway point of the year could make me force myself to get my act together and finish book 3 this year `~` I kind of enjoy getting work done like this, but in turn I just disappear off the internet with nothing to post Q__Q all the pages I draw are spoilerific in my mind too so I can’t really post previews of pages either… zzz

so in the mean time please have this tiny panel of des that I blew up for the internets!

And a picture I finished a while ago