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AND HERE IS A PAGE FROM THE BONUS STORY OF BOOK 4!! This bonus story turned out to be really long for some reason (16 pages instead of just 10) while the main story only goes up to 138 pages this volume ):

I have SOOO MANY PICTURES that I want to work on.. but I still have to do a cover, an inside cover, and preflight book 4, then do the tutorial that I promised to make back in like may (ha ha ha;;;) and finish a gift I started for my gf before I can do anything else CRYYYYY… I don’t even know what to do for this year’s christmas sale either, christmas is such a big opportunity to let by, but what can I do I only have so much time ;_; BUT HOPEFULLY THIS UPCOMING WEEK WOULD FEATURE LOTS AND LOTS OF DRAWING

in non work news Noa and Jay brought me to Go For Tea for the first time to play games and get fat

And for Black Friday sales I got myself a new video card, ssd and a power supply because my case is so old and I had no idea that I actually have to care about wattage for a power supply LOL…………………..
I’ve been being cheap about my video card during my past computer upgrades, because I wasn’t going to just toss away a perfectly functioning card that costed A HUNDRED DORRAS. But I’ve finally reached the point where I see the model of my card as the minimum requirement for some games ”’orz I’ve also been lagging while multitasking photoshop/games/streams and other things, so I guess my card was finally dragging down the rest of the money I put into my comp ): I was just gonna spend another $100 to just buy a decent one, but after asking friends about how to even decipher between them, I decided to go for a more expensive card to see what it’s like.

I always buy parts for my computer but I never put them together myself LOL, because I’d always be scared about destroying stuff I paid hundreds of dollars for in the name of learning. But the day I bought the new parts, my family all went to some outlet mall to shop, and I was really eager to see how these expensive parts are like, I decided to try to do it myself. PERFECT LOGIC RIGHT, SCARED TO DO IT WITH $120 PARTS BUT DECIDES TO GO FOR IT WITH $600 PARTS… I took so long and at one point my comp was in pieces, and I realized I had no screwdriver LOL. so I had to go on an impromptu shopping trip to walmart while my comp laid with its guts spilled all over the ground. I was soooooo scared that I would fry something or it wouldn’t turn back on, but I managed to MAKE IT WORK!! I WAS SO PUMPED TO REINSTALL MY STUFF ON THE SSD AND EXPERIENCE ITS POWER but I couldn’t find my windows 7 install disk anywhere, and thus anticlimatically ends my computer upgrade adventure :I

And here are some more pics of the sky like always, I am beginning to feel a bit sad about how my camera turns everything into magma in dim lighting ]:








I’m down to 15 more pages to ink!! except I need to rewrite the next scene completely lol…… I CAN’T WAIT TO FINALLY BE DONE WITH THIS. Having a proper pace is so damaging sometimes cus I’m sure I can come up with a much better story flow if I didn’t have to write a part of the story that I have absolutely no inspiration for. I am all for hard work and overcoming obstacles, but this is the one place where I know I will regret it in the future, because this story is so precious to me and I want for every part of it to be natural and effortless, not calculated and contrived ]:

no spoilers means boring snapshots ;;





Going to cons is pretty bad for my work momentum, which I’ve pretty much completely lost since returning from NYCC and recovering from September. I don’t know if it’s because the pages are tricky to draw (lots of crowd scenes and unfamiliar perspectives) or I just lost my grip of my pencil but so far I’ve been painfully crawling at about a page a day, versus like 3 a day in August LOL… I should reschedule my releases so that page grinding starts after October or when all my cons are over, instead of starting when all my cons happen right now. The only positive thing that’s coming out of this is I get to stop from time to time to look back, and see if I still like where the story is going, before moving on to do permanent damage I guess…

The last few months have been stressful, sometimes physically and sometimes mentally. On top of some family emergencies, there was a convergence of a ton of other events. I’m not used to having to take great care with people, but my situation this year has forced me to, and enough time has passed since my initial crisis for some things to build up and burst while other things require action and change. I handled some of those things poorly and though in the end they could be considered solved for the time being, I can feel what remains of the stress in my need for distraction and lack of focus to create.

It’s fortunate that I don’t need to be writing important parts of my story right now and I could just spend all day churning out planned pages while listening to documentaries and think of nothing. But ever since I’ve finished scripting book 4 in the beginning of this year, I haven’t done any story writing or world building. In the past, I think about–aka daydream–CP whenever I feel like throughout the day, an act of introversion that I enjoy that fulfills my mental needs. The world slowly builds itself and I would have bursts of progress in the form of writing these things down over the year, every few weeks or every few months. I liked that CP grew like that, but I haven’t done anything like that this year because my mind is often with my significant other now. This is probably the best proof that I was pretty much married to my art and my work. It’s not a loss or a bad thing really, it’s just a shift in my life that is a little alarming at first–right now–because I don’t know what this will do to my story yet. Maybe it would become a better story because I have to methodically and efficiently write the story from now on, who knows!

lastly an exit sketch of me carrying the corpses of my blog followers into the horizon
memento mori

what is this

I keep getting reminded how much of an aural person I am recently. My dad’s family has been trying to buy this apartment together in China so he’s been doing hour-long phone calls every night checking out places on google maps. BEHIND ME. My workdesk is big and my mom is usually asleep due to her schedule, so I told him he should move his laptop in my room and work here instead. except I didn’t expect this kind of calls LOL. I cannot think if I hear someone else talking in a language I understand… I can’t even write a simple e-mail because I’d forget what I just wrote a few seconds ago in the same sentence because my mind is being flooded by the sound ): Same thing for songs that I haven’t heard before; I would just start focusing on the musical materials of the song. I can’t do the same for visual things, I can tune out visual information so easily even if I’m staring straight at it, and usually I can’t remember what I just saw for beans LMAO (so whenever I ref character design I literally have to tab back and forth stroke by stroke or put the images side by side) I’m totally not meant to be an artist man ):

And how is it July? I will have cons every other week starting less than 2 weeks from now (leaving next thursday for Ai-kon) and every con is gonna take me at least 4 days… My force-myself-to-go-to-cons ambition has died down HAHA all I want to do now is sit at home and get shit done ): I think I am aiming to finish Blackbird’s character profile this week (not doing Iriel anymore LOLOL FORGET THAT), do this week and next week’s updates, and then do… something… with my remaining time LOL maybe start on another CG :D and rebuild my AA display stand. I’m pretty nervous for ai-kon because It’s a small con, I’m going alone and I dont think I’m meeting up anyone I already know there. It was kind of a SHILIN MAKE YOURSELF DO SOMETHING THIS SUMMER thing when I applied for artist alley. I’ll be staying at Rensing‘s place for the duration of the con (thank you sooooo much ;;;;;) I hope I won’t be a boring annoying guest HAHAHA /socially inept

I believe they’re more fun to look at before you see final pages, and I can’t do this with CP for obvious reasons so I thought I’d do this for the AU storyline instead! I was going to use these as test pages for complete digital creation, but I don’t know if I’ll have time anytime soon to do them ): So in the mean time please have some ridiculous thumbnails. As I said before I only go as far as making it comprehensible to me because, well, no one else really need to see my thumbnails. So I won’t be surprised if no one can figure it out LOLOLOL

And more drawing videos! this picture is really simple, and I made it a little slower than the rest so it’s possible to see my blending process if you’re interested. Click through to youtube for a bigger and maybe clearer version (: