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every 12 year old boy’s dream is within my grasps, I can just hear their cries of hysterical envy yes

ok carrying on, pages







I’m soooooooo stressed out right now not even about pages anymore, just from all the SHIT that keeps happening to good people fuck ugh ): I just want to draw pages and forget everything q_q


fml.jpg 2 and 3!! all 100 remaining pages of cp4 sketched and all that’s left is inking and toning until the end of time :D



As of right now I am at page 89!! I remember last summer when I was marathoning book 3, I was able to up my page ink rate from 1 to 2 per day. These days I’ve been doing 3 pages a day and it’s a little surprising to me that there was still room for improvement. I’m not sure if it’s because I separated the sketch process or if it’s because recent pages are easy to ink or if it’s because I’ve been watching documentaries that kept me focused, but whatever it is I NEED IT TO KEEP WORKING OUT so I can finish book 4 in time :c

Finding non spoiler panels to take pictures of is so hard ):

and here’s to show everyone what bonus story they’ll be missing out on for not buying book 4 D:<

some clouds



And tiny updates to the list of signs with juby’s help (: I’m left with 2 rather uncomfortable  signs for the last 2 characters that don’t really fit them HAHA… I kind of see virgos as picky hard to work with folk, and sagittariuses as a bit too almost absent minded in the way they easily move on from things, maybe I can balance them out with sun/moons? idk

♈ – Iriel
♉ – Weirin, ♈ asc ♍  moon
♊ – Rae
♋ – Desair
♌ – Auresque, mr villain
♍ –
♎ – Meron
♏ – Blackbird, ♒ asc

♑ – Veloce, ♏ asc ♉ moon
♒ – Vocruen
♓ – Keritzel, ♎ asc ♋ moon?


Up to page 58 inked and 47 toned!! progress is slow but hopefully will speed up ;-;

including cameos of characters who are DEAD

and the birth of background by ruler




Anime North and stuff

Wow ok 2 weeks later I still haven’t posted about AN LOL… ANYWAY AN  this year was really good! It makes me really happy that I wasn’t facing a downhill road after the initial hype of starting to sell books at conventions like I had feared, I’m so glad my home con is such a good one ;-; now if only it wasn’t so fucking difficult to get in every year that I feel like I’m spending an entire year worth of karma on winning the lottery orz


I made a bunch of new prints this year and they sold like hotcakes! I tried out a new printer this year so I only printed a little more than the quantity I usually sell, and THEY SOLD OUT… I felt so guilty about so confidently telling people on the first day that like psh this is my home con don’t worry I’ll never run out AND I DID IM A LIAR ): I was failing so hard on saturday too… I had so much to bring to the con since I hosted Juby and Chris and had to bring their stuff and person to the con as well, so I divided my stock AND I FUCKING FORGOT TO BRING MY BEST SELLING PRINTS TO THE CON ON SATURDAY AHAHAHAhahaha Q_______Q it’s a good thing I sold out on sunday regardless and didn’t have any leftover so it wouldn’t have made a difference regardless I guess LOL.

Here are some pix juby took for me of some new prints that I haven’t posted yet!


Juby made her first artbook (which you all should buy btw it’s classy and glorious) and she custom signed (custom drew??written???) my copy with a veloce ;-;2013an2.jpg


And here’s a random cat picture while juby and chris played with my cats

After the con it was back to page grind, though this year I’m making like no progress compared to the last because I actually have some sort of a life now and spending a lot of time with Kristen ♥

ending with more reminders of how I wish the outside of my window isn’t so dirty all the time or just to be able to clean them myself




I had a weirdass dream where I was Veloce and Auresque somehow came back to life… I was with a bunch of other people and she tagged along like she’s on good terms with us and was all like HELLO MY DAUGHTER WHAT DID I MISS FOR BEING DEAD FOR LIKE 20 YEARS??? but for some reason I didn’t want to talk to her or was angry at her, so  I just ignored or brushed her off every time she asked.  We got to this library and everyone split up to find their own stuff and she was using it as a chance to chat with me, but I was like if you want to know about me so much, go find yourself a book about me instead? cus vel is famous??? IDK ANYWAY I ditched her at the library, but after we left the library she suddenly changed face and beat me up with her amazing magics and I couldn’t fight back at all, mocked me for a while and then disappeared again. Model mother daughter relationship right here

In other news VOLUME 3 IS HERE!! I have 2 copies with me right now and I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, partially because I’m not mentally ready to try to find typos in it and then cry about it HAHA. BUT YEAH it looks sooo good in print, I was worried the top part would be too dark and it was, but the illuminated parts offset it pretty nicely and desu is just glorious -u- As I pointed out previously, I was pretty frustrated about volume 3, but being able to see it in print is very reassuring because on screen it either looks blurry and poor because of the drawbacks of pixels, or it would look like shit if I try to zoom up and gauge detail because not everything is precisely inline and it would look atrocious. But at 400 DPI in print looks really nice and smooth and the only thing I can complain about is the fact that I don’t draw small figures carefully enough, and I can totally live with those kind of dissatisfaction because it’s something I can change myself.

I’m actually surprised about how consistent the style is across the 3 covers, but then again it’s not like I do anything out of my comfort zone so the imaginary inconsistency only gets augmented in my head when I’m fuzzing over small things while painting.

I wish I could’ve had a different inside cover because she doesn’t even wear this in this volume, but I had no time ):

Part of the 10-page print bonus story!

I used a lot more gradients that are closer to black in this volume than in the previous ones so I was antsy about wether or not it will come out too dark again, but so far from the few pages I’ve skimmed it looks rather ok!

I’ll be working out the shipment arrival dates and promotional pictures in the next week or so, and release it for sale in November (:

Lastly a flaming scrap
I meant for it to be a nice cute autumn bicycle path kind of thing, but it was going to be just another scrap, so I just drew the figures without planning. They turned out to be leaning too straight to be able to rest on a bike (or it’d be a super high bike) and I didn’t want to just resort to random custom height fences to save the day like always, so I drew a motorcycle………… I felt so bad about it for a while because it’s just like OBLIGATORY ANIME LESBIANS WITH SOME BADASS VEHICLE TO ENFORCE THEIR STEREOTYPICAL HOMOSEXUALITY but I went on to think about just how much guilt I feel whenever I draw anything blatantly gay with no trace of the just-friends safety net. Why do I feel so incriminated about this in particular? My other generic animu pieces, especially Basilica and Too Late since they regularly end up on DA’s all time top pieces for whatever reason now, get the chronic flame about how they are generic, unoriginal, meaningless and just another grain in the pile of anime dirt trash and contribute nothing to art, but I don’t give a shit about what they say because I don’t care about the posterity of my art and myself in history; I’m not here to make myself immortal or glorify my life by contributing to human advancement, I just want to do what I enjoy for my life before I die and I find ways to make it happen. So why this? Drawing girls together all the time and then feeling bad about the act is so insulting to lesbians/gays even though I respect and support/defend them whenever necessary , but I just can’t make it go away. Maybe it’s some of that author guilt I wrote about before, thinking I’m tricking people into reading my series with these kinds of imagery. Maybe it’s fear to have my subject of appreciation misattributed/misunderstood as my own sexuality in my family environment. Being so involved in one’s own work is such a dangerous thing, but I suppose if I don’t open myself to these risks and vulnerabilities , I would have lost the opportunity to truly enjoy my work as well.