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So my mom moved some of the furniture from my bedroom to my work room, and among them was my book shelf. She cleared out all of the books inside for the move and found some really old sketchbooks that I had to use for school that I thought had perished and/or wished didn’t exist. They really threw me off because one was from 2002 and I drew sooo much crap on it with pencil crayons, but I remembered I stopped using them after I got a tablet so…… LOL maybe my mouse on photoshop days were longer than I had initially thought…

BUT YEAH I took some pictures to show HA HA ha… I didn’t improve much back then over the course of YEARS because I was a narrow minded bitch type character and I genuinely could not see what the fuck was wrong with my art or myself. I think I am still the same just… less… severe…

The pencil crayon ones were from this sketcbook we had to fill for a class called comprehensive arts in 2002. I’m not quite sure wtf we learned there but that could be said about most of the classes I took ): I did a bunch of these what’s in your locker comics, drawing myself and my friends (I’m #2, look at my fashion sense)



and holy shit lol one of the most primitive versions of veloce after she got the white hairdo I think??? In the very first environments for this character–even before the retarded manga high school manga I did and abandoned–she lived in a vague fantasy world, and she had a LOT of animal sidekicks as well as weapons because I was so head over heels for fantasy creatures and magical shinies sdlfjdlfdl

but I was also still crazy for pokemon at the time so I stole suicune’s head crystal for her sword…

and then I guess I got a tablet and started playing ro…… lol so I topped drawing on paper until grade 12 (2004?) the next 2 small sketchbooks (my last ones until I was gifted one at AE and forced to use it again) were FILLED WITH RO DRAWINGS. and builds, really bad builds because I am a fucking noob at everything. but mostly drawings since that’s why I played ro in the first place: so I can draw a character and say it’s mine LOL I HAVE PROBLEMS. magma dungeon~

I don’t know why I never finished these (probably because I was too busy playing instead of doing anything meaningful) but back then I really liked drawing scenes of happenings.

I am SO ASHAMED of my old works and my old self because not only are they bad, I also thought they were good at the time. Now going to wait about 5 years and then say the same about the art I post all day erryday now :B I fluster so hard it turns into uncontrollable rage when people dig up my old stuff and show them to me because I deny it so much, but once in a while I suck it up and stare at my old shit for long enough to accept them so I could post them so people know how much I sucked even when I was 18 and not think that I’m any different than them.

Ending with some korean bbq from last week. censoring my parents ya!


layer spamming makes rough colours sooo quick and hassle-free LOL :D I don’t feel inclined to over-detail at this stage of colouring (which does no good anyway) and it sets down a nice and consistent palette for me to eyedrop when I move onto details. I’ll probably forget how to pick colours without layer modes in a few months HAHAH. or maybe I’ll actually pick colours better because I’ll get used to seeing how colours interact with one another?

sketching on computer gives me more freedom to change things around, but I can’t make it as neat and detailed as my pencil sketches. in fact my computer sketches are all crude and gross because I don’t want to waste time fixing anything at this stage lol ): hopefully the final products won’t suffer! I was trying to compare my computer scraps vs scanned sketches that I coloured in the past, but I noticed I didn’t do very many of them LMAO. probably because they take so damn long with my old method.


This last one almost made it to my nice and pretty picture goal, but I just had to change hanging stars into bird cages and ruin it for myself SIGHHHH. I kind of want to CG them both but I don’t think filling my entire convention table with Veloce prints is a sound business strategy, so I’ll probably change the 2nd picture into someone else… maybe… lol ): I do feel rather motivated lately to work towards a blackbird/veloce artbook sometime in the distant future though, because I enjoy drawing them–together or separate–very much. I remember years ago my young ambitious self wanted to make a Blackbird (story) artbook. I had planned out the content so that most characters get balanced features to justify the book’s content, but then I asked myself, do I really give enough of a shit about these other characters to paint extravagant illustrations for them? LOLsla;djfshdsgkldj

ending with a picture I drew when I was like 5 on my Grimm brothers book… I was a total sailor moon fag, I had stickers plastered all over my bedpost and stationery and bags and stuff. So this is like obviously sailor moon even though it says snow white on the castle in the back HAHA. And I wrote snow backwards but THAT’S OK I WAS 5