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Christmas goes well with work

The one year I wanted to watch the count down, everyone decides to sleep super early LOL THIS IS SO SAD

I went to two christmas gatherings of old high school friends and they were fun. It’s so sad I don’t get together with any of my college friends because I judge too much to make good friends in college HAHAH. We watched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and I didn’t like it much. None of the characters were likeable except for the cheshire cat and the march rabbit, the plot was a pretty bad attempt at being serious and there was no logic anywhere… And we went to see some fun lights at waterloo, where we acted like 13 year old RETARDS taking ridiculous photos with the lights LOL. Some of the lights were so crooked and weird; there was a yellow charmander and a pokeball that was not round, plus REALLY CREEPY santas and elves moving slowly scaring the shit out of us.



We also played NY chase, where 4 of our detectives failed MISERABLY to catch the thief… apparently an engineer, an archeologist and two artists don’t make a very good team of detectives

In other news I’m finally past the halfway point on the super secret manga YAYYYY! I’m beginning to not like the style I worked with for this project but I have to at least finish it first before I can change anything about it in order to be consistent. Here’s a veloce with a haircut in a suit character from the super secret manga
“does my gender look ambiguous to you”

And lastly I’ve wanted to draw them as some high school gang for a while now and ended up making an alternate world for them. Blackbird is a blur because of the sketchbook scanning problem again LOL she was next to the binding coils ): and fucking cubist car floating in midair lmao

mangamania II

Another snipplet because manga’s what I’ve been doing all week. At first I was all urrgg about having to draw an entire chapter purely digitally, especially having to use paths and stuff instead of being able to just use a ruler. But now I’m more appreciative of inking on the computer. At least after painstakingly creating a vector window, all I have to is clone it onto the perspective lines, and suddenly I have well aligned windows! I still had to add the extra step of erasing and roughing up the lineart afterwards so that it doesn’t look all perfect and digital and gross. Maybe after this gig I would’ve accumulated enough experience to be tempted to switch Blackbird over to digital LOL. At this rate every volume of Blackbird would look like it’s drawn by a different person ):

I’ve worked on translating Blackbird into Chinese because someone had asked in the past, and recently people offered to translate Blackbird again (since I forgot who the old translators were after I went on multiple hiatuses over the past 4 years). I’m getting discouraged about having to letter 170+ pages though… The time could really be better used, like FINISHING TONING VOLUME 1……

I’ve also been working Blackbird’s plot (yes, I know where Blackbird is going and at the same time, I don’t…) and noticed that even though I thought I got a desirable plot down a few years ago, I still ended up majorly altering it ): I remember making a Blackbird story/character wiki for myself a few years back when I was playing with all these oneclick installs offered by dreamhost. I was reading it yesterday and MAN was it outdated, it’s not even worth the effort to edit; I might as well restart it if I want to keep using it. At least I really am seeing a clear structure and direction towards the ending I was looking for now (watch in like 2 more years I would’ve changed everything AGAIN LMFAO I AM SO UNPRODUCTIVE) I wish I had someone to discuss story development with lol ):


I guess I didn’t get to post 10 wips but here’s 4 more detail shots for the finished image! It’s now up in the gallery :D

I would be happy about it except I’m annoyed by EVERYTHING that’s been happening. I haven’t slept well for like a week due to stupid occurrences at night, people making stupid comments, and the DA upload system being dumb causing me to lose like half a day of self promotion for something I worked so hard on. I’m pretty begrudging when it comes to shit like this so now I feel like I must paint something else to make up for my misfortune, but I must get working on actual work before that ]: I hate the feeling on giving up unfinished business

But onto the pic itself! while drawing it I thought I would write a little story (that has nothing to do with Blackbird) to go along with the image, but in the end my inability to write and the fact that the focus of the story was like a tangent to the focus of the illustration caused me to scrap it. The story went something like, once upon a time there was an awesome city filled with awesome people who thought they were so awesome, that they could overthrow the gods. The gods finally got mad and sent someone down, and she wiped out the area from the map and guarded it forever and ever to remind humans of their humiliation and defeat.

I’m switching to SAI for my super secret manga project because photoshop lineart is balls. I drew half a speech balloon before becoming enraged with the brush quality… although SAI is much better, it still has no manga texture to it, at this stage anyways. I think it’s partially because of how I draw, too, but I’ll have to get around it because there’s no way I can draw this project traditionally ): At least digital illustration is very forgiving; I’ve already flipped the canvas 4-5 times and free transformed so many bodyparts lol

And here’s some musiiiccccc long post is long

time to go unfluff that guy’s hairrrrr