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Cat on a desk

It has been a long time since my cats got a cameo! But once again I only have pics of the kitler since the big cat doesn’t like to do anything interesting ):

Since my summer retreat to the basement to avoid AC bills, my cat has enjoyed sitting next to me greatly. First it was just my seat, then my armrest, and recently she’s moved onto the desk. She likes to watch me draw and try to catch my pencil (aside from being kawaii it’s also VERY ANNOYING LOL) but when she’s tired she just bums there. So I took some pics! (the towel on me is because I just washed my hair)


she’s THAT GOOD OK sitting comfortably half on desk half on armrest

don’t mind her 4 ears from my hand shake ): BUT THAT’S BASICALLY WHAT SHE’S LIKE WHEN I WORK



Quick sketch! of my little HP! I’m kind of tempted to draw Blackbird characters with this pose instead. At least if I colour it I can actually use it freely ): click for a slightly bigger version.

Test pages DX

Test pages done on 8×11! I wanted to see if I can draw on bigger pages before I really do it for volume 2 of Blackbird. I was originally going to do it with a Blackbird scene but I ended up not wanting to spoil anything ): so RANDOM RO SCENE IT IS.

I did 2 versions. I kinda like the manga-feel on the unshaded version, but at the same time, if I can shade it really quick and add to the finish of the page, why not right? idk I’ll see.

I kinda wish I had all the time in the world though ]: who doesn’t! I wish I could draw this RO story and colour all those RO sketches I did last year, but original stuff is always > fan stuff in terms of priority for me. RIP RO ):

For myself

oh my god how long has it been since I’ve done a cg for myself

oh and here’s a cheated version that ACTUALLY DOESN’T LOOK LIKE CLAY. too bad I can’t ever do that without cheating


During my wait for a response from my current clients, I took a break from drawing massive amounts of stuff by DRAWING SOMETHING ELSE YEAH!

I know it doesn’t look like it now but, sleipnir + asprika ):