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perspective fail

now to disappear off the face of the earth once again ):

i see crazy people

ran out of space at the bottom so she has no feet. I always picture my characters as crazy possessed creeps, I don’t know why lols… I think I find this type of personality fun to work with in stories and drawings, I wouldn’t want to know anyone that is actually like this tho ):

My solo recital was this past Monday. It was strange because I have been practicing pretty thoroughly the weeks prior, and I felt ready. I wasn’t nervous on stage and there weren’t anything on my mind that I worried about. But somehow I made a lot of mistakes that I’ve never made before. They felt like “oh this is new” rather than “SHIT GOD DAMN IT”. I guess I trained myself to play without thinking or focusing now which is HORRIBLE. overall I guess it felt alright, although that is most likely because as I played through the program, I forget the bumps I’ve had on the way. I could’ve done a lot better but I say that all the time.



I am so disappointed by the 3rd class sprites; the Archbishop (female) one is ok but it makes no sense at some places (like the BACK wtf). I made her look more like a rich lady than a bishop now tho lols

click for full sheet

this is the sprite for anyone that doesn’t know what it looks like:


lamity mclamelame

That’s what the year 2008 is for me. I dunno, whenever one thing is over, some other problem falls on me, and it can be the most meaningless obstacle but when put in sequence, the chain of events robs me of all motivation to keep going and do what I need to do, or enjoy what I want to do. friends family work school events future whiiiiiinnnnne whiiiiine biiiiiiiitchbiiiiitch

I’ve recently finished a big piece–well, a piece that required a lot of time to complete, but I will keep it for a bit and use bits and pieces of it as buffer to keep up my online presence before uploading it to DA hahaha. For now, something I should complete this week BUT i AM SO UNMOTIVATED TO:

^JC’s me. I am pretty surprised at how satisfied I am at lines in general (minus the hair) without much alteration, but but I know by my luck that this will mean something will happen during colouring that will completely fuck the image over so I can’t really be happy about it =\

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