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end of year and ice storm

so busy but almost done everything I need to do ;_; the books are at the printer, I’ve painted a few pieces that I wanted to finish, the Tango tutorial is almost done, MY HOME IS RELATIVELY CLEAN AND I AM RDY FOR 2014 what a productive and satisfying way to end 2013 I am pleased!! I have to dive into writing book 5 though because I’m already having trouble HAHA… and I have until the end of Feb to get started on drawing book 5 pages ):. I also kind of want to revamp my site a little for more obvious and straightforward navigation, but that would involve drawing a new picture and a ton of work that I will happily waste all of my time on, and I don’t have that kind of time LMAO….

I also really want to make a new art book in 2014 because I’ve delayed it for long enough. I’ve accumulated a good number of new drawings and I think I can push out a lot more to have enough for the book. I’ve been saving some pieces from the internet in order to have print exclusive pieces for the past year or two, but when I think about it now, I don’t really think that’s necessary or even beneficial @_@? While exclusive art gives incentive for people to buy the book, I think it wouldn’t be a make or break quality for those who are on the line about obtaining a book. For myself, having the printed art of the artists I love is the worth itself, whether or not I have already seen it in high resolution online. Since it’s giving me so much trouble to keep actively posting online while keeping certain pieces behind the veil, I think it’d probably make everyone a bit happier if I had just… posted everything LOL ):…

I finished 2 paintings between the last time I posted and now, and here’s the preview for one!!

In other news, this December’s weather’s been total ass, every weekend was either a snow storm or ice storm, ESPECIALLY THE ICE STORM OMG like 2/3 of the huge trees on my parents’ street are down because they are so thick with branches and accumulated way too much ice. Whoever that managed the gardening aspect of their area should be FIRED because these trees already kept getting infested with bugs and getting sick. We had ours chopped down along with 2 of our neighbours’ already earlier this year when all of our trees got sick. And now all the surviving trees that grew big enough are destroyed because they weren’t suited for this kind of extreme weather, so I anticipate a lot of them will have to chop theirs down too and have dinky new ones planted ):

RIP all fo these poor trees

the rode side trees all basically snapped at the base of their branching and now they look like little triangle dresses






I guess in the sun it’s really pretty but damn it was dangerous for a few days


trying out colourizing from a grayscale sketch again, I failed all my previous attempts and even this time it feels weird ;-; but I guess at least all the values are correct maybe?? I WILL SAVE THIS METHOD FOR IMPORTANT DRAWINGS WHERE PEOPLE WILL SEE MY VALUE PROBLEMS.


I drew her jacket wrong but w/e it’s a experiment/guilt sketch wehhh. I hope I have time to draw more but I don’t think I’ll have time ): I’ve only done 6 pages for book 4 so far because the first 7 are all in colour q______q here are some crops from those pages. Need to do at least 10 more in the next 2 weeks to post next month, which is easy except I have other stuff to work on oops



Lastly I’VE BEEN TRYING TO GROW MY OWN GREEN ONIONS. The first day I excitedly planted them in water and put them in front of the window, and then they got fried the SECOND DAY LOL. Good thing they’re resilient and easy to grow and came back to life……… I didn’t know I would fail that bad and I was so depressed |: but I did my first cutting today after a week and they taste good! I’m conflicted because I prefer the white parts more than the leaves, or at least have it be a mix of both, but I can’t eat the white part if I want to grow it WHAT DO


Ending with epic snow plowing from that crazy storm a few weeks ago


tiny update!

Packaging I made for my necklace! mindless labour is great sometimes :D

And Toronto tried to snow a few days ago, but it was quickly subverted by more autumny weather.


Brought to you by the Sony Cybershot

We had our first real winter storm last week. The next day had some pretty nice skies and stuff so I took some pics throughout the day. What I realized from this was how much my new camera ROCKS compared to the old one. The light capturing is fucking amazing and aside from special situations like nighttime shooting (which I’m sure I just haven’t figured out how to handle yet, not because of the camera’s incompetence) what I shoot is basically what I see.
God look at all the different whites and grays… LOL OK I’M EASILY IMPRESSED SHOOT ME

The sky cleared up in the evening!

And a fail pic because I don’t know how to make it focus at night LMFAO

a 7am shot on sunday because my mom was trying really hard to wish my grandpa happy birthday over the phone and woke me up… I slept at like 4 ):

I was drawing zoomlines manually on this page and I was so scared I would mess up, because I use a relatively soft cardstock and I draw really hard, so mistakes would bruise the cardstock and be really hard to erase. So I scanned it in first and took a picture before I continued LOL… LIKE IT’S GOING TO LIGHT ON FIRE AT ANY MOMENT

This is what it looked like when I finished it on paper. I filled in the rest of the blacks on photoshop and basically blacked out most of the zoomlines I did on the bottom half because it looked better that way ): Now that I think back I probably should’ve just used a pen for that part instead; I wasted sooooo much lead on this page and I bet in like 2 years or something it’s going to smudge like crazy even though it’s in sheet protectors…and I’m going to cry ):

I also marked all the areas that I will fill in with black digitally just so I don’t get confused. I think usually comic artists use x’s, but I thought if I magic wand with x’s all over, I’m going to get little unselected corners that would be a pain in the ass to clean up. So I used c’s instead, and Meron’s cloak ended up looking like it toad skin HAHAHAH

WIP & old portfolio

I’ve almost gotten all of my responsibilities out of the way, but more just keep coming and taking up all my time ): am sad

One of the three gifts I finished but have to withhold until Christmas!

and a random octopus for Alex… I actually like how it turned out HAHAHA

I was talking about a portfolio I made in portfolio class in grade 12 (2004) with a friend, and decided to dig it out to look at it again. My mom crammed a lot of other crap into the case but I looked mostly at the pages and pages of life drawing that we did for the class. It was a lot of fun but MAN I SUCKED SO HARD AT IT LOL. most of them looked like bad animu because that was the extent of my artistic abilities. It wasn’t a real art class, so I received very little instructions about how life drawing should be done or what one should look out for on these drawings. I had absolutely no idea what the fuck people meant when they talked about form, negative space, tones, and other fancy art terms and no one explained it to me so it almost was a huge waste of time. I also doodled a gay anime face next to like every single figure I drew HAHAHA THEY’RE AS EMBARRASSING AS THE FIGURE DRAWING THEMSELVES. In the end I was rejected by the school, and only 2 people got rejected out of the 22 in our class that applied. At the time I thought it was most likely because I was passing out on the table when my appointment at 8am was late by like 2.5 hours (this helper came over and told me to not do that and the interviewer was unimpressed), but now that I look at the pieces, they were just bad LMAO

Here are a bunch of pictures of the matted drawings and other stuff from the portfolio behind the cut.