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Getting a book printed

[Edit: Those with corrections to make and experiences to share, please feel free to add to this post in the comments section for future readers to see!]

I’ve gotten 3 books printed now; I said I would write a little something after my first book but I kept delaying it in hopes that my subsequent experiences will contribute to the post. It was originally going to be a largely review for MCRL printing which I used to print Carciphona 1, but I ended up trying to eliminate the middleman and the costs that came with it by looking for overseas printing companies on my own, so now it’s a combination of review for the company and advice I may have. Remember that I am still a total noob at this, I only know what I needed to know and some of these may not even be correct or smart, so please use this post as a stepping stone rather than as is! But hopefully this will give noobs like myself an idea of the skeleton of the process and a direction of approach.

beat myself

The picture is technically finished! Like the sunset CG I’m going to save it for after I start taking preorders for the book to help with advertising ^^ but I’ve posted it in the gallery of this website already so you can see it there!

And I also took the livestream of the boots ornament on wednesday and edited it into video walk through :D livestreams are good for seeing individual brush strokes (and how slow I draw) but speed up videos are great for showing the overall process. I’ll probably avoid using livestream videos in the future though because I usually draw petty badly in streams, because I feel pressured to not pause and think too much, which is actually an integral part of my drawing process

I think this is as close as I can get to my pretty picture goal… I stopped before I start adding massive amount of details and depressing themes LOL. I started with Weirin but when I considered a sky texture for background, I thought the colours work with Veloce better. With interest to variety I’m pretty sure I should go with weirin but man, the pinks and lavenders LOL… Another problem is cyan doesn’t print, and I don’t know how to deal with that colour in terms of printing so I’ll most likely go with weirin. Which of the three do you prefer?

I mentioned this a few times to some friends but I don’t think I ever talked about it in public, even though it’s been a pretty big thing for me in the past few years–especially after I started going to conventions–but it’s been my goal to beat my old popular works for a while. I decided to write it here because I think it’s pretty absurd of me to do that and might be interesting to know. An artist improves and improvement sometimes means change, and and during change some old charm might be lost. Now that I’ve gone through 4 years of staggered experimenting with various styles/processes/procedures, I’m taking what I’ve learned and applying it to what people once liked best about my art. I didn’t expect this part to be this hard because I didn’t realize that some of the old charms of my art were thanks to my mistakes and lack of knowledge, and once you learn you can’t unlearn!

I really appreciate people enjoying my “basilica”, “too late” and “roxanne” pictures, both online and as a print in real life, but I don’t like the fact that they can be (incorrectly) seen as the apex of my career or the best I can do, because I can’t produce something with my improved skill that can defeat their popularity. It may be obvious that I’ve deliberately drawn things with this motive in mind and if not, this pretty picture thing I’ve been trying to do is an attempt to defeat myself at my roxanne picture. I understand that timing played a big role because those three pieces were all done during a time when I still actively posted, and deviantart didn’t destroy their fave system yet (I think), and now that they’ve got such surreal fame it’s even easier for people to spread it around. But even when I sold prints at conventions those three were the top three year after year. I’m so surprised that even after I finally did figure out why they were so popular, I could not come up with new pieces that work on the same concepts without them looking like a replica of those pieces. I’ll see at this year’s conventions to see if I finally succeeded!

And speaking of conventions, if by chance I win the AN contest and win a table, I don’t think my books will be here in time for the con ): is a little sad

Page drawing process

I remember doing a manga page process way back when I still do everything with pencil (and badly to boot) and all I did was scan it in. My method changed a lot since then but as always, I made it up to work for myself so it’s really lacking in the professionalism area and it’s probably got a fucking ton of wrong ways to do things. I also do a lot of weird stuff with Blackbird pages that I would not do if I were drawing another manga; I don’t know why but it also makes parts of my procedure unstandard. Lastly, I think it’s too difficult to capture work process because all I can do is show what the work looks like and not really show how to do what I just did. So, I never made another tutorial for a long time. I decided to make one today anyway, and tried to make it as detailed as I could, (at first I seriously could only think of like 3 steps) hopefully it’s somewhat useful!

Here’s the finished page first, and the full process is under the cut (: